How To Measure For A Security Door

How To Measure For A Security Door
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: July 16, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

A security screen door allows pleasant breezes to enter your home in the evenings while keeping nasties out. However, it’s crucial to accurately measure your door if it needs to be replaced so you can choose a suitable size for your house.

When measuring a security screen door, it’s important to get the height and width right, which calls for the exact placement of the measuring tape on the door. When getting ready for your new security door, resist the need to be afraid. We’ll walk you through the measurements step-by-step to achieve a great fit.

Consideration Before Measuring For A Security Door

A screen door is a great choice to take advantage of the outdoors and a refreshing breeze without worrying about bugs like flies and mosquitoes. But before you can install a screen door in your house, you must take exact width measurements to assist you in figuring out the right size screen door you will need to install.

Depending on the product, sliding glass doors typically include one or more of the following: a fixed glass panel, a sliding screen door, and sliding glass doors.

Your measurements should align with these typical screen door sizes since doorframes are typically made to a standard size, exposing the ideal door for your house. If you want to enjoy the outside without bringing bugs inside, keep reading to discover how to measure for a screen door.

Steps To Measure For A Security Door

Gather Your Tools And Supplies

It’s vital to have a piece of paper and a pencil, a tablet, a phone, a computer, or any other tool you use to document the measurements before you can measure for a new screen door. Although relying on memory could be tempting, recording the precise measurements as you go to avoid mistakes when looking for a proper screen door is always preferable.

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Ladder
  • Door Lock
  • Hinges
  • Power drill
  • Hinges
  • Screws

Figure Out Door Design

If a door is even, level, and square, it is square. Measure the distance with a tape measure between the door’s bottom left and top right corners. Then, calculate the distance from the top left corner to the bottom right corner.

The measurements must be accurate. If the dimensions differ slightly, you must first square up the door and jamb by adjusting them.

Start Measuring For The Bottom Of The Frame

Measure from the sill’s base to the top frame’s underside. Put the tape’s end inside the lower door frame and draw it up to the top door frame inside. Assign the number as the height of the door.

The measuring tape should be pulled across to the other side while being held from the top inside the door frame. Measure one more from side to side after lowering the measuring tape to the bottom of the door frame.

Lastly, raise the tape measure to roughly the middle of the door frame and draw it across from one side to the other. The door’s width is the smallest measurement. Hold the measuring tape parallel to the ground for each measurement.

Focus On The Essential Clearance Space Between the Door And the Frame

It’s crucial to allow space between the screen door and frame once you are confident that your dimensions are accurate. Once the height and width have been subtracted, the door will be the right size.

Choose A Security Door

Based on the measurements, select a replacement door. You can hunt for a replacement door at your neighborhood hardware or home improvement store once you have the correct measurements for your door. Remember that the door sizes at the store have some leeway for the rough opening.

Remove Old Security Screen Door

Detach the old screen door’s screws. The outdated door must be removed from the frame before being replaced. Remove the mounting screws with a power screwdriver to release the door from the frame.

By the waste legislation in your area, dispose of it. Once the old screen door has been removed, paint your door frame if required. Having the door out of the way makes painting much simpler.

It’s also necessary to remove the latch mechanism if your old door has one. Utilizing a power screwdriver, remove the latch, often secured with screws.

Install The New Door

Install the new door by screwing it in. Lift the brand-new screen door into the frame. Use a power screwdriver or drill to install the hinges on the door casing side. If the door is secured, installing the hinges will be considerably simpler.

Drill holes in advance for the frame. Most pre-hung screen doors include an outside trim frame, allowing them to fit into existing cut-outs. After opening the screen door, the bar should be inserted beneath the top casing.

Once the bar is secured by closing the door, mark each pre-drilled hole on the frame with a pencil.

Install Door Lock Or Latch

If it is included, install the door latch. Latch locks are available on some screen doors. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on properly attaching the latch mechanism to the door if your door has one. In most situations, the frame has holes drilled into it for the latch.

What’s The Importance Of Installing A Security Door?

Modern high-security doors are available from merchants, and they not only offer industrial strength but are also classified as fire doors, keeping persons inside secure on two counts. Most manufacturers now use materials that offer an aesthetically beautiful finish that can complement your structure or interior space.

So, high-security doors no longer resemble the entry to a bank. This means you can gain from features like a beautiful trim or a wood effect finish, among others. For those who choose Louvre doors or mesh-layered security doors, you may keep your home or interior space cool and brimming with fresh air in the summer.

This promotes enough ventilation, is a common option for households today and helps prevent problems like mold that can develop in moist places with insufficient airflow. It also saves money on pricey air conditioning and utility bills.


High-security doors are becoming a more common option for fostering safety in public and private settings. Alternatives for every area include solid steel and fire doors as made-to-measure manufacturing options. Never before has it been so simple to protect your house from burglars and keep your family or work team happy and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are screen doors different from security doors?

While security doors are built with extra elements to ensure maximum security, screen doors only offer limited security and are primarily intended to promote ventilation and airflow. A security door is the best option to increase your home’s security.

How to make a good security screen door?

To provide the best protection against attackers, they are simply outside doors on your home that has been strengthened with steel or aluminum. Several other security elements, such as concealed hinges, smart door locks, and extremely strong metals and meshes, are incorporated into constructing the best security doors currently available.

Is it safe to install a security screen door?

They give you an additional layer of security while still letting you relax and take in the outdoors. Installing a security screen door has several advantages, including the following: Additional security screen doors work well to keep intruders out and deter criminals.

How to safeguard a security screen door against sagging?

You can add bracing and turnbuckle to a wood screen door if you decide to go that route to help prevent warping and drooping. Two threaded rods are part of the bracing, which is positioned diagonally across the rear of the screen door. A turnbuckle holds the threaded rods in place.

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