How To Move A Safe Up Stairs

  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: November 19, 2021
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Even if you know how to move a safe, getting your gun safe inside your home can be difficult. You have to take a few steps before reaching your front door adds to the difficulty.

The relocation gets even more difficult and risky when you need to go up a flight of stairs to your home’s second floor.

It’s made more difficult because you have to take a few steps to get to your front door. It could be difficult to move a heavy safe for a few steps.

However, the process of transferring your safe to the second story of your home becomes more difficult and riskier. We understand that the vast majority of you will choose to move the safe on your own.

As a result, we’ve compiled some guidelines for transferring a gun safe upstairs.

Moving to the second story becomes even more difficult and risky when your property has an outside staircase. As a result, preparation is critical.

Consider The Safety Tips To Move A Safe Upstairs

Moving a gun safe upstairs is difficult in actuality, and it necessitates a solid grasp of personal safety. In this part, we’ll go over some safety guidelines for moving a gun safe upstairs.

To begin, choose a location for the safe. Three trustworthy people will be needed to help move the safe. Wrap a ratchet strap around the gun safe to keep it locked. You’ll need a dolly that can handle this much weight.

  • Before you move your dolly, make sure you’re aware of the abrupt twists and bumps on the path.
  • To avoid injury or damage, make sure you and your helpers both understand your objectives.
  • The safe should be covered with a thick blanket, and the ratchet strap should be wound snugly around the dolly.
  • To improve your grip on the dolly’s handle, put on gloves and protective clothes.
  • Secure the gun safe with a dolly or hand truck that is heavy enough to handle it.
  • Take dimensions and weight measurements of the safe.

Steps To Move A Safe Upstairs

It’s fascinating to consider that putting a gun safe upstairs could be safer and easier. You’ll utilize your sturdy dolly to assist you in transferring your safe up the stairwell. It also gives you the peace of mind you’ll need if you have to take a break.

1) Know The Characteristics Of Your Safe

Every safe is unique in weight and placement in the home before and after the move. This is why knowing the specific qualities of your safe is critical in determining how to approach the issue ahead.

While knowing the brand and manufacturer of your safe will not make relocating it any easier or more difficult, knowing its exact weight and dimensions will allow you to select the appropriate moving equipment for your huge safe.

2) Assemble A Team For Shifting

Never try to transport a safe across a room by yourself, let alone up a flight of stairs. As a result, you’ll need to put together a team of at least two capable assistances. Heavy-duty work gloves and closed-toe shoes should be worn by everyone moving the safe. You should also be aware of your safe’s dimensions and weight.

This will assist you in choosing the appropriate moving equipment. If you don’t already have a heavy-duty dolly for transporting your safe upstairs, you’ll have to rent or buy one. Make sure the dolly you purchase is capable of supporting the weight of your safe.

It’s also a good idea to double-check that your stairs can support the weight of the safe, yourself, and your assistance.

3) Choose A super-Handy Dolly

Make certain that the dolly you use can support the weight of your safe. It’s also a good idea to double-check that your stairs can support the combined weight of the safe, you, and your assistants. Using sturdy straps, ensure that your safe is securely strapped to the dolly.

To safeguard your safety, you’ll need moving pads in addition to heavy moving blankets. Before moving the safe, it must be emptied. It would be excellent if you could also remove the safe’s door, as this would cut the weight you’re transporting in half.

4) Let The Helpers To Push The Safe

If you’re transporting your safe up the stairs with a non-stairclimbing dolly, have both of your helpers assist you in pushing the dolly up the stairs one step at a time while you move the safe up the stairs. While using a motorized stair-climbing dolly, your assistants can assist you in keeping it steady.

Using a motorized stair-climbing dolly, your assistance can help steady the safe as you take it up the steps. If the safe slips, jump out of the path to save yourself from severe injury.


Before you do anything else, conduct a brief risk assessment to determine whether or not you are capable of completing the difficult task. Moving a large safe is no laughing matter, and the safe relocation work can be quite dangerous as well.

It’s critical to follow the moving a safe rule while moving a large gun safe upstairs, or you risk inflicting harm. When transporting your safe upstairs, plan properly and safely to avoid injury and property damage.

Even if you know how to move a safe, be extra cautious when doing so, especially up a staircase. So, to protect your items as safely as possible, contact a professional mover through your local dealer. Hopefully, you now understand how to transport a safe upstairs.

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