How To Clean A Hibachi Grill

How To Clean A Hibachi Grill
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: February 8, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

We all know that August is the right time to add a grill in our backyard! We know that as summer progresses, many of you will be firing up your Backyard Hibachi grills left and right.

We want to be sure you’re cleaning your grill properly after each use with all of the grilling. It is unavoidable to clean grill table equipment immediately after usage, whether it is from an international hotel or the street.

Turn off the electricity to the grill apparatus and turn it off. First and foremost, rather than washing the steel plate’s surface, it is preferable to begin cleaning from the stainless-steel suction port, removing any accumulated oil and inspecting the flue for debris. Clean up before the next usage to guarantee proper operation.

It’s important to keep the stainless surface clear of oil and other cooking debris throughout the cooking process, as it will take on when left to cool. Using a damp, thick cloth, do this. Take care not to burn yourself on the hibachi since it becomes quite hot.

Check The Grill Material Before Cleaning

The cooking surface of most griddles is stainless steel, although others are constructed of chromium, also known as chrome. How you clean your griddle depends on the type of griddle you have. Abrasives, such as grill bricks or screens, should never be used on chrome cooking surfaces. Your warranty may be void if you use abrasives.

Consult your service handbook if you’re not sure what type of surface your griddle has.

Maintain The Hibachi Grill After Every Use

Use a nylon brush or scrubber to clean the cooking grate after each use. If you like, you can use mild soap on occasion. After drying, apply a thin layer of cooking oil by rubbing or spraying it on. A plastic scraper can be used to get rid of very sticky spills.

Use the water-vinegar mixture to spray the grill surface and cooking grates. If you’re using a gas burner to heat your griddle, remove the cooking grates and spritz them with the water-vinegar mixture away from the burner to avoid getting water and debris in it.

Steps To Clean The Hibachi Grill

  • To begin with, the hibachi grill is wonderful, but it is greasy after use due to seasoning, soil and water, and other factors.
  • To clean, promptly clean the surface of the teppanyaki steel plate after each usage, and dry any water stains to guarantee the steel plate’s surface is as clean as new.
  • Use some salad oil on the grill’s surface, wipe it down with a clean, soft cloth, and apply the organic oil to make the equipment shine.
  • After cleaning the equipment, it’s time to clean the stainless-steel suction hood and other grill parts. To maintain the smoothness of the air duct, it is required to clean the oil regularly.
  • Once the grill has dried completely, check each timer again to set it accurately and according to your cooking needs.

How To Clean The Grease From The Grill?

Scrape any grease or food debris off the grill with a griddle scraper. Scrub the grill with warm water and a non-abrasive brush to remove the grease. Apply food-safe polish when the surface has cooled. Using a dry towel, clean the surface.

If the grill is burnt, mix one glass of water with a half cup of vinegar and pour it on the grill. Allow 10 minutes for the frying pan to heat up and boil. After that, add 2 tbsp baking soda. This material will react with the vinegar to create bubbles, which will aid in the removal of burnt spots.

The Maintenance Tips For Hibachi Grill

  • To maintain the steel plate clean, clean the surface after each usage and dry any water or oil stains.
  • After washing, apply a tiny amount of salad oil on the countertop and buff it to a bright shine with a scouring pad.
  • Wipe off the counter and apply a tiny amount of salad oil once the scouring pad has been cleaned.
  • After operating the apparatus, you have to clean the oil net, oil pump and stainless-steel suction hood.
  • The next step is to inspect the exhaust vents and ventilation pipes, clean regularly to clear the oil and guarantee a smooth wind flow.
  • When using it, be careful not to dump garbage, sewage, or other debris into the stainless-steel suction port’s flue, as this will cause the flue to become clogged.
  • You have to clean the air ducts of the grill regularly. In this way, you can keep the grill maintained and useful for a long span, even after daily use.
  • Don’t cover the grill with a dirty cloth, especially after cleaning; apply a little salad oil to the steel plate’s surface to ensure the table top’s smoothness, and then wipe it with a soft cloth.


Seasoning a griddle or flat top hibachi grill after completely cleaning it is quite important. You may assist the device is running at peak performance by heating and oiling the grates or cooking surface. You can examine the given steps and guidelines for a complete step-by-step procedure.

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