How To Paint A Basketball Court On Driveway

How To Paint A Basketball Court On Driveway
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: September 14, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

It’s fantastic to have a basketball court in your yard or driveway, but it’s even better when the court is accurately painted. A basketball court may be painted quite simply. There are only a few arcs and mostly straight lines.

Basketball courts outside endure a lot of abuse. Fresh paint can inspire enthusiasm and pride, and center court murals with mascots or logos promote a sense of community.

Considerations Before Painting A Basketball Court On Driveway

To ensure you have the supplies for the activity, group all the components into heaps-like objects. You might need to alter your basketball court, build a half-court surface, or remove some portions depending on size.

Use a pressure washer to clean the entire area before priming. Use a hose and a powerful nozzle if you don’t have access to a pressure washer, then use a brush to clean the area afterward. Before beginning to prime, allow the surface to dry.

Apply a transparent concrete primer to the entire surface using extension rollers. Never apply too much product or let it puddle. Spread the product to areas that are dryer or use a clean towel to wipe up any puddles that may have formed.

Apply with an airless sprayer or brush to vertical surfaces. Although initial foaming may be seen, it will go away after drying. Remove all loose or peeling paint by scraping, wire brushing, or grinding for touch-ups where surface coatings have failed.

Steps To Paint A Basketball Court On Driveway

Measure The Area

Locate the rim’s center by scaling to the edge and using a tape measure. To identify the location of the plumb bob on the ground, lower it. Mark the location of the front of the rim on the ground using the plumb bob as well.

Measurements will be taken at these markings as the starting positions. The lane’s perimeter is marked six feet from the location, designating the rim’s center on the side. To make the lane’s overall width 12 feet, mark six feet from the rim’s center to the opposite side.

The free throw line and the top portion of the rectangle that constitutes the lane should be drawn from the front of the rim. Connect the line you drew to the free throw line, then extend the lines to the out-of-bounds line beneath the basket to finish the lane.

Measure the thread six feet away from the chalk. The free throw line’s midpoint should be located. The free throw arc should be drawn by drawing an arc from one lane corner away from the basket to the other lane corner. You can finish the circle with dashed lines inside the lane for a more realistic appearance.

Draw An Arc Around The Ground

Take the string, starting from one side of the hoop, and draw a complete arc around the court to the opposite side of the hoop. A straight line is drawn from the point on either side of the court where the arc finishes to the baseline.

If drawn correctly, the top of the 3-point arc and the top of the free-throw arc should touch.

Use Painter’s Tape To Highlight Drawn Lines

Apply painter’s tape to the chalk lines you have created. The lines that are drawn represent the outer boundary of the lines that will be painted. The lines should be at least an inch thick to be visible, though 1 inch is more common.

Use the tape measure to measure the inner edge of the line after taping the outside edge, then add another strip of tape to cover the line entirely. With the color of your choice, fill in the spaces between the painter’s tape.

Before removing the tape, allow it dry to the can’s instructions.

Use Different Colors Paints For An Authentic Look

Painting the lane, a color other than the lines might give a striking accent for a more realistic appearance. The side can also be added with tabs for the block and free throws.

Buy paint intended for use on concrete and outdoors, if possible. A player might slip if another paint is used since it might not adhere well. Make a stencil out of poster board or similar material if you want to paint the center court logo.

To make cutting out certain areas for use easier, trace the pattern onto the poster board. Using a grid system is another way to paint a logo or mascot. You can make the same grid on the ground using a tape measure and string line with the image placed behind or scribbled onto a paper grid of squares.

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