Can You Put Carpet Over Tile

Can You Put Carpet Over Tile
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: February 8, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Tile flooring is a low-cost option that provides various benefits in terms of wetness, durability, and beauty, among other things. However, you have decided to change the look, and you’re considering other options.

Carpet is considerably softer for a young child or a pet, it is much warmer for lounging by the fire, and it helps to bring more color into a room that is perhaps a little boring.

Adding the carpet over tiles is not the best solution for several reasons. You’ll need a skilled carpet installation company to oversee the process, and you should bear in mind that doing so usually destroys the tiles.

Let’s take a closer look at this question to decide if this is a good option for your home improvement. Carpet insulates your feet, saving you money on energy while also making walking more comfortable and warmer.

It also has a pleasant feel to the feet and is one of the more straightforward forms of flooring to replace. Continue reading to learn more if you’re ready to make the switch to carpet:

Why Do You Need To Install The Carpet Over Tiles?

There are various reasons why a homeowner might prefer carpet versus tile flooring. Installing carpet can improve the overall appeal of a room if the present tile flooring is outdated or broken. In other circumstances, a homeowner may desire to add warmer flooring and choose to lay carpet over the tile instead of taking out the tiles.

If you want to use the tiles again in the future, it’s critical that you don’t harm them. Allowing a professional to perform this job is a good option. This will not only give you the appealing finishing, but it will also protect the tiles underneath.

Consider replacing the tiles with a warmer floor covering, such as carpet, the tiles are excessively cold. Another reason is if you want to change the appearance of your home but are a tenant and cannot redo the floors since you are a tenant.

Steps To Add The Carpet Over Tiles

You don’t have to pull away from the old tile floor if you want to install carpet. Carpet can be put directly over tile, albeit the tile will be damaged to some extent along the room’s margins.

1) Install Tack Strip

Although it would be convenient to lay the carpet down and then lift it to live on a tile again, the tack strip installation may cause some harm.

Using a tile cutter, cut and remove the tile around the edge of the room to create a 2-inch space larger than a tackless strip’s width. Before you put your carpet down, make sure the tile is clean and dry.

2) Use Drill To Attach The Tack Strips At The Edges

Another alternative is to screw the tack strip down by drilling holes in the tile at the room’s edge. Although this is a less difficult choice than removing the tile around the edge, you may need to adjust the baseboard according to the height of the carpet.

The additional weight on the floor joists is the main concern for most homeowners. This could be an issue if you’re putting in numerous subfloors or heavy floorings like tile or hardwood. However, when you put carpet over tile, you’re only adding a small amount of weight, and it will be completely okay for most of the floor’s joists.

3) Use A Power Stretcher To Attach The Carpet With Joists

Place the base of a power stretcher against the wall where the carpet was hooked, then sink the stretcher’s teeth into the carpet 6 inches from the opposite wall. Lock the stretcher and secure the carpet to the tackless strips by pressing down the lever.

Repeat sinking the teeth in the next segment into the tackless strip as you move the base of the power stretcher along the wall. Continue this technique along each wall until all tackless strips are fastened to the carpet.

4) Trim The Excessive Carpet

With a wall trimmer or a utility knife, cut away any excess carpet on both sides of the room. Re-install your baseboard or trim by pushing the carpet edges between the wall and tackless strips.

Finally, and perhaps most crucially, once you install carpeting, you will not be able to return to tile flooring. That’s because the perimeter tiling is frequently damaged during carpet installation due to nails and glue. As a result, you might not be able to return to the tiles later.

Which Tile Floor Is Suitable For Carpet Installation?

Over any tile, carpeting can be laid successfully and elegantly. Depending on the tile you’re using, some preparation may be required, but removing the tile before putting it on carpets is rarely necessary.

There is no difference between any tile floor when it comes to carpet installation. They will all serve as a suitable subfloor for the carpeting installed. On the other hand, imperfections on the tile floor may be an issue.


Cutting the tile and gluing it to the subflooring, gluing tack strips onto the tiles, or utilizing carpet tiles are all options for carpeting over ceramic tiles. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and some are more difficult than others.

It’s not a difficult procedure, and in the end, the carpet on subflooring is installed using the same method. You can also use discussed steps and guidelines to install the carpets over any type of tile flooring effortlessly and efficiently.

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