How To Cut Metal Closet Rod

How To Cut Metal Closet Rod

Metal closet rods are stronger than wooden rods and do not absorb moisture. Do not sag, depending on their type. Consider metal if you’re replacing closet rods, and don’t put off the ability to trim to size.

If you have the necessary tools, which aren’t hard to come by, cutting metal is a breeze. Metal closet rods can be cut in less than thirty minutes with only the most basic skills.

A hacksaw with a fine cutting blade can be used to cut most metal curtain rods. You can also use a powered miter saw if you have a fine metal blade. If you’re going to trim metal curtain rods to fit yourself, make sure they’re metalcore.

With a tape measure, measure the length of the rod, the distance between the two closet rod supports on opposite walls. Alternatively, take the overall width of the closet and deduct the combined width of the closet rod brackets.

A Few Considerations To Cut The Metal Rod

Using the length measurement from the previous step, measure and mark the closet rod with a marker. Mark Around the metal closet rod, it’s dark and strong. Make sure to squeeze the bar with a firm grip, keeping the designated region several inches away from the edge jaw and other obstacles.

Do not overtighten the vice since this may cause the closet rod to bend. Using the line as a guide, cut the closet rod using a hand saw. To cut, slowly draw the saw back and forth; do not press the saw too hard since the teeth of the grab will snag on the metal, causing it to catch.

A safe and even cut is achieved by using slow, even strokes. Another cutting method is a pipe cutter wrapped around the clamp cabinet bar with the cutting wheel aligned with the line. To cut, twist the closet rod many times. Tighten the wheel every three to four passes until you’ve cut through the closet rod.

Steps To Cut The Metal Closet Rod

Even if the metal rod is one of the more durable materials, cutting it in the garage on your own is not impossible. Instead, if you explore the internet for ways to trim it, you will find many solutions given by pros. However, none of these are simple to complete in the backyard garage.

Working with sharp tools is too risky. To keep yourself safe, you must follow basic safety guidelines and bring some safety equipment. The required materials for this cutting process are following:

  • Circular saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Meta pipe cutter
  • Safety equipment
  • Ear protection

But here’s the catch: there’s a catch. A closet rod isn’t composed of flimsy materials like some other items. Rather, it is made of metal, including steel or iron, in some cases. As a result, if you’re a DIYer, it’s not a simple task. And you’ll need a good guideline to cut it precisely.

1) Ready Your Equipment

One of the most common and straightforward methods is to cut the metal rod with a circular saw. You won’t have to use a lot of your strength to accomplish this. To begin, gather your safety equipment.

2) Mark The Cutting Points

Then you’ll need to figure out what cutting line you want to use to make the cuts. Use the marking pen to make a mark on the rod. This time, be certain that your saw has a sharp blade.

Furthermore, the blade is capable of withstanding the heat. If the circular saw blade can no longer cut metal, replace it with one that can cut iron or steel rods.

3) Plug In The Electric Socket

Connect the electric socket to the circular saw. Then, by clicking the switch, turn it on. Wait till it achieves its maximum speed. We’ll use a sergeant to secure the parts to the table, and a metal blade on the hand saw to prepare the cut.

Because the knife cuts when we push the saw forward, and the blade slips when we push it backward, the edge must have the teeth facing forward. You can start by gently cutting a notch in the closet rod; once you’ve created the space, keep sawing without worrying about the blade moving.

How To Cut The Metal Rod Manually Or Without Any External Power?

When you don’t have any power tools yet need to cut metal, what should you do? At this point, you should use the hacksaw. Though a hacksaw appears to be a simple primitive handsaw, it possesses the required capabilities to cut metal.

Cutting any metal rod using a hacksaw, on the other hand, is difficult. It is more difficult than cutting metal using a circular saw. To complete it perfectly, you’ll need to exert extra effort and use the proper technique.

Use A sharp Hacksaw

To begin, put on protective gear and equipment. Before you start cutting, double-check that the hacksaw you’re going to use has a new sharp blade capable of cutting metal. Get a new one if it doesn’t have one.

A hacksaw or bolt-cutter can be used to cut shelving. Rods should be cut in one-inch intervals. Cutting shelving from the end that will be closest to the walls is recommended. To provide yourself room to connect end caps to the cut ends, center your cuts between the wires or vertical spacers on the front lip of the shelf.

However, nothing would be a better cutting tool for the metal rods than a circular saw. In this case, you don’t have to put too much time and effort compared to other sawing options.

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