How To Hang Grow Lights?

How To Hang Grow Lights?

Hanging the grow lights of any type is super easy with the right tool. How to hang grow lights? No doubt, this is one of the most asked questions. So, if you are also struggling or facing any difficulty in hanging the lights yourself, we will help you do it rightly and effortlessly.

Don’t worry; you are not alone in this situation but also a lot of other people.

Luckily! It’s super easy and safe for all to display the lights wherever you need. Now, you don’t need to hire a professional electrician for this purpose. You can do your work yourself and save the additional cost for some future adventures.

In this article, we will discuss all the steps in detail required to hang the lights systematically. You can display these lights in your room, on the ceiling and outdoors. It’s all up to your choice and home decorating needs. If you are working on this hanging process for the first time, make sure you already have a complete plan.

One more thing, these guidelines are for those who have already worked on any grow room projects. If you are a beginner, it would be challenging to set up the grow lights without any professional assistance.

Steps To Follow For Hanging The Grow Lights

Work with the mentioned below actionable steps for hanging the grow lights in your grow room effortlessly.

Planning Is The Key To Success

Before installing the grow lights, you have to make a complete plan to set up the grow room efficiently. You have to focus on all the aspects and points for the successful building of a grow room. Moreover, it’s essential to know about the plant’s needs and requirements before lighting the room.

Additionally, ensure that you have all the required supplies and material to install the grow lights appropriately. Ideally, it would be easy and time-friendly to work on the light installation with a complete plan.

Even if the ceiling is super strong, you have to hang the lights on it using the studs for better support. The reason is that lights require support appropriately. However, a few hooks are not enough for the firmed light’s installation.

For this, it’s better to use the stud finders, stud finder beeps and strong chains. Even installing the lights yourself, you have to focus on the total budget earlier to save yourself from any trouble during the setup.

1) Mark The Right Spots And Holes

Once you have considered all the planning aspects, it’s time to determine the correct location or points for installation. For this, it’s better to use a marker to mark the spots effortlessly. Moreover, use a power drill for drilling the holes on the spotted points.

However, the radius of holes depends on the type of studs or grow lights you want to hang on the ceiling.

It’s essential to mark and drill the holes properly because your whole lighting system will get support from these points. Now, it’s up to you to install the lights directly on the ceiling using the hangers or install the joist for this complete heavy-duty system.

However, you have to drill the pilot holes in the walls or ceilings in both cases. The earlier marking of the points will help hang the lights easily according to the number of hooks on the hanger or joists.

2) Hooks And Joists Installation

While installing the hooks and joists for hanging the light frame, you need to be more careful because your whole system depends on them. If you don’t focus on this step, it will put you in complete trouble or mess. Don’t worry; we are here to offer complete guidance about this step.

You can determine the needed number of lights based on the number of light reflectors and growing plants in the grow room. Moreover, you will also need to determine the distance between the plants and the main tent before hanging the lights.

3) Install Wood Joist Frame

Reflector light combos are heavyweight. So, you cannot hang them simply with the nails and a few hooks. For this, you have to prepare and set up a complete joist frame. All you need to do is setting up the wooden joist frame on the ceiling using the studs and stud finders. Additionally, use the joist hangers for the firm light’s grip.

However, it would be effortless to hang only a few lights instead of a complete grow light system. In that case, only a few hooks, screws and pocket hole screws are more than enough. You need to place the hook screws on the ceiling and twist them according to your needs using the pliers. That’s All!

4) Hang The Lights

Now, it’s time to hang the grow light on the installed frame. Use a solid rope to offer a better grip for the complete lighting system. Moreover, it would be easier to hang the system on the installed setup using the rope. Even if you use the string, it’s essential to determine the appropriate distance between the plants and hanging lights.

It would help if you focused on the distance of lights from the plants according to their nature. The reason is that a few plants require more lighting and heat as compared to others. Therefore, modify the heating in the grow room according to the natural requirements of plants in the room.

Final Words

Hopefully, you don’t need to worry about the grow lighting hanging or installation after reading this post. The only thing you need to do is understand and follow each step to successfully hang the lights in the grow room or lighting canopy.

Once you have collected all the supplies and needed tools, no one can stop you from installing the grow lights yourself!

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