How To Cut Door Hinges With A Dremel

How To Cut Door Hinges With A Dremel

The hinges are the most critical aspect to consider when installing a door. To correctly install the door, you must first cut away the hinges. If you don’t, your simple project will become more challenging. The Dremel is a multifunctional handheld power tool used by both experts and amateurs.

The Dremel morphs into a surface router with the plunge router attachment, which can manage the detail of many modest jobs. Using the Dremel to install door hinges is a quick and precise process. You’ll need some basic knowledge of the tools and the processes if you want to install your door on your own.

You’ve come to the right place if you think you need assistance. We’ll show you how to cut door hinges out in this post.

Steps To Cut Door Hinges With A Dremel

We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering how to cut off a door hinge using a Dremel. We’ve broken down the steps below so that you can follow them more easily.

The guide below can assist you in doing it for the first time or the tenth time.

Mark The Points On Door For Hinges

To locate the hinges on the door, make a mark on it. Place the door on its side, facing upward, with the hinged side facing up. With the tape measure, measure the distance from the top of the door to the pencil mark. Resting the set square in line with your mark, create a straight line perpendicular to the spine of the door.

Using the set square and pencil, measure from the bottom of the door to the spine and draw a straight line perpendicular to it. The smaller panels indicate the top of the door if you’re installing a panel door.

Use A Utility Knife To Trace Outline On Wood

Make the necessary preparations for routing the wood. Place one of the hinges on the door’s spine so that the upper end is parallel to the pencil line. The hinge should be folded over the door’s edge, which will act as an axis for opening.

Trace the three-sided outline of the hinge into the wood with your utility knife while holding it firmly in place. Maintain close proximity between the blade and the hinge. Apply hard pressure to the blade in three passes. Make an outline for the other hinge by repeating the technique.

Prepare Your Dremel For Routing

Make sure the Dremel is ready to go before you start routing. Insert the Dremel router bit into the spindle of the Dremel. Use a Dremel wrench to tighten the spindle. Connect the Dremel to the plunge router body. Utilizing the tape measure, determine the width of the hinges you’ll be using.

Loosen the knob that regulates the router bit’s height until the bit’s cutting depth is the same as the width of your hinges.

Use Dremel For Routing

With the Dremel, route the housings of the hinges. Place the body of the plunge router on top of the hinge. Plunge the plunging body into the hinge area with the Dremel until the bit is fully inserted. Stay as close to the pencil outline as possible during routing. Remove all of the wood within the outline.

Turn off the router and use a compressed air hose to blast any dust or wood chips. You can check the fit with the metal hinge. Stop routing when the hinge is flush and secure in the hole. Carry on in the same manner with the other hinge.

Screw The Hinges

Fix the hinges. Using the electric screwdriver and the screws that come with the hinge set, screw the hinges into their housings.

To keep the hinge square, tighten the middle screw first. With a router attachment, you can quickly install door hinges using a Dremel machine. The Dremel can be converted into a surface router with the help of the router attachment.

This can be used to manage the speed and precision of various minor activities. Mounting door hinges is much easier using a Dremel.


You can see how beneficial a Dremel system is for cutting off a door hinge in this way. It speeds up your work and allows you to complete your assignment accurately. It should be easier now that you can use a Dremel to cut off door hinges.

Hopefully, this article will help you cut or install door hinges yourself using a Dremel effortlessly. If you are still unfamiliar with how to use a Dremel yourself, it would be best to hire a professional. But the choice is still yours!

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