How To Get Cement Splatter Off Siding

How To Get Cement Splatter Off Siding
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: April 18, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

It would have been wonderful if the contractors who poured the concrete walkway around your house had used plastic covering to protect the vinyl siding, but they didn’t, so it’s up to you to clean up the now-dry splatters. Concrete splatter on your vinyl-sided home or business is an eyesore.

The easiest way to get rid of the spattered-on cement is to wash it off the vinyl siding before it hardens. While it is best to remove the cement from your vinyl siding as soon as possible, it may be impossible if the region around the affected area is surrounded by wet concrete.

To clean off the spatter without damaging your siding, utilize specially developed chemicals or home cures.

Steps To Get Cement Splatter Off Siding

Use A Putty Knife To Remove Cement Chunks

With a putty knife, chip away at small concrete fragments from your siding. Using a putty knife in locations where there are a lot of splatters may not be possible. Spray the damaged area extensively with white vinegar to soften the concrete before washing it away with a stiff-bristled brush if the siding has a porous or imitation wood grain.

After cleaning off any leftover residue with the scrub brush, thoroughly rinse the siding with water.

Use Water And Sugar Mixture For Cleaning

Apply a solution of one part water to one part sugar on thick concrete splatters. Allow the sugar water to eat away at the concrete and soften it before cleaning it with a sharp brush. If required, rinse the area with water and repeat the sugar solution.

Apply Heavy-Duty Concrete Dissolver

For exceptionally resistant spatter spots, use a heavy-duty concrete dissolver. The concrete dissolver on the market is biodegradable and will not affect your vinyl siding. To get the greatest cleaning results, follow the product’s instructions.

Pressure Washing

Set the power washer’s pressure and attach a tip to the nozzle. The white tip in a standard set of tips is the 40-degree one. Start washing at the bottom and work your way up the wall. Maintain a 2-foot space between the tip and the siding until the concrete loosens and blows away.

Maintain a horizontal or downward angled wand. The tip should never point up since this allows water to penetrate the siding and soak the sheathing, causing mold and decay. Spraying around windows and doors is also a no-no since the spray can get under the molding.

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