What Different Clothes Hangers Are Available?

Clothes Hangers
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: November 9, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

You’ve probably come across different types of hangers in clothing stores. You may even have a few of them in your wardrobe, but do you know their individual uses?

Hangers are essential parts of every wardrobe. Not only do they neatly store away clothes, but they also save space. However, how you hang clothes in the closet will determine their look and how long they last. For example, hanging delicate fabrics using hangers made from coarse material will stretch and damage them.

After reading this write-up, you will know which hangers you should use for different clothing and the benefits of each option.

How To Pick Clothes Hangers

Which clothes hanger should I use? Before rushing to the store to replace all your current hangers, there are a few things to consider. First, buy hangers depending on the size of your wardrobe and the type of clothing you need to hang. Secondly, the space in your wardrobe will determine whether you need to hang or fold your clothes. Finally, various hanger designs and materials are available in the market to suit your needs.

Below is a detailed list of the hangers you should use depending on your clothes.

Hangers for men’s clothing

Men’s clothing comes in various sizes and tends to be larger and heavier than women’s clothing. For these reasons, purchase hangers for a man’s wardrobe that will fit all sizes, types, and clothing weights.


To keep your suits in shape, hang them using a wooden hanger that fits the suit coat from shoulder to shoulder. Hangers meant for suits should be wide enough to accommodate all shoulder widths.

The sturdy wooden frame follows the coat’s shape to prevent creases and folds. Additionally, buy the wooden coat hangers that have a built-in trouser bar. It will keep the slacks straight and crease-free and ensure that your suit sets stay together.


Your casual summer or winter coat hangers may resemble your suit hangers. The only difference is you don’t need the trouser bar. Instead, hang them on solid wooden hangers that accommodate the coat’s broad shoulders and weight for the heavy coats.

For light jackets or coats, use hangers padded with soft material to prevent creases but still sturdy enough to hold the weight. The advantage of padded hangers is that they are thinner and will take up less space in your wardrobe.


Formal shirts will remain straight and wrinkle-free if you hang them using thick wooden hangers. The wood will prevent them from slipping off while keeping the collar straight. Use padded hangers to protect the fabric from snagging if you have light casual shirts.


Casual trousers and jeans require solid wooden hangers with a support beam to hang them in a folded, crease-free position. Unfortunately, the support bar also prevents trousers from slipping off the hanger, so choose a thicker one for the best results.

Besides being strong enough to withstand the most weight, wooden hangers remain odour-free and do not attract insects.

Hangers for women’s clothing

Women’s clothing tends to have delicate and soft materials that can easily crease and tear. Therefore, you will need to shop for various hangers depending on the fabric and weight of your clothes.

Silk blouses

Silk material is soft and tends to wrinkle and slip off hangers easily. Therefore, hang your silk blouses using sturdy plastic hangers with extra grip material on the shoulders. They will hold up firmly while remaining in shape.

T-shirts and Sweaters

T-shirts and sweaters stay in shape better if you hang them using plastic hangers with sloppy edges. This is because the curve on the hangers prevents grooves from forming on the shoulders. You can also use padded hangers if the edges are curvy.


The best hanger for skirts has clips to hold them up and prevent wrinkles on the fabric. These hangers are usually strong plastic with rubber clips to prevent tearing or leaving marks on the material. Sometimes the clips are also adjustable to accommodate different sizes of skirts.

Tank tops

Tank tops and slippery blouses are better if hung on a hanger with rubber tips or divots. Divots are the groove where the shoulders go to prevent the fabric from falling off. Additionally, the loops in women’s blouses are usually meant to go into the divots in hangers.


Hang fabric pants and jeans on heavy wooden hangers with a support bar. Not only do they support the weight, but they keep your pants looking neat in all wardrobe sizes.


The best clothes hangers to use should be strong enough to support the weight of your clothes. They should also prevent your clothes from damaging and creasing while occupying as little space as possible.

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