How to Keep Your Appliances in Top Condition

Keep Appliances in Good Condition
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: May 22, 2022
  • Updated On: July 9, 2023

A home without appliances can be tough to live in. Sure, you can wash your clothes manually, but why waste time, energy, and water when you can do it with a washing machine?

You can also cook food using a firestarter and wood, but unless you’re out in the woods in a comfy cabin with a fireplace, why would you start a fire and risk everything in your house when you can use a stove?

We need efficiency and convenience when doing our chores or tasks in a fast-paced world. With the help of appliances, getting your clothes clean is a breeze. Cooking up that beef stew can be done in a snap. Although appliances can get the job done quickly, getting one is an expensive necessity.

Since appliances can get pricey, we should do everything we can to lengthen their lifespan. So instead of buying a washing machine every year, why not take care of your current washing machine and save money? With that said, here are some tips on how to keep your appliances in top condition:

Regular Maintenance

Just like cars, appliances can significantly benefit from regular maintenance. You can call your local repairman for maintenance checks. For example, if you live in North York, the best North York Appliance Repair services will help you troubleshoot and maintain your appliances.

You can expect fast and reliable servicing for all your appliance maintenance, repairs, and installations with a local professional. Why spend more on buying a new appliance when you can lengthen your current appliance’s lifespan by regularly maintaining it?

Don’t Downplay Weird Noises

It can be normal to hear some noise from window-type air conditioning units, washing machines, and other heavy-duty appliances in your house. However, when something goes wrong with your machine, a deviation from the expected sound it makes can be worrying.

Don’t downplay new and unusual noises that come from your appliances. If you brush it off carelessly, you’re risking more damage to your appliances. You can read the manual and call your local repairman if you’re unsure about these weird noises.

Use Anti-Vibration Pads

Aside from the noise, another typical thing about your appliances are small, manageable vibrations. For example, dryers are notorious for spreading vibrations and noise throughout the house when operating. However, when the vibrations are too much, your appliance suffers.

To prevent noise and excess vibrations, you can use rubber anti-vibration pads. You can also use these pads on other appliances that vibrate while operating. Vibration can lead to wear and tear that can shorten your appliances’ lifespan. Using these pads minimize the vibrations, therefore minimizing the wear and tear.

Don’t Slam Doors

A broken lid from a washer or dryer easily costs 100 CAD to repair. Your fridge door can even cost more when it’s broken. To avoid such costly repairs, avoid slamming doors(when your appliances have one).

Use Your Appliance as Intended

Believe it or not, many people often use appliances for other things aside from their original purpose. One example is the oven drawer. Many people are guilty of storing pans and other items in the oven drawer when it’s not in use.

Another example is the dishwasher. Although a dishwasher can have alternative uses, don’t push it. Sometimes, people often wash greasy tools and machine parts in the dishwasher. The grease that’s removed from these tools can clog up the dishwasher.

People also use the dishwasher to clean potatoes and other vegetables. Although it does a great job, it’s a bad idea to do so. The residue and soap from previous washes can get into your veggies. To be safe and ensure that your appliances are working in top condition, use them for their intended purposes only.


Aside from your house and car, appliances are also considered big investments on your part. Without appliances, you’ll be back to old, inefficient ways of carrying out chores. The tips above can make your appliances last longer and work in top condition.

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Author: Mohsin Khan

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