How To Finish Tile Edges On Backsplash

How To Finish Tile Edges On Backsplash
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: April 4, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

It’s always a fun design challenge to remodel a kitchen. It can get stressful when you hit a snag, such as trying to finish the edge of your DIY kitchen backsplash installation. There are a few different ways to finish the edge of a backsplash that you may not be aware of or haven’t considered until now.

When it comes to completing the border of a backsplash, you have many alternatives. Many tiles don’t come with finished edge tiles that can be used to finish a backsplash installation. As a result, the tile’s raw edge may be seen where the backsplash finishes.

You do, however, have alternatives for finishing this region, regardless of the sort of tile you have.

Ways To Finish Tile Edges On Backsplash

Use Tile Trims

Finishing a kitchen backsplash edge with tile trimmings is the most frequent option. They come in various forms and sizes to match your style. You could utilize one or more, depending on your project.

If you have problems deciding, ask your contractor for advice or proper tile trim installation.

Paint The Edges

Painting the raw edge of a row of tiles to match the surrounding tiles is one of the simplest and fastest ways to finish it.

Because they can complete a row by themselves, some tiles may not have a finished edge tile available. Leave glass tiles and ceramic tiles with an overglazed edge alone to finish the end of a row. Apply painter’s tape to the wall next to the tiles to complete the edge.

Apply a thin line of caulk along the tile’s the outside edge where it meets the wall. The tiles are then blended into the wall, giving it a clean, finished appearance.

Use Decorative Edges

Rail moldings, pencil moldings, and other decorative tiles are available on many tiles and can be used to finish the edge of a row of tiles. Choose a molding that matches or complements the field tile in the backsplash. Using a ceramic tile chair rail molding, you may also mix and match materials.

To assist tie the rail molding to the rest of the kitchen design, choose a hue that matches another color in the kitchen.

Use Glazed Glass Tiles

Using glazed glass edge tiles is a very simple approach that eliminates the burden of finding another thing to match your tiles. You must, however, ensure that the tile you chose has glazed tiled edges, or you must glaze the edges yourself.

If you like to mix and match tiles, feel free to use a glazed edge tile from a different tile series.

Install Metal Strips

Schluter strips and other metal edges produce a finished transition edge at the end of tile rows. The thin strips are available in various metal finishes to match a wide range of tile options. Install metal strips with the last row of tile to help with the transition. The metal strip will go slightly beneath the last row of tile.

Customize Matching Tile Edges

This is one of the more difficult techniques to finish a tile edge, but it is doable. If you choose a tile that doesn’t come with matching trim, you can have your contractor create one for you using your existing tiles.

Natural stone tiles are a good example of this. Practice making the component with extra tiles if you’re conducting a DIY project. Finding a company that creates custom bullnoses is another option.

Use A Bullnose Blade To Create Edges on The Tiles

Bullnosed stone and porcelain tiles with a color that runs right through the tile can be bullnosed on-site to create a rounded, completed edge on the side. This allows the tile to blend into the wall. Create this completed edge using a wet tile saw and a bullnose blade.

Several times into this blade with the stone until the edge is rounded. If the tile is polished, buff the finished edge using an angle grinder and a buffing pad until it matches the remainder of the tile’s finish.

Bottom Line

There are several methods to deal with tiles edges on the backsplash. Readout this entire post if you are still looking for guidelines and instructions. Hopefully, this article will help you finish tile edges on the backsplash easily and efficiently.

You don’t need to step out of your budget to choose from any discussed method. However, it would be great to consider a technique after knowing the requirements and specifications of your backsplash tiles.

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