How To Make Your Front Yard A Legal Driveway

How To Make Your Front Yard A Legal Driveway
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: October 4, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

A driveway is a piece of private property built to provide parking or ensure dwelling access. Another name would be a small private street that connects to a house, garage, or public street and has room for one or more vehicles.

To make a driveway large enough for your automobile and legal, you might widen it if it is too narrow. Although it’s not always easy, getting a driveway out of your front yard is possible. There are particular factors to take into account depending on where you live.

Before doing any maintenance on your front yard, you might need to ask for permission in specific situations. It would help if you planned and cleared approval from the planning division to obtain permission to work on the driveway and turn your front yard into a legal driveway.

Is It Legal To Turn A Yard Into a Driveway?

Your front yard can legally be used as a driveway if you desire. It has been demonstrated that, depending on several conditions, increasing the length of your driveway into your front yard will raise the value of your home.

To ensure this occurs, regulations and approvals must be followed to prevent problems with the government. An excellent start is to be familiar with your state’s laws. It would help if you didn’t neglect planning to avoid incurring additional costs when wresting the government from your neck.

It takes some work to convert a front yard to a driveway; various authorities must be informed, measurements must be obtained, and paperwork must be signed.

When placed up for sale, a property with a driveway is worth more than one without one. The neighborhood in which the house is located affects its value as well.

Planning Permission Is An Essential Part To Turn Yard Into A Driveway

A driveway is a private road leading into or out of a property permitted by law. To legally convert your front yard into a driveway, you must notify the relevant authorities of your plans and acquire their approval.

To develop something on your home, such as converting your front yard into a driveway, you must first obtain planning clearance from the relevant authority. Most of the time, authorization is given with restrictions you must follow, but it is also possible for it to be denied.

Depending on the surface you intend to utilize, you may need planning clearance. You might not need to ask permission if you’re using a porous surface that quickly drains the water, such as gravel or porous asphalt, or if the water is being directed to the boundary to drain naturally.

Ways To Turn A Yard Into A Legal Driveway

Apply For An Approval

You must obtain expansion authorization from the planning division before starting work. Perhaps the driveway you previously had is no longer appropriate for your taste or too small to fit all your vehicles.

Before any construction or alteration begins, the planning division must make this improvement known. The planning division is involved in many ways: ensuring that your driveway expansion is kept entirely within it.

As a homeowner, make sure you are aware of the front setback’s dimensions in addition to the precise location of the property line.

Get A Verification For Ease

Make sure your property has the right-of-way easement to ensure that a parkway or pedestrian walkway could be installed in the future to prevent getting into legal trouble. You will need confirmation from the public ways and the encroachment ownership whether you wish to widen your driveway or install a new one in the area.

Planning must be done before an expansion, and it is impossible to do so without considering the planning division, public ways, or right of way.

Benefits Of Having A Legal Driveway

Increased Curb Appeal

More than just a place to park your automobiles is one of the advantages of having a driveway. There are several additional benefits, though it can be the main factor. Adding or enhancing your driveway is a terrific selling point to boost the value of your house for either a quick sale or a future sale.

Because it is the first thing, prospective buyers notice when viewing a home, a lack of a driveway may be a significant factor in the failure of the sales transaction.

An Easy Parking Option

Parking your cars next to the road or driving around hunting for parking every day is far preferable. Due to its proximity to the house, simple tasks like moving big boxes and shopping bags inside are simple.

A convenient driveway makes the transition from the car to the house very straightforward, just what a busy person needs after a long, stressful day.

Add More Privacy To Your Home

The potential for a long lifespan of a driveway is increased by proper installation and maintenance. The car that is obstructing our driveway may therefore be towable.

You may rest comfortably knowing your automobile is secure outdoors, thanks to driveways close to the house. Additionally, it is quite simple to hear the car’s alarm go off in any wrongdoing.

Bottom Line

Driveways cannot be placed wherever you like, whether on your land or not, regardless of whether you ask permission. There are rules to follow; you can’t just decide that you want a driveway in your frontage one morning.

It is crucial to have a suitable drainage system to stop water from penetrating the building, regardless of the surface you are utilizing. The structure won’t last very long once it starts absorbing water.

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