How To Get Roaches Out Of Furniture

How To Get Roaches Out Of Furniture
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: June 3, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Cockroaches hide wherever they may find refuge to avoid human detection, preferring to come out at night for food and water when it is dark.

Roaches will hide if they notice furniture near resources. Cockroaches can be found hiding in closets, dressers, and beds. However, is it any surprise that figuring out how to get rid of them when they’ve taken up residence in your furniture might be difficult?

If you don’t want to deal with these pests for the foreseeable future, you’ll need to quickly figure out how to get rid of them. Cockroaches will hide in the furniture if it is close by and easily accessible until they can locate a more suitable location.

Identify The Growth Spots Of Roaches In Your Home

The difficulty in dealing with roaches stems from their ability to hide in locations out of sight and reach. Roaches can invade minor gaps and cracks thanks to their small bodies, making nearly your entire home vulnerable to them. Roaches can lurk in your attic, walls, ceiling, and even in your furniture.

The most crucial step in getting rid of a roach infestation is to remove any incentives for roaches to settle in your home. You create the ideal setting for them to move in if you leave food available. Standing water provides roaches with a reliable drinking source and some humidity.

Keep your house clean and disinfected whenever possible. You can get rid of roaches in your furniture and prevent them from returning with a few simple steps.

Ways To Get Roaches Out Of Furniture

Don’t worry if you’re becoming increasingly concerned that cockroaches may be hiding on your couch. It will just take a little elbow grease to get them out. Any cloth furniture you receive should constantly be washed to prevent pests like roaches from hiding beneath it.

If you believe you have roaches on your sofa, do the methods below to avoid them before they become a major problem and a health danger.

1) Cover Couches And Sofas Appropriately

Crumbs slip into the gaps of couches and sofas, attracting roaches that will chase them down once they find food. Vacuum the couch, giving special attention to any cracks or crevices where cockroaches might be hiding.

The cushions must be removed and vacuumed. Remove the cushioning and turn the cover inside for cushions with zips and padding. Follow the washing directions if your pillows are machine washable.

Cockroaches and their eggs will perish in the water’s heat. Vacuuming should be done instead if the cushions will shrink in the wash. Turn the couch over and vacuum the underside since roaches prefer to hide in the dark and safety of the couch.

To prevent cockroaches from returning, you empty the vacuum bag or container and throw it away. Cockroaches will enter the opening, eat the poison, and die. They’ll return to their colony, and the poisoned roach will perish. Other cockroaches will eat the dead body and die due to the poison.

2) Keep The Crawl Areas Dry

Roaches love to hide in cracks and crevices, so make sure any holes or fissures are sealed. Basements, crawl spaces, and other moist areas should be kept dry. Because these vile insects flourish in cold, wet environments, maintain interior humidity levels as low as possible.

3) Keep Your Kitchen And Bathroom Well-Cleaned

All roaches are attracted to clean environments; thus, cleaning your kitchen daily should be prioritized. Wipe down surfaces, put dirty dishes away, and sweep up any food debris. Cockroaches are attracted to bathroom cabinets installed beneath sinks to conceal pipes and drains.

Seal all cracks and crevices with caulk or plaster to prevent roaches from entering inside bathroom cabinets. Rubber covers can also be used to obstruct drains.

4) Stitch Ripped Mattresses

While cockroaches are unlikely to establish a home in the bedroom due to the lack of food, a mattress can provide a comfortable location to hibernate if there isn’t another option. Cockroaches can enter through rips.

Once you’ve treated the mattress, patch any holes or rips to prevent further infestations. Small rips can be repaired, while bigger gaps can be patched. Cockroaches will eat Boric acid and perish if they contact it. Because cockroaches feed on dead cockroaches, the rest of the colony will consume the poison, causing them to die.

Boric acid is a good approach to get rid of bug infestations. Diatomaceous earth, which has sharp edges, kills roaches by scratching their exoskeletons, making it a more natural pest control option. It absorbs the roaches’ oils and lipids, drying them up and killing them.

5) Keep All Food Items Covered And Sealed

If the goal is to make it as difficult as possible for these pests to live, that involves denying them access to food and water. All of your food should be properly packaged and stored. Ensure to clean up any food spills on the furniture, so they don’t hide between the cushions.


Cockroaches are persistent little insects, so roach bait can assist address the problem if nothing else works. Above all, if you’re dealing with a significant infestation in your house, don’t be reluctant to call a pest professional.

Regardless of the furniture’s substance, roaches will find a way to reside there. The most crucial thing to understand when dealing with roaches is that they require concealment. If you have furniture against the wall or on the floor, roaches can hide from predators throughout the day.

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