How To Make Matte Porcelain Tile Shiny

How To Make Matte Porcelain Tile Shiny
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: July 12, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Upon installation, porcelain tiles keep their gleaming luster and exceptionally smooth surface. The tiles could get boring over time since modifications happen. Ceramic tiles made of porcelain are made from fine clay. Water and dampness have little effect on this type of tile.

To avoid liquid absorption or the addition of a gloss, most porcelain tiles are covered in a gloss glaze fused to the top of the tile. However, various ways give unglazed porcelain tiles a dazzling appearance.

To learn how to add shine to matte porcelain tiles and restore their original luster, read the remainder of the article below.

Is It Possible To Make Matte Tiles Glossy?

Yes, just evenly spread a gloss fluid over the entire floor. Clean the tiles first, then gently spread the liquid in thin layers over them. Once the coating has dried, your flooring will be glossy. Be cautious throughout this painstaking process.

A topical sealer is one of the finest ways to get a lustrous surface for porcelain tile. Ensure that the sealer you choose is designed especially for porcelain tiles. This sealant will adhere to the tile and give off a natural low sheen appearance.

It also acts as a barrier between the grout and the floor. On the market, there are a variety of sealers. So that you may make the best decision, compare several products.

Steps to Make Matte Porcelain Tiles Shiny

Know About Your Tile’s Glaze Condition

If you can apply the gloss fluid, it is something you should take into account. There is a glass covering over certain porcelain tiles. This might make it impossible to add gloss if you wanted to. However, you can give the desired sheen to unglazed tiles. Check the porcelain tile to see if it has a glaze on it.

Clean The Tiles

To remove debris, dust, or grime from the tile’s surface, vacuum or sweep the flooring. To prevent debris from being stuck beneath the sealant, pay close attention to the corners, difficult-to-reach spots, or the grout between the tiles.

A few drops of dish soap should be added to a gallon of warm water, and the mixture should be stirred with a mop to produce lather. Run the mop over the tile’s surface after dipping it into the bucket. Don’t forget to work on the grout lines and corners once you’ve evenly covered the tiles.

To get rid of dirt and stains embedded in the grout, scrub it with a toothbrush and cleaning solution. Because they can harm the grout, metal or wire brushes should not be used. The soap on the tile’s surface should be removed using a pail of fresh water. To prevent soap from interfering with the sealer’s adhesion, completely remove it.

Apply Gloss Finishing According To Manufacturer’s Guidelines

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions before applying the gloss finish—work by the particular situation, such as the appropriate room temperature. If you adhere to the directions, you will achieve the finest outcomes.

The gloss fluid should now be applied. Just dispense a small quantity of the gloss liquid into a bucket. Pick up a brush with thick bristles. Use it to polish the tiles. A foam rubber brush or mop can also be used to complete the task.

Apply a thin layer of gloss to this. Make sure the coat or application is clear rather than white as you work. On the porcelain flooring, be sure to wipe up any puddles that attempt to develop.

Let The Gloss Finishing Dry Completely

Thank you for completing the fluid application. But don’t rejoice too soon! The tiles must air dry before use. To assist in drying the floor, you can set up a fan to blow over it. The flooring won’t get entirely dry until at least half an hour has passed.

Add One More Coat Of Gloss Finishing

Apply a second coat of gloss when the floor has had enough time to dry. Make certain the coat is uniform. It won’t look good at all if not. Give the second coat time to dry completely. Now, look at the amount of shine on the floor.

Apply a third coat if necessary for a glossier finish if you feel you need more. However, wait until each coat has had time to dry completely before adding another. Marble tiles could be used as a substitute. The marble tiles may lose their brilliance after being cut, in particular.

Don’t Use Chemicals Frequently On Porcelain Tiles For Long-Lasting Shine

Applying corrosive chemicals frequently can damage tile surfaces and speed up water absorption. In addition to loosening tiles and eroding grout, these chemicals can cause dampness by enabling water to collect beneath tiles. Porcelain tiles may be cleaned every day with a mop and warm water.

Your tiles may gradually become looser due to water damage since the adhesive keeping them in place will gradually deteriorate in the presence of too much moisture. Take quick action when you notice that one or two tiles are becoming loose.

To find out what kind of harm has occurred underneath them, remove them. The most typical damage is rotting of the lower level, a serious problem that requires immediate repair.

Bottom Line

This post has shown us several ways to make matte porcelain tile glossy. The usual ones involve applying gloss or sealer. You can use any of the techniques we’ve discussed to improve the appearance of your matte porcelain tiles if you have them in your home and feel they might use more shine.

We sincerely hope you take the recommended actions and find this post useful. Consult your tile maker if you’re unsure of which product to use. This will provide the greatest outcomes and prevent any accidental damage.

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