How To Soundproof An Apartment Door

How To Soundproof An Apartment Door
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: April 11, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Do you have any plans to practice drumming in your apartment? Perhaps you live on a busy street and are weary of hearing horns all day. In any case, soundproofing the door to your flat is a great idea. It ensures that no noise escapes or enters your home. The most common source of conflict between apartment neighbors worldwide is noise.

Fortunately, there are various options for soundproofing your apartment door, many of which are extremely inexpensive. Cover an apartment door with a soundproof blanket and seal any breaches leading out of the unit to soundproof it.

Cracks can be found on the door’s side, top, and bottom. If that isn’t enough, you can build a second wall or purchase a solid core door.

Let’s talk about some common ways to soundproof an apartment door in this post;

Why Do You Need To Soundproof The Door?

 Soundproof The Door

Your flimsy front doors may be at fault if you’ve recently moved into a new apartment and find that you’re wide awake on some evenings as you listen to your neighbors’ chats in the corridor. Loud noises from the hallway have kept me awake as a light sleeper.

With the recent trend of people working from home, you may want to set aside a soundproof room for your new home office so you can work in peace. If any of these scenarios sound similar, it may be time to consider how you can soundproof your doors to enjoy a decent night’s sleep.

Ways To Soundproof An Apartment Door

Seal Gaps And Holes Between The Doors

You may not see any gaps between your door and the floor or frame. However, a few holes and crevices likely allow the noise to pass through. You can use a flashlight to see gaps and holes in your doors after turning off the lights.

 Seal Gaps And Holes Between The Doors

All locations where the light is sneaking out are also where the noise is coming in. As a result, you must first seal all of the openings. If you pursue this course of action, one excellent suggestion is to use the remaining sealant to caulk around the electrical outlets.

When you take the cover off your electrical outlets, you’ll be shocked at how much space there is between the wall and the outlet box. While caulking the door will help, the electrical outlet boxes will also aid in lowering the obnoxious noise emanating from the opposite side of the wall by a few decibels.

Add Heavy Curtain Or Drape Next To Your Door

This isn’t a joke or anything along those lines. Yes, curtains can cover doors as if they were windows. Since soundproofing is all about dense, heavy materials, go with the heaviest you have. Install a curtain rod above your door and hang a drape or curtain that reaches the ground. The thick fabric will absorb the sound.


These dense curtains are machine washable and easy to clean for upkeep. Curtains do not provide the same level of sound insulation as soundproofing walls. Still, they will minimize echoes in a large space. When hanging the curtains, remember that the weight of your new soundproof curtains may require a curtain rod that can sustain it.

Furthermore, the rod should be secured to the door frame so that no gaps appear when the curtain is hung.

Use Acoustic Panels

 Use Acoustic Panels.

Metal doors are used in certain apartments. In any case, corridor noises are unforgivable to others, no matter how elegant they may be. Acoustic Panels are the ideal panel for these doors. It decreases noise transfer and also has a secondary function of reducing echo. The ease of installation for this acoustic panel benefits apartment dwellers.

No special tool is necessary because of its sticky side, and the cloth cover needs Velcro. Because acoustic panels were created to improve the acoustics of a music room, you may rely on them to minimize noise amplitude.

The finest aspect is that they are simple to install and do not require special skills. It will be a painless task for you because they are self-adhesive.

Install Door Sweep


Another way to soundproof an apartment door is to use this method. It’s low-cost and simple to set up. This temporary solution allows users to remove the sweep whenever they want. The door sweep takes it off and puts it on another door where you think it’ll be most useful. Rubber door sweeps are extremely recyclable.

Homeowners are frequently perplexed about which type of door sweep to get while shopping for these things. In today’s market, especially online, there are many choices.

Anyone should be perplexed by this. Before purchasing an item, go over all the features and compare costs. Remember, a door sweep isn’t very effective at preventing outside sounds. As a result, it must be used with other noise reduction methods.

Use Sound Absorbing Paint On Door

Use Sound Absorbing Paint On Door

Many soundproofing experts disagree about the effectiveness of sound-deadening paint. Soundproof paints are thicker, denser latex paints than regular latex paints. Sound absorption paint is a thick, water-based flat latex paint that absorbs sound and acts as a thermal barrier on the painted surface.

It’s incredibly simple to apply, like regular paint, with a brush. Renters usually have no trouble doing so because it’s a choice that most landlords are willing to make. After all, painted doors are visually appealing.

Alternative Ways To Soundproof An Apartment Door Quickly

These simple hacks can be used if you find yourself in a bind and need to soundproof your apartment door right soon but don’t happen to have the necessary tools and materials on hand. To close the space beneath the door, grab a few towels and stuff them there.

close the space beneath the door

Find your heaviest blanket and hang it on your door with hooks or nails. You can also use thick curtains to enclose the door and the frame around it if you have them. A rug placed directly outside the entrance will also help muffle some of the noise that enters. These ought to temporarily reduce noise coming through your apartment door.

Final Thoughts

There are several solutions for soundproofing your apartment door. Which approach is ideal for you will determine your budget, the reason for soundproofing the door, and the degree to which you wish to soundproof the door.

You can start by reviewing this list and deciding how to proceed. Remember that the best outcomes come from combining and using the methods. Seal all gaps and holes, then paint the door with soundproofing paint simultaneously.

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