How To Replace A Roof Tile From Inside

How To Replace A Roof Tile From Inside
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: July 16, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

The importance of replacing broken roof tiles cannot be overstated because they can quickly cause issues. This is because cracked tiles do not effectively serve their intended purpose of shielding the house’s interior from the elements, as they permit water to seep through the roof.

It might not be easy to replace roof tiles, especially if you’re new to DIY. Hiring a professional is acceptable if working at a height makes you uncomfortable or if you doubt your ability to complete the task.

This guide is your best resource if you prefer to handle the task yourself. We’ll cover the typical indicators that a roof tile needs to be replaced, the supplies you’ll need, and the procedures for changing all typical types of roof tiles.

When Do You Need To Replace A Roof Tile?

Your roof may require a tile replaced at times, but other times, an issue may be more subtle and not immediately apparent. One of the most frequent reasons for roof leaks is damage to tiled roofs. Look out for exterior wear and tear as well as other warning signals.

Some roof tile varieties, especially clay or slate roof tiles that have been used for a long time, frequently experience minor breakages like chipped corners. You could also need to replace a roof tile for other reasons, such as moss, mold growth, and physical deterioration.

This is not only ugly, but over time, it may cause serious harm. Moss can be easily removed from roof tiles, but some or all of them could need to be replaced depending on how bad the issue is.

Steps To Replace A Roof Tile From Inside

Needed Tools And Supplies

  • Pry bar
  • Hammer
  • Ladder
  • Safety belt
  • Crawl boards
  • New tiles
  • Tiles adhesive
  • Sealant
  • Clips

Remove The Broken Tile

To remove a damaged roof tile that has not been replaced, use a hand trowel or pry bar and hold the adjacent tile up with wooden wedges to prevent the tile’s nibs from contacting the batten. To install new roof tiles, you must first remove the old, damaged ones off the roof to make room for them.

Your roof tiles can be easily removed. To remove the shattered tile from the roof, you must remove any overlapping tiles that may keep them in place. If your tiles are nailed down, you might need to raise the overlapping pieces with a pry bar and remove the nail before you can push them apart to release the shattered piece.

Use Clip To Remove Tilted Tile

To unlatch a broken tile from other tiles with which it is entangled, tilt the tile sideways. Lever the tile upward to free it from the clip, being mindful not to disrupt any intact tiles. The replacement tile might slide into the open slot if the clip remains.

On the other hand, if the clip has come loose, there is less need to replace it because a few lost clips won’t really matter. Use the slate ripper to remove any nails or cut the wire before removing it if your tile is nailed in.

Install The New Tile

Slide your tile back into place by lifting the bottom of the tiles in the row above. If your tiles have already been nailed, hammer a nail into the wooden roof batten by the nailed tile.

When every tile is in place, make any last-minute changes needed to secure them. You’re done! Safely descend from the roof, then enter your home to resume living under your repaired roof.

Is It Possible To Replace A Broken Concrete Tile?

Of course, yes! You can also replace a broken concrete roof tile just in the same way as others. It’s understandable why concrete roof tiles are the most typical roofing material utilized to safeguard British homes.

They can last for many years, are quite sturdy, and are available in various forms. You could occasionally need to replace a single tile throughout its lifespan, but eventually, you might need to consider a whole roof replacement.


It doesn’t seem easy to replace a damaged or broken roof tile from the inside. But if you still want to do it, hiring professionals for this purpose would be best. Doing so yourself may cause much damage to other roof tiles.

A challenging roof repair that you attempt on your own runs the risk of injury and further damage to the roof if done incorrectly. It would help if you always abode by health and safety recommendations while performing the work yourself.

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