How To Keep Chickens Off The Porch

How To Keep Chickens Off The Porch
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: June 20, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Maintaining cleanliness gets challenging if your chickens come into your porch and try to make a mess with their feces. There’s no need to be concerned. Are you trying to figure out how to keep hens from your porch?

You’re not alone; we’ve been there, and happily, we figured out how to keep our chickens off your doorstep. We’ll show you how to keep chickens off the porch in this post, so you can keep your porch and yard clean. So, continue reading to know more about it;

What Would Be The Main Attraction For Chickens To The Porch?

To stop birds from coming on your porch, you must first figure out why they are pooping there. Your shady porch might be the coolest area your chickens can find on a hot day. You could want to set up a shade tarp in your backyard to keep your chickens happy without having to come on your porch.

Hang some old CDs from the branches of your trees. Hawks are scared of the bright flashing lights, and with the now-bedazzled hawk, your birds will have one less reason to come to your porch.

Ways To Keep Chickens Off The Porch

Spray Water On Chickens

Spray Water On Chickens

You can gently spray water on your feathered flocks using a garden hose to drive them away. If you don’t want to use water, alternative options exist for keeping your flocks at bay. Spices such as black pepper and similar substances can be sprinkled on your porch to act as powerful spices.

Because they loathe the strong smell of spices, the species will act as a chicken deterrent.

Build Chickens Coop Away From Porch

Build Chickens Coop Away From Porch

When building a coop, we occasionally make mistakes. It would be great to move it further away if it’s too close to your porch or if there’s a lovely site a long way away. Chickens rarely leave their coops. It might be enough to deter them if you can put it far enough away from any areas you don’t want them to visit.

They are also motivated to find necessities such as water, food, and fascinating terrain to forage in. The more these things surround their coop and aren’t found near your house, the more probable they will stay around it.

Install A Fence Or Boundary Wall

 Install A Fence Or Boundary Wall

You can build a chicken-proof fence around your porch or yard to keep chickens off your patio. The wire cloth can also be used to cover the border. This cloth will guard your entire land area against the hens where you have planted seedlings.

Your yard can be fenced with wire deer netting with small holes or wire hardware cloth. Construct a large wall around your porch or yard to keep the hatchlings out. A brick or stone wall can be constructed.

Don’t Feed Your Chickens Near The Porch

Your chickens will associate your porch with food if you step out your door and put chicken feed into the yard. Start feeding after walking away from the porch. Chickens will soon identify that site with food and congregate there.

Don’t Feed Your Chickens Near The Porch

You can teach your chickens to identify your new area with food by withholding food on the porch and handing it out in a more remote location. The further the distance between your new feeding location and the porch, the more likely your chickens will forget about the patio and food.

You won’t need to punish your hens if you provide sufficient rewards for excellent behavior.

Place Fake Predators On The Porch

Chickens are terrified of owls and hawks because they devour them. Placing a plastic owl on your porch for a day will keep the hens away. Chickens, on the other hand, aren’t stupid, and they’ll find out that your owl is an idiot in no time.

Place Fake Predators On The Porch

Any hawks circling your flock will be scared away by a plastic owl. Chickens aren’t the only birds who fear owls; when hawks and owls battle, the larger owl usually prevails. Chickens also dislike snakes because they frequently break into coops.

Provide Bare Soil To Your Chickens For Dust Bath

Chickens enjoy searching for insects on the bare ground and taking dust baths. Give hens an area of bare ground at a safe distance if you want them to stay off your porch.

Provide Bare Soil To Your Chickens For Dust Bath.

Clear a one-yard-long, one-yard-wide area until only bare soil remains, then cover the remainder of your yard with vegetation. Soon enough, the chickens will notice the bare ground and come over.

You may wish to sprinkle diatomaceous earth over the spot every two or three months once your chickens have discovered it. Any chicken mites nesting on your chickens will be killed with diatomaceous earth.

Give Your Hens A Separate Place To Stay

 Give Your Hens A Separate Place To Stay

You should provide your hens with a separate area to spend their time in instead of on your patio. You can create a separate garden for your chicks, where you can grow edible plants that are both lovely and healthful for your flock.

Your chickens can easily graze on the plants if they find them appropriate. It would be ideal if you could keep their locations close to their coops.

Install A Separate Feeding Area

Some breeds of the hens you are rearing will be more aloof, while others will actively seek human attention. This will increase dramatically if they discover you are or have a food source. Getting your chickens to link food with a place rather than a specific person is the secret.

Install A Separate Feeding Area

Maintain a routine when providing treats or their main meal, and only feed in or close to the coop. They are very food-driven birds, so if they find out that this is where they are supposed to eat, they will be more likely to hang out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Chickens Like Perching On The Porch?

Chickens love to perch on high areas. That’s why the porch is one of their favorite spots. This is primarily due to the possibility of a higher perch on your doorstep than on their coop. Chickens will always choose the tallest perch since it provides safety and a better view.

The construction of a mobile perch higher than your porch is one suggestion. Set it up near the house. Move it carefully away from the house and toward the coop after allowing the chickens to become accustomed to it.

Does Dog Guard A Good Method To Keep Chickens Off From The Porch?

No dog guarding is not a good decision to keep the chickens off the porch, especially if the dog is not well-trained. An untrained dog might hurt or kill your flocks.

Bottom Line

You can make it happen if you’re willing to go to war with your hens to make your porch a no-go zone for your chickens. After reading this post, you will hopefully understand how to keep hens out of your yard. To keep your hens away from the porch, follow any of the tips discussed above.

Overall, Fresh eggs and chicken friendship can be enjoyed with a tidy porch and undisturbed flower bed with a little work and cautious thinking.

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