How to improve your bathroom cheaply in 7 Ways

improve bathroom cheaply in 7 Ways
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: January 20, 2022
  • Updated On: July 11, 2023

If you are feeling tired of your current bathroom, or you are looking to rent or sell your property, you may feel as though things need to be lifted, improved or even redesigned in order to give the room more appeal.

Top budget bathroom Ideas

Rest assured there are many different ways to achieve reduced new bathroom costs. In this article however we will look quickly at 7 ways we can achieve some great, striking results with minimum expenditure.

1. Bathroom furniture Ideas

While all the main components of the bathroom like the wash hand basin, toilet and bath are all costly items, the rest of the furniture doesn’t need to be. Whether you want to look at sanding and or repainting your existing units and bath panel it’s worth looking locally or online for some second hand ones to upcycle to your heart’s content.

Budget considerations: these types of ideas don’t have to break the bank, you will only have to account for buying sandpaper, paints, and brushes. You may even find you have these things in your home already, however don’t forget about the elbow grease.

2. Shower Curtain Ideas

One of the simplest ideas on this list, with some of the most instantly recognisable results is switching up your shower curtains.

These things can easily begin to look tired, and can drag down the whole room without you even realising. You want to have a look at your overall design of the bathroom, especially your bathroom walls and then get browsing.

online you will find thousands of different designs and themes. Stripes, patterned pieces or even seascapes. It is worth bearing in mind however if you are looking to rent out or sell your property its best to look at some more neutral tones which will appeal not just to your taste but those of any prospective new owners!

3. Bathroom mirror

A great Mirror can easily and on a budget become the focal point of the room. Mirrors offer more light in smaller spaces, and great details in bigger ones. If you are considering a secondary or shaving mirror it is a great idea to look at local classified ads, charity shops or thrift stores.

You can pick up some great budget friendly pieces. look for something quirky to really make your place shine. make sure its in great condition, but don’t forget the ability to upcycle any that aren’t

4. Bathroom Storage Ideas

A Best Bathroom Storage Idea For Viewers

Here are some cost effect ways to achieve stylish bathroom storage space. Don’t Let additional storage areas go to waste, this is one of the number one cheap bathroom ideas that is often overlooked. if there is none existing look to add some open shelving units.

Bathroom storage is essential for keeping your bathroom organised and clutter-free. There are a number of creative and practical ideas for bathroom storage that can help you make the most of your space. From wall-mounted shelves and cabinets to under-sink baskets and vanity drawers, there are plenty of options to choose from.

If you thinking about bathroom cabinets only then consider a variety of options such as wall-mounted cabinets, and bathroom shaving cabinets as they provide functional space to store your grooming supplies. It is an essential accessory for those who need to shave regularly and want to keep their bathroom organized and functional.

5. Light fixtures

Lighting is Important,” the brighter your bathroom is, the bigger it will appear” says Alan from Victoria Plumbing. Don’t underestimate the ability of improving a small room with lighting

Improving your light fittings and fixtures is a budget bathroom idea that doesn’t need to break the bank. Look for smaller wall mounted lights as an addition, these often come in with LED bulbs which are very energy efficient and will instantly make your space shine.

These will work great in conjunction with any of the shelving and storage solutions mentioned previously.

6. Plants

Indoor plants are cheap bathroom accessories that effortlessly add character to a space. bringing the outdoors in gives an instant accent to the bathroom suite or any existing decor.

Plants come in all shapes and sizes to occupy a whole corner or even a small space. even having just one plant in a room can make all the difference. Don’t be put off if the idea of caring for plants doesn’t suit you as there are many artificial alternatives that will still give the same visually striking look.

7. Bathroom Tiles

Whether you have existing tiles on your floor or even wall tiles you need to evaluate whether or not they are contributing to what looks like a tired bathroom, or they can be brought to the fore as a cheap bathroom update.

While new tiling can be an expensive undertaking, smoothing over or removing old tired ones can invigorate a wall space. you could look at adding wet wall in its place where you could easily mount some new bathroom accessories like soap dispensers or rack to hang towels

Mother Child Are Setting Bathroom tiles for Better Look

Some Final Thoughts

While your aspiration for your dream bathroom may include a claw foot tub or just more space, we have shown how you can make a big difference and the illusion of more room in some quick easy steps. There is an easy and affordable way to achieve a luxurious look in your own right.

Most bathrooms don’t need expensive cabinetry to give it a new life. With just a little time, money and effort, with one or all the ideas above you could see a great change in your home bathroom.

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