How To Get Rid Of Hover Flies On Patio

How To Get Rid Of Hover Flies On Patio
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  • Posted On: May 18, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Hoverflies, also known as flower flies, are pollen and nectar feeders. Even though they don’t have stingers, they can be a pain. You will see many of these insects if you have potted plants on your patio. There are several ways if you are looking for “how to get rid of hover flies on patio?”, so you can relax on your patio in peace.

Turn on and leave your patio fan on. Hoverflies dislike the sound of a running fan in their dwelling space and will flee. Turn on your fan again if they return. The hoverfly is one of the most perplexing pests for inexperienced gardeners.

These insects, which resemble their evil cousin, the wasp, fly around flowers and plants. If you are also thinking about getting rid of hoverflies, continue reading for better consideration;

What Are Hoverflies?

What Are Hoverflies

Hoverfly family member has developed a protective mechanism that gets them into trouble with humans. They’ve developed in shape and size to resemble wasps, and they imitate the habits of this more aggressive species to ward off predators.

Overflies perform a crucial role for gardeners and are an important environmental element. Flies pollinate plants and act as natural pest controllers. Their vivid colors and thin bodies resemble bees, wasps, and yellow jackets.

Hoverflies are not harmful to humans or the plants and flowers they enjoy. There is no reason to eliminate them if they are outdoors and have not entered your home.

What Are The Common Types Of Hoverflies?

The common types of hoverflies are;

  • Drone fly
  • black-shouldered drone fly
  • Thick leg hoverfly
  • Eastern hornet fly
  • Oblique Stripetail fly
  • Calligrapher flies

What Are The Sources To Attract Hover Flies On Patios?

Hoverflies are attracted to sweet fragrances since pollen and nectar are their primary food sources. They are attracted to rotting food or waste, as do all flies. Corn flies get their name because they frequently infest cornfields, where the larvae feed on aphids.

sweet fragrances since pollen and nectar

Hoverflies are completely safe. They can’t bite because they don’t have a stinger, and their mouthparts are specialized to extract pollen and nectar. As a natural defense against predators, hoverflies often try to imitate the patterns of wasps, yellowjackets, and bees.

However, gardeners may mistake their brilliant patterns for more dangerous bugs, making them an easy target.

Steps To Get Rid Of Hover Flies On Patio

We should firmly oppose the employment of any lethal tactics because of their critical function in the environment. Instead, repellent measures are usually the most effective and successful. Depending on where they are, you will need to employ various techniques to ward off or eliminate your hoverflies.

Let’s discuss how to eliminate hoverflies from the most popular breeding grounds, which include your patio and conservatories.

Turn On Your Patio Fan

Turn On Your Patio Fan

A hoverfly can be annoying when you’re sipping tea on the terrace. Thankfully, it would be best if you had an electric fan to eliminate them. The best fans are corded, although a reasonable battery-operated fan would suffice.

Turn on the fan, and the increased airflow will drive the hoverflies away. You can turn on the fan anytime a hoverfly appears and then turn it off after they go.

Use Natural Hoverfly Repellents

Use Natural Hoverfly Repellents

Hoverfly-repellent candles such as citronella are also useful. The fragrant candles also deter a variety of other pests. Hoverflies can be kept away from your garden using a variety of natural repellents. Mild dish soap and white vinegar are combined with peppermint oils and rosemary in a more potent repellent.

This mixture works effectively, but it can be overwhelming to humans. Therefore, it should only be a last resort in regions you enjoy visiting.

Natural repellents to help eliminate hoverflies include lemon and cloves, incense, and citrus fruit peels. Cut a lemon in the center and place cloves all over. Set them on your patio where hoverflies roam.

You can also burn incense with aromatic herbs like mint and basil. Putting orange fruit peels where the hoverflies congregate will also help to cast them away.

Install Retractable Fly Screens

 Install Retractable Fly Screens

Installing retractable fly screens in an enclosed patio is another practical idea. They prevent hoverflies and other unwanted bugs from spoiling birthday parties and other celebrations. Retractable fly screens can be tailored to fit your patio’s dimensions without obstructing the beautiful outdoor view.

They’re also safe because they don’t involve cables or hanging cords. Furthermore, they’re versatile because you can roll them out or retract them out of sight.

You can order retractable fly screens from a trusted manufacturer. Most companies provide installation services as part of the package deal. Before buying, ensure that the company offers premium-quality retractable fly screens that are easy to clean, user-friendly, and attractive.

Consider Natural Hoverfly Infestation Controlling Methods

Professional pest controllers have a range of techniques to stop your fly problem if you prefer more natural methods. Natural repellent properties of eucalyptus oil have been discovered. Drops of the oil can be placed on strips of paper near doors and windows to prevent hoverflies from flying in and out.

Infestation Controlling Methods

You can also tempt them with vinegar and water, which will drown the hoverflies. Since hoverfly larvae feed on tiny insects like aphids, it’s not surprising to find a swarm of hoverflies if there’s an aphid infestation in your garden. So, getting rid of the aphid infestation will help you keep the hoverflies away.

Burn Oil Torches

Turn the ceiling fans on to full power if installed on your patio. If not, you can blow hoverflies away from seating areas using an electric or battery-operated fan. Use citronella oil torches or aromatic herbal incense to ward off hoverflies when you’re outside on your patio.

Burn Oil Torches

Wasps, hoverflies, and other insects will likely stay away from your patio if you spray it with vinegar and mint bug spray. Hoverflies that are near your patio won’t be able to reproduce because of flytraps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Hoverflies Participate In an Eco-Friendly Environment?

Hoverflies are beneficial to a garden, which many gardeners are unaware of. They are one of the insects that will work with every flower they come across, and they play a crucial part in pollinating plants and flowers.

Eliminating hoverflies can be bad news for a garden, especially when the world is witnessing rapid pollinator depopulation. Hoverflies also aid pest control. They eat the larvae of more dangerous insects like aphids and leafhoppers, which helps to keep your plants healthy.

This encourages a healthier garden and makes identifying tainted plants much easier. After all, hoverflies will continue to eat the pests attracted to the flowers.

Do Hoverflies Make Nests?

Do Hoverflies Make Nests?

Numerous varieties of hoverflies create nests in trees. On the other hand, some hoverflies lay their eggs in hornet or bee nests. This is because they are skilled at imitating more dangerous stinging insects. To protect bees and other insects from predators, once the eggs hatch, they frequently consume other insects that enter the nest.

Are Hoverflies And Wasps Similar Flies?

Due to the vivid bands of color on their abdomen, hoverflies are frequently mistaken for wasps. Many botanists believe their outward look significantly contributes to their defense against natural predators. But the shape of wasps’ heads is the fundamental distinction between wasps and hoverflies.

Hoverflies seem like regular flies, unlike wasps, who have a distinctive head with a stinger. Hoverflies only have one set of wings, compared to wasps and bees’ two sets.

Final Thoughts

Hoverflies are one of the most useful insects in your garden, despite their threatening appearance. They pollinate and control pests in a similar way to bees. Using natural herbs as a repellent is preferable if you are looking for the answer to “how to get rid of hover flies on patio?”.

They don’t harm hoverflies but will cease buzzing about your head when working in the garden. You may enjoy sitting on your patio with your friends and family without unwanted bugs ruining your fun if you keep your yard tidy and follow a few basic flies-removal strategies.

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