How To Attract Crows To Your Yard

How To Attract Crows To Your Yard
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: May 6, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

If you want crows in your yard, either to observe them or get rid of food waste, this article will show you how to achieve so in numerous methods. There may be no particular purpose for attracting crows to your yard other than your appreciation for these birds.

As a bird lover, you may not want to distinguish between birds based on their color and size. While many birders perceive crows as a nuisance, you may see them as an advantage. Crows are omnivores who are easily frightened by loud noises and quick movements.

Even though they are larger than the ordinary garden bird, they will avoid cats and dogs. Here are some ideas for attracting crows to your garden and getting them to eat from your feeders.

Install Shiny Objects To Your Yard

Although it is mainly associated with magpies, birds collecting shiny objects is not a new phenomenon. You might be surprised to learn that crows are also attracted to shiny stuff. Crows have been observed collecting shiny objects and returning them to their nests in some situations.

They may pick up old wrappers from the floor or sift through your bins until they locate something worthwhile. Shiny objects will usually frighten away other birds.  Use an old CD as the best and cost-friendly option. Add some reflective objects to your garden if you don’t mind smaller birds losing interest in your yard.

Add Some Wooden Shelves

That’s one thing taken care of if your yard has trees. Crows use trees for resting and nesting. If your yard lacks or has a small number of trees, you can construct a few wooden shelves and place them against the wall or on platforms.

Make certain that these are set to a high level. This will provide a perch for the crows in the yard, allowing you to observe them better.

Spread Nuts Or Seeds In Your Yard As Right Treats For Crows

Crows devour roadkill, but they also eat carrion and rubbish. Crows will come to your yard if you provide them with the right foods, such as seeds, nuts and other edibles.

To pique their curiosity, give them some distinctive foods, such as shelled peanuts. Introduce other meals, such as meat scraps and cat kibble, once they have found your yard comfortable to eat and come to your yard regularly.

Install Water Container

Water is an essential component of life on Earth. This law also applies to crows. When feeding crows, a shallow container where they like to sit can offer them water. You can also provide them with bread crumbs and raw maize to eat. This will ensure that they receive the nutrients and fluids required to live in today’s environment.

Providing them with a birdbath is another approach to attract them. They frequent birdbaths for drinking and bathing, but they will not come if no water is available. The natural nature of a crow is to drink from the nearest water source; therefore, it seems logical that a location with more ponds or lakes would have more crows.

Provide The Crows With A Suitable Roosting Surroundings

Crows are gregarious birds who like to be among other people. They prefer a variety of roosting and observation areas. If you want to attract crows to your yard, make sure they have a safe place to roost, such as tree branches and fences.

Set a couple of high wooden shelves against the wall if your yard lacks trees. Crows prefer horizontal roosting poles with crossbars, so experts recommend creating an artificial nesting site.

This roosting pole will provide a wonderful location for the crows to sit, roost, and communicate with their partners, but it will also allow you to observe them from your home better. Because crows are huge birds, a solid roosting pole is required.

Remove Noisy Objects From The Yard

Because crows are very intelligent, they are acutely aware of any potential threat or risk. If you want to attract crows, remove anything that a crow could deem harmful, such as large objects or anything that makes an unexpected noise.

These items may not appear frightening to you, but a crow will be alarmed by anything that appears to be larger than it. This could be something as simple as a bin.

Why Do You Need To Attract The Crows To Your Yard?

Crows might be a nuisance, but they also perform a valuable service, making them an important part of the local ecosystem. They’ll keep your yard clean and sanitary while acting as natural pest management.

Crows will eat any pests in your garden that are destroying your flowers — any unwelcome beetles, bugs, or insects will be destroyed by the flying scavenger. They don’t care what they eat, and they’ll clear away any carrion left behind by other predators, which can assist in cleaning up your local environment.


It’s no secret that crows are exceptionally intelligent — not just for birds but for all animals. They recognize that a hawk will prey on smaller birds, such as themselves, and that the enormous bird poses a threat.

Like the suburban house sparrow, Crows have adapted well to urban environs and are thriving. The best line of action is to provide them with food, water, and shelter while also respecting their territoriality. Given the urgent need for food and shelter, a healthy diet will be essential to their survival.

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