How To Get Rid Of Nostoc On Gravel Driveway

How To Get Rid Of Nostoc On Gravel Driveway
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: August 25, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

You have two options for removing algae and mold from paved patios and driveways: do it yourself or pay pros. While an accumulation of algae and mold is ugly and can make your home’s outside look neglected, a more urgent problem is the unstable surface it creates.

You pose a slip hazard when a drop of rain or light frost falls. As usual, there are many strange and amazing remedies on the internet, including advice on avoiding algae, methods for getting rid of it, and even ideas for dressing it up and transforming your driveway into a tropical paradise.

Physically, nostoc algae resemble a mass of gelatinous, organized jelly beads. Algae are chlorophyll-containing non-flowering plants. Alkaline environments promote the growth of nostoc algae. In other instances, it might develop symbiotically on the tissues of different plants.

What Is The Professional Method To Remove Nostoc From Gravel Driveway?

 Remove Nostoc From Gravel Driveway

Experts will seal your driveway’s paving stones to prevent future growth of mold and algae, in addition to cleaning the outer edges of each one. A professional’s experience is one of the key selling factors in hiring them.

Too frequently, we witness people who have purchased a pressure washer only to pressure wash a patio or piece of paintwork that couldn’t sustain the pressure, resulting in permanent damage.

In addition to the conventional pressure spray, many professional cleaners utilize another power washing tool to guarantee a flawless finish.

In short, hiring a professional gives you a world of choices you might not have thought of. You can also rest easy knowing the service will be completed promptly and effectively, giving you the best chance that your driveway will stay bright for a respectable period.

Cleaning firms typically advise bringing in a pressure washer twice yearly to clean your roads, patios, and exterior walls.

Methods To Get Rid Of Nostoc On Gravel Driveway

Focus On Appropriate Drainage

Focus On Appropriate Drainage

Nostoc is known to thrive in wet environments or near water. You shouldn’t become alarmed if you notice nostoc algae in your yard. Therefore, there can be a drainage issue or an issue with the ground being overly wet.

The overwatering of your yard may also be to blame for the soggy ground. Standing water might arise from this, and given the nature of the soil, the effect could readily worsen. Given excessive rainfall, you should lessen how often you water your lawn and enhance drainage.

Nostoc algae growth could also result from stagnant water. Be always aware of your surroundings.

Use Nostoc Control Products

Use Nostoc Control Products

The same principles apply to algae management to moss control products. As a result, this is achievable because these moss control treatments contain ammoniated soap, which functions similarly to insecticidal garden soaps.

Destroying the algae these aids in their removal from the environment. You should spray this for roughly a week to ensure the algae are dying. Additionally, avoid spraying it during very sunny conditions because it will evaporate and require no further effort.

So, for optimum effect, employ caution and make a good plan if you intend to apply this technique.

Scrub The Surface With Bleach

 Scrub The Surface With Bleach

Bleach will force you to perform difficult cleaning if you choose to use it. The correct procedure requires combining a cup of bleach with every 5 liters of water. Then it would help if you poured the solution where the nostoc algae may be seen.

Then, using a scrub brush with sturdy bristles, scrub vigorously the places where algae are present before completely rinsing it with water. The nostoc algae may be removed by repeating this procedure three days in a row, and you could also try to determine why they were growing there.

Use Fungicides Or Algaecide

Fungicide use is a powerful remedy. Apply equally on the infested areas until the nostoc algae are dead to stop further nostoc infestation. You must be informed that extra fungicide should be treated in areas heavily covered with thick nostoc algae.

Use Fungicides Or Algaecide

However, be careful not to apply the fungicide in wholesome regions. To find the best one, conduct extensive research as well. Apply as directed; do not excessively or insufficiently. Different types of algae can be controlled by the copper-based chemical known as an algaecide.

Useful and reasonably priced, it is simple to use. In areas where nostoc algae are growing, algaecides have no impact on the pH of the soil. The nostoc algae in your yard can quickly raise the pH of your soil, so you need to exercise caution. After the algae have been eliminated, the pH of the soil will return.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you use to kill Nostoc on a gravel driveway?

Scythe is the herbicide that works the best. Scythe was used to treat liverworts, algae, and moss in container nurseries; in addition to killing Nostoc, it also stopped regrowth for several weeks.

What is nostoc?

Nostoc is a jelly-like, dark blue-green creature that can occasionally be discovered on drenched lawns. Homeowners may be concerned about the finding of the creature, but neither plants nor animals are harmed by it. When grass cannot grow, the Nostoc probably fills the void.

What are the effective products to kill Nostoc?

It can be eliminated from lawns using products containing potassium salts of fatty acids. These three items are garden-safe moss and algae killer concentrate, safer brand and algae killer, and bayer advanced moss and algae Killer.

Can you control the growth of Nostoc algae?

Even though Nostoc is not officially an algal species, herbicides designated for moss and algae are frequently the most efficient at eliminating Nostoc. The herbicide should be used when the lawn is dry. To prevent harming the nearby turfgrass, carefully follow the instructions.


Nostoc is a jelly-like, dark blue-green creature that can occasionally be discovered on drenched lawns. Homeowners may be concerned about the finding of the creature, but neither plants nor animals are harmed by it. Where grass cannot grow, the Nostoc probably fills the void.

Consult a specialist to know the proper steps to take whenever an excessive infestation occurs. The methods mentioned earlier, however, are beneficial and will aid in lowering the number of nostoc algae on your property.

Nostoc algae can easily ruin your yard and have harmful repercussions that are not worth it. Furthermore, if you have young children, they could wish to play with dangerous material. So, make it a priority to constantly watch your property to keep everyone healthy, including your pets.

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