How To Get Rid Of Snakes Under Concrete Slab

How To Get Rid Of Snakes Under Concrete Slab
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: February 8, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

A concrete slab is great for snakes looking for a cool location to hide during the day. If the snake can get under the slab, it will make it their home and resting spot. Snakes will frequently hide beneath concrete until they are attracted out. Snakes will feel safe and secure beneath the concrete and will be hesitant to leave.

Although snakes are normally quiet and peaceful creatures who want to be left alone, they can become aggressive and dangerous when they feel threatened. That’s why, if they ever try to take up home under the concrete slab, you’ll need to know basic tips there is to know about retrieving them. In this essay, we’ll go over the various possibilities.

The snake cannot be caught or pulled out from beneath the house, which is an issue for homeowners. Fortunately, you can catch the snakes and remove them out from beneath the slab, as well as make efforts to keep them away.

1) Use Snake Traps

You could attempt to capture the snake. Snake traps can be useless at times, especially when snakes know how to move out of them. Snake traps are available in garden stores and on the internet. You might also inquire whether you can borrow or rent one from your local animal or pest control government office.

To remove the human odor from the trap, it should be completely cleaned before being used. Snakes will usually avoid the trap if they detect the scent of humans. Wear gloves when putting it up to avoid transferring your odor to the new trap.

Check with your local agents to discover if relocating snakes is legal, and if not, what alternative options you have. If you’re moving a snake or handling it with the trap, make sure you’re wearing protective gloves and equipment in case the snake bites you. Ascertain that the snake will not be able to bite you.

2) Use Snake Repellent Sprays

In spraying the spray under the concrete slab, the snake will most likely flee. The most important thing is to be prepared to block their entrance and resist them from coming back to your home again.

Snake repellents are available commercially, or you can make your own with mothballs or other odors snake’s dislike. However, many people claim that they don’t do a good job of permanently keeping snakes away, so you’ll need to protect the spot where the snake is getting beneath the concrete.

3) Check For All Cracks And Gaps

All possible entry points beneath the concrete slab should be sealed. This will aid you in attracting the snake outside or scaring it away. It gets more difficult to track the snake with multiple possible entry points. It also raises the chances of other snakes seeking shelter beneath the concrete.

Some companies have equipment that can detect cracks if you aren’t sure where they are. Remember that snakes may squeeze through even the tiniest cracks, as little as a half-inch.

Fill in the cracks this summer before the snakes start seeking a place to hibernate for the winter. You can use expanding caulk to close it, but make sure they aren’t inside while you do so.

4) Get Rid Of Mice And Rats

Snakes migrate to a region where they can easily find the food they require. Mice and rats are among their favorite foods. The snakes will stay if there are any mice or rats in the house. It would help if you did everything in your power to get rid of them as much as feasible.

To keep the rats away, trap them, poison them, and make sure you don’t have anything for snakes to eat. Snakes won’t have food if you get rid of the rodents near your house, so they’ll look for another location to reside.

5) Use Snake Tongs To Reach Out The Snakes

Snake tongs are another wonderful tool to use when snakes hide beneath the concrete. Snake tongs allow you to reach tight spaces, grab the snake, and pull it out. This is a great way to get rid of snakes underneath the slab if the concrete slab allows it.

Remember that once you’ve rescued the snake from beneath the concrete, you’ll need a snake bag to put it in. An endoscope can be used to locate a snake if there isn’t enough room and you can’t see it. An endoscope can enter into narrow, dark locations and give you a clear image of where the snake is lurking.

6) Maintain And Clean The Backyard

Snakes’ despite being caught in the open. They make a point of hurrying up and finding cover whenever they are out in the open. Overgrown vegetation is one sort of cover that snakes enjoy hiding under.

Snakes will have to travel a long distance from their natural environment to your home if you maintain the grass and other plants around your property cut regularly.

Snakes require safe hiding places and overgrown herbs or plants fit the bill perfectly. If they don’t have a safe spot to hide, they are less likely to stay in the area.


Snakes prefer to hide in cool, dark areas. They will most likely set up residence if they can get under a concrete slab. When they’re not hunting, they’re looking for a safe location to unwind. Snakes are difficult to remove from beneath concrete slabs.

It creates an odd situation, and it can potentially turn into a large infestation beneath the concrete in some cases. Hiring a professional snake removal service is the best way to get rid of a snake infestation.

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