How to Clean Grease Traps in Commercial Kitchens | Step-by-Step Instructions |

Clean Grease Traps in Kitchens
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: May 1, 2022
  • Updated On: September 28, 2023

Some of the curses that trap in commercial kitchens are fats, oils, and grease traps. In fact, in those commercial kitchens where there are no such restrictions on oils and grease, they look miserable.

Some people choose convenience over health. They don’t even bother to install a fine trap. In fact, you don’t bother yourself to go to those kitchens and restaurants.

You will invariably need a professional technician to install a trap. In fact, there is no rocket science to cleaning the trap. However, you need to train a staff member. Afterward, the staff will be doing it.

The cleaning of fog is an extremely unpleasant task. However, cleaning of FOG is important and should be done regularly. Moreover, you have to have the proper equipment for cleaning the FOG from the trap.

So, here are some methods for cleaning grease traps in Connecticut:

Find the exact location of the grease

You must know the exact location of grease trap In kitchen

Most of the time, the grease traps are situated on-premises. It may be indoors or outdoors. You can identify the outdoors by simply checking the manhole cover or by the septic tank if you have a septic system.

The indoor grease trap is located in the basement. Or maybe under the kitchen sink. So these are the locations for finding the grease trap.

Cleaning with acidic chemicals

Strong chemicals work the best for cleaning the FOG. In fact, the moment you use acidic chemicals on it, it will clean that right off. Moreover, there are many other chemicals available, although the acidic chemical is the best one.

In fact, other chemicals are cleaners that do not work at all. It does not even guarantee the complete removal of the grease from the drainage pipes. So using acidic chemicals is a winning act.

Make sure you use cold water

Some people use hot water to remove the grease, although it is a completely wrong perception. Even though you use hot water to clean the utensils, it is not good for the grease trap. As a result, always use cold water. The reason for using the cold water is to enable the grease to float to the top.

Cleaning the trap

As we already suggested, use an acidic chemical to clean the grease trap. although you can use soup water as well. So try to clean it completely. In fact, if you don’t clean it properly, it will get grease very easily afterward.

Cleaning the trap is important to keep neat, healthy and germs free kitchen

Change the cover of the trap:

Now that everything is clean, change the cover trap afterward. Make sure you do it properly. Even if you don’t know how to change it, don’t bother changing it. Just cleaning it will be good.

Final Viewpoints

There are many ways to clean a grease trap. Grease trap cleaning CT is about more than just cleaning your kitchen; it is also about sustainability. So make sure you clean it regularly.

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