How To Boost A Home’s Value With Basement Renovations

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  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: January 17, 2023
  • Updated On: July 11, 2023

Basements are essential portions of a building that provides a vast space for various uses. They can be utilized as recreational spaces or storage spaces. Some properties also allow their basement as a room for a furnace, a breaker panel, or as an extra garage. Many homeowners choose to renovate their basements to increase their property’s value.

Suppose you’re considering revamping your basement. In that case, you may learn more about the basement renovations and consider identifying ways to make the most of it, boosting your home’s value. This way, you can increase your house’s resale value and turn it into a first-class property. For that purpose, here’s an article to guide you.

Set Up A New Family Room

Adding a family room to a property can raise the house’s value by 30% for every 1,000 square feet. For this purpose, you can install carpeted or tiled floors. You may also need to set up minimalist lighting and contemporary seating. Consider adding a suspended acoustic ceiling if you prefer an insulated space.

Since basements can be prone to water seepage, installing drywall in the walls and ceilings can add protection. These safety features can further increase the property’s base value. Furthermore, you can bump up the property’s worth by adding contemporary fixtures in the family room, such as modern appliances and furniture.

Install A Home Theater

Transforming your basement into an entertainment room is an excellent option for boosting your home’s worth. Installing a high-end home theater is a good choice for this. Home theaters are believed to give 65% of their original cost to the property’s value. So, if the set costs USD$10,000, it can add USD$6,500 value.

Accessories like TV mounts, components, speakers, and other peripherals can also increase the property’s resale price. Other factors that may affect the total value are the room’s size and the brand or quality of the appliances.

Play room in a white basement living room

Play room in a white basement living room

Build A Bar

A basement bar may be familiar as its roots date back to the Victorian Era. Yet, it’s still a go-to option if homeowners plan to increase the value of their property. If you’re considering setting up a basement bar, you may need to prepare the following:


A basement renovation can pave the way for a large bar area where you can adequately keep shelves and racks for wines and other alcoholic drinks. It can also provide space for glassware with open cabinets and retractable shelves.


You may need a refrigerator to keep the beer and other drinks cold. If you have a limited basement space, having a fridge is an excellent alternative to cabinets as it can keep food and beverage while keeping them.

Bar Table

In many cases, this is a 42-inch-high table with narrow width where drinks are initially served. Apart from its function, it also adds aesthetic features not just to the basement bar but to the entire property as well.


A large TV is highly recommended in the basement bar as it provides an option for entertainment. This appliance allows people to watch their favorite sports programs or movies while enjoying drinks.

Set Up A Man Cave/She Shed

Setting up spaces for entertainment purposes aside from everyday choices is a different but excellent way to make the basements extra special. Setting up a man cave or shed for men and women, respectively, offers personal space to potential buyers, increasing the property’s worth.

Man caves and she shed may contain entertainment centers where gaming consoles are usually found. For utmost relaxation, these spaces have reclining chairs and counters with kitchen pass-throughs. Aside from these, these rooms may also have a beer fridge and display cabinets for toys, collectibles, and memorabilia.

Create A Play Area

If you’re planning to make your property family-friendly, consider painting the basement and transforming it into a playroom. In putting up a playroom, you must consider the safety of the kids who’d spend their time playing in the space. For that purpose, ensure that rubber covers and mats wrap the walls, floors, and other hard surfaces.

You can create an educational playroom by making it print-rich by posting vocabulary words on the walls, furniture, and fixtures. Fixtures, such as low shelves, are also essential in developing the youngsters’ motor skills. Lastly, you may also place trolleys in the playroom for the children to learn more while playing manipulatives and role-playing in a safe space.

Wrapping Up

Making the most of a basement renovation may include repairs and replacement. If you’re considering boosting your home’s value anytime soon, you may return to this article and take the tips and tricks this write-up offers. You may also seek the suggestions of seasoned home sellers or real estate pros for more ideas on how to increase a property’s overall value with basement revamps.  In fact, many homeowners residing in Canada have found success in increasing their property’s overall value by entrusting their basement revamps to Kaizen Renovations, a company renowned for its commitment to continuous improvement and exceptional craftsmanship.

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