How To Measure Glass Railings For The Stairs

How To Measure Glass Railings For The Stairs
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: February 24, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

You’ll need to take a few measures to ensure the railing you buy fits properly, whether you’re buying individual components or a complete railing system. Each stairwell has its own individuality. Ensuring you have the correct measurements is the first step in properly specifying any railing system.

To achieve the appropriate specification, you’ll need to measure glass railings for staircases. If you don’t have a precise measurement, you’ll either order too many glasses, which will be worthless to you, or you’ll order too few, which will make your task more difficult.

As a result, when you order a glass railing for the stairs, you must first measure the space and then order the needed length of the glass.

For sure, you would love to use the clamped and embedded glass for the stair glass railings. If you worry about measurements, you can get complete measurement guidelines from this article.

A Few Things To Consider Before Buying Glass Railings

When looking for a glass system, you need to know the five most significant things about it, which are all included here. The first is that there are various types you can learn about by reading here. So, before you buy or think about it, you must first choose the type.

The second factor is safety and the condition of the building, which is critical because some structures are not suited for this glass railing, so double-check beforehand. Tempered and laminated glass railings are two needs in the glass railing system. So, try to pick anyone for yourself.

The third is that it necessitates periodic maintenance, so once you’ve completed everything, you must ensure that it is adequately maintained. The fourth is the budget and how much it will cost. Because it is entirely constructed of glass, you will have to pay a higher price, but it is well worth it.

So, you must accomplish it inside your budget. The fifth step is to get in touch with the ideal installer service. And this is crucial because only a seasoned firm can deliver the greatest results.

Steps To Measure The Glass Railings For Stairs

Follow these simple steps to measure for glass railings for the stairwell.

Measure The Stair’s Angles

Begin by measuring the angles of the stairwell; there are two methods for doing so. You’ll need an angle finder to measure the angles. If you already have one, that’s OK; otherwise, you’ll need to get a new one.

If you don’t want to pay money, you can use your smartphone to download free apps that will help you identify the angles of your stairs. You can go with any angle finder app from the play store. Simply download it and use it to measure the stair’s angles appropriately.

Determine The Axis Of Angles

Because the angle you will measure is the stair pitch, you should measure the angles from the horizontal axis. Measuring only one point or angle is not enough; you must move around and measure angles from several angles to ensure that you have accurately measured the angle of the steps.

The breadth of the glass railing is measured horizontally from newel face to newel face. That width should be measured horizontally and parallel to the ground.

Remember that the glass builder only measures the glass for one panel; if you have two panels, you’ll need to take a separate measurement and order more glass for the second.

Measure The Rail’s Height

Finally, determine the height of the handrail; when determining the height of the stair balustrade, consider the distance between the top of the base rail and the handrail’s bottom. Never take the overall height from the floor into consideration.

Place your glass order with a reputable company after you’ve taken the measurements. Because measurement can affect your task, make sure to double-check and measure a minimum of two times. Only accurate measurements ensure successful task completion.

It’s also worth noting that we’ll need the number of risers and treads to figure up a complete railing system for your project. Include the riser from the bottom level or landing to the first tread when calculating the number of risers.

Then count to the top of the stairwell’s last tread, the floor or landing. When calculating the number of treads, do not count the floors or landings; only the finished treads should be counted. Typically, there will be one more riser than treads.

Type Of Glass Railings Also Matters

Here are the various categories and their applications. Every glass railing panel in the dadoed glass system is extremely secure thanks to the bottom shoe and up the railing. Standoff glass railing is well-balanced because the railing glasses are stainless steel, and the holes are predrilled.

A wood post can be used for support in clamped glass railing, and the glass is held in place by glass clips. According to one statistic, this is the most widely used glass railing style. If you want to improve the appearance of your building, this is the greatest alternative. So go out of your way to obtain it and put it to good use.


Glass railings must be ordered correctly measured. You will have problems even hiring an expert if you do not pay attention to the measurements. If you undertake this work yourself, it will increase your costs but hurt your performance.

As a result, always take appropriate measurements before ordering a glass balustrade for stairs, following our instructions, and placing an order with a glass function.

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