How To Get Paint Off Laminate Flooring?

How To Get Paint Off Laminate Flooring?
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: August 21, 2021
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Do you want to revamp and redo your home décor? If yes, you have to pay attention to all the minor details. Indeed, a home revamp is impossible and incomplete without cleaning the laminate flooring. Unfortunately, you cannot simply paint a new layer of paint or sealant on the flooring without ripping off the old coating.

If you think it’s a good idea, it’s not a waste of time and money. Removing the paint layer from the laminate floor is difficult, especially if the paint is already dried. Sometimes it looks impossible to remove the dried paint.

Don’t worry; if you want to remove the paint from the laminate floor effortlessly and efficiently, we will help you to do it. Removing the stains and spills from the laminate is not impossible once you remove the dried layer of paint.

We are here with the right solution to eliminate or remove the paint from the laminate flooring using different methods and ingredients.

Excitingly! laminate floors are not more prone to stains and debris. But if stains occur, you can also get rid of them effortlessly. Ideally, you can also get a lot of guidelines and instructions for paint removal from the laminate flooring with the help of this article.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive deeply into details to make a better decision for your home improvement.

Things To Consider Before Getting Paint Off Laminate Flooring

Laminate Floor Structure

Laminate Floor Structure

Understanding the structure of laminate floors is helpful before learning to remove paint from laminate flooring. Due to its incredible longevity, laminate flooring is wonderful because very nothing can scratch or seriously harm it. When cleaning laminate flooring, you should be cautious about how much water you use.

The drawback of laminate flooring is that it might swell permanently if too much water is dropped on it and penetrates the crevices. A little water goes a long way when removing paint from laminate flooring.

Know About The Type Of Paint

Two types of paint are frequently used when painting a home’s interior walls. It is doable to remove both forms of paint from laminate flooring. However, being aware of the variations in chemical structure enables you to choose the appropriate cleaning agent to use on stubborn paint.

Know About The Type Of Paint

The most popular paints bought for home renovation tasks are latex paint and acrylic paint. Since latex paint is water-based, it contains few chemicals. Latex paint is typically simpler to remove off laminate and wood floors since it contains water.

Because it is chemically based, acrylic paint frequently forms a stronger attachment to the surface. Using a cleaning solution with natural paint thinner properties is essential while cleaning acrylic paints to dissolve the chemical bonds.

Ways To Get Paint Off Laminate Flooring

Let The Paint Dry Completely On The Floor

Most people think removing the wet paint from the floor is easy. Yes, it is. But not in all cases. If you have paint drips on your floor, it’s better to let them dry on the floor completely. After drying, use a scraper and remove all the paint effortlessly.

Let The Paint Dry Completely On The Floor

Remember to use plastic putty to scrap out the paint instead of a metal scraper. Otherwise, you will end up with many scratches and cracks on the flooring. If the flooring area and drips are large, use a sharp knife or hammer to eradicate the stains.

However, the dried paint will also chip out automatically with a bit of push. So, you don’t need to put too much time and effort into getting the paint off the floor.

Use A DIY Cleaner

For sure, it’s not a good option to use chemicals and other detergents with high containments on the laminate floor to remove the paint. But DIYs and natural cleaners are entirely safe to use on all types of flooring.

Use A DIY Cleaner

You must rub the natural cleaner to remove the paint from the laminate flooring. Moreover, use a sponge for better scrubbing and cleaning out the paint stains.

Luckily! You can use a few ingredients, including vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and dish washes soap from your household, to make an effective solution for removing the paint from the flooring. If you have decided to clean the painted floor with the natural solution, vacuum cleans the area before getting the desired results.

Moreover, wash out or rinse off the area once the paint has scraped out. Remember not to pour the DIY solution directly on the floor. Otherwise, it will stay between the cracks and penetrate the floorboards.

Use Floor Degreaser

It’s not a daunting and effort-consuming task to get rid of paint on the laminate floor. You can surely do it yourself with several methods and without hiring any professional. If you want to remove or get off the paint, vacuum-clean the floor first. It will help remove all the dust, dirt, and debris.

 Use Floor Degreaser

Here we have used the Blanchon Powerful Cleaner to remove the most stubborn markings from an oiled floor finish. As a strong degreaser – this product is also capable of removing a large number of greasy smudges and black marks left by footwear.

After cleaning the surface, you must apply the floor degreaser or paint removal solution to the targeted area. Let the solution sits on the floor for a few minutes. Later, use a moping cloth or sponge to wipe out the paint and solution.

Moreover, you can also rinse off the flooring to remove all the remaining debris or particles. Consequently, use wood cleaner or sealant to give a natural shine to the floor.

You can maintain the laminate flooring for a long-time with appropriate maintenance and time-to-time sealing. However, it’s up to you to do it yourself or with the help of professionals.

Use Window Cleaner With High Containments

If the paint is not removed even after trying all the natural solutions and DIYs, it’s time to treat the floor with the ammonia-based window cleaner. Ideally, this cleaner is the most effective option to get off the challenging paint and stain from the laminate floor.

Use Window Cleaner With High Containments

If you want this cleaning solution, clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner or sweep thoroughly. It will help to remove all the debris and dust from the floor. So, you can pour the solution on the floor without any mess and stress.

Paint the cleaner on the spotted area and let it soak in the surface entirely for a few minutes. If the paint is challenging, use a scrubber. However, avoid using a harsh scrubber to save the floor from scratches and cracks. Moreover, you can also use nail paint remover or acetone to remove the paint residue on the floor.

Even if you have sprayed the cleaner instead of pouring, rinse off the floor with warm water after finishing the paint removal process. Dry clean the floor entirely, and you are all set to use the paint-free floor!

Protect Your Floor While Painting

Painting walls above laminate floors is not enjoyable because of splatters and spills. But the fact is that they will always exist and that you will need to find a strategy to manage them. It is preferable to protect your laminate flooring from paint when painting than to clean up the stains afterward, especially when the mess-free painting is not an option.

Protect Your Floor While Painting

As much as you can, cover your floors to prevent spills and keep them to a minimum. There are numerous alternatives for floor coverings. Pick no more than one or two simple techniques that you can implement right now. An excellent DIY option for floor protection is used cardboard boxes.

The laminate floors should be laid flat with each box. After arranging, you can use tape to secure their placements. More paint can be applied to a card box than a newspaper before it soaks through. However, after every significant spill, you should continue periodically inspecting the floor beneath.


Above all, There are endless cleaning and paint removal methods if you are looking for ” how to get paint off laminate flooring?”. All you need to do is specify the condition of the paint on the floor before choosing any method. Removing the paint would be effective and efficient after identifying or considering all the floor’s needs.

Hopefully, the mentioned-above methods will help you to get your job done effortlessly. Remember that each technique’s result will vary based on your flooring condition. That’s why restoration is also impossible in a few cases with the help of discussed techniques and DIYs.

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