How To Get A Car Towed From Your Driveway?

How To Get A Car Towed From Your Driveway?
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: August 18, 2021
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

No wonder having a house with ample parking space is the most annoying thing you have ever experienced in your life. You cannot stop anyone from parking their cars in the midway or driveway of your vehicle. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot leave the space for your work and office.

You can indeed remove a wrongly parked car from your driveway by considering this post. We have compiled the best tips in this article to move out or tow a vehicle from the driveway effortlessly.

Indeed, we all are in a hurry while leaving home for the office in the morning. A car parked wrongly or in your driveway will undoubtedly lead to more inconvenience and stress. Well, there are many things you can do legally to tow a vehicle from your driveway.

No doubt, it’s the best option to call the police to remove the car from your way legally. It would be the best action you can take as a responsible citizen. However, it’s not appropriate in all cases to remove or tow someone else car yourself.

It’s all depends on your time and situation. So, you need to take a step differently according to each case. Otherwise, things will get worse than you think, especially if the car belongs to your neighbour. So, let’s look at a few tips and guidelines to tow a vehicle without any trouble and stress.

Car Towing Depends On The Type Of Property

Well, the car towing depends on the type of location and property. The laws for car-towing are different in each state according to the type of property, including public and private properties. However, you can tow a car immediately if parked in a residential area to save the people from trouble.

If you don’t want to involve the police, call a towing company. The professional towing company or members will help move out the car from ample parking or driveway within no time. Moreover, the rules are also similar for the private or non-residential areas, especially if the car parks near an entrance.

On the other hand, you have the absolute right to seize the other vehicle in the case of using your car’s lot. But you have to request the car-towing company for grabbing or removing the vehicle from the lot.

When Do You Call The Police For Car-Towing?

If you get the car-towing services from a company, you will surely need to pay for this. However, you can also contact the police to remove the car from the driveway freely but only in specific cases.

You cannot call all time to the police to remove a car out from your parking property or lot. For example, if the vehicle is already intruding, call the police and freely move it out from the driveway.

Moreover, in some suspicious conditions or situations, you can also call the police to check the scene and move out the car instead of calling the towing contractors. Ideally, if the issue is genuine, you can also get the free towing services without any citation costs with the help of cops.

Consequently, it’s always better to call the police to tow the car. So, you can save yourself from any liabilities in case of damages during the towing. Ideally, the car owner cannot sue you for the possibility of any damages once you have reported the inappropriate car parking issue to the police.

When Do You Call A Tow Contractor?

While having the property at the premium location, you may have to suffer from the parking and towing issues a lot. You can surely call the towing company or a truck to remove a car from the driveway in a business place.

Moreover, you can also set or sign an agreement with the other businesses at the exact location to allot the parking space next to your entrance only for your customers.

Similarly, you can also hire a guard to check and balance all the vehicles for security and parking concerns. Call the tow company to remove it immediately once you have noticed an inappropriately parked car in your reserved parking area.

You can also solve the parking issues by enhancing and marking the parking space separately for the handicaps.

However, you will require legal permission to get the parking space for the handicaps and people with some disabilities. In this way, you can ensure that anyone, even the disabled person, can access your business location efficiently.

Use Signboards And Fence

Nothing would be a better option than using the signboards to avoid illegal parking. You can put a “No Parking” signboard in the bold letter in your driveway to stop any tiresomeness. In this way, you can also warn the next person to stop him from entering your parking lot.

If a person doesn’t prevent from parking a car in a signed area, you can tow his vehicle by contacting the police or a company at his own expense. Indeed, no one wants to be towed their vehicle and also pay the additional cost for it.

Consequently, you can also install the fence in your personal parking space to save it only for your car. However, you will need legal permission from the authorities to consider adding a wall to the private or premium property.

Moreover, you may also need to pay for business parking lots at the business location. Once you have paid, it’s up to you to either place the signboards or fences. But legal permit from the authorities is the primary consideration in all cases.

Final Verdict

No doubt, the time of all individuals is valuable, and no one can afford to waste it without any genuine reason. Similarly, you cannot let anyone park the car in your driveway and block your path. Try to remove the vehicle from the spot without creating any scene or trouble for yourself and others.

Otherwise, you have to rely on a professional towing company or call the police in suspicious cases. Enjoy getting the free towing services after clearing the citation trial!

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