How To Read A Propane Tank Gauge

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  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: November 9, 2022
  • Updated On: July 11, 2023

Most household activities in today’s world involve propane tank gauges, but do you know how to read them correctly? The tank is extensively used for water heating, home heating in colder regions, dry clothes, cooking, fireplaces, for back-up-power, etc.

Moreover, all these activities make it necessary to check the fuel tank regularly. You can quickly get it refilled in case any less amount of fuel is noticed in the tank. Reach out to the professionals for a propane refill in Pekin, IL. They will inspect your overall propane system and ensure proper safety for the users.

Many accidents take place with excess use of propane tanks or using an empty propane tank. It may result in severe accidents which compel you to learn propane tank fuel reading. Reading may avoid many accidents in households due to propane tank gauges.

Reading propane fuel tank gauge accurately

The fuel gauge allocated over the propane tank accurately shows the fuel level in the percentage of tank capacity. It does not show the gallon amount of gas present in the tank.

There are different types of propane gauges available in the market with the same purpose of showing the propane gas left in the tank. Float gauges are quite popular and read liquid propane with floating arms. The float gauge drops as soon as the level of the fuel in the tank drops. You can get the propane refill in Pekin, IL, with the help of propane professionals.

Propane tank number reading

The propane tank after delivering propane provides an 80% reading. It happens because the propane stored in the tank is in liquid form but you use it in gas form. The process of changing liquid into gas provides space for the gas to expand and contract thereon. It results in a rise or fall in temperature and shows a maximum fill of about 80% on the fuel tank gauge.

You can know the accurate fuel in the propane tank by multiplying the tank capacity by the tank gauge reading. It allows you to know the accurate value and make refilling decisions easier.

To make the propane fuel tank gauge reading more simple, charts are available according to the gallon tank capacity. There are values mentioned for all the possible gauge readings and usual tank capacity. You did not have to perform any mathematical calculations if you have this chart placed or fixed over the kitchen wall.

Propane long-lasting

Once you learn to read the propane tank gauge, you will know how much propane will last in your tank. The propane gas will be measured in BTU (British Thermal Unit). One gallon of propane contains 92,000 BTUs. It is a unit to measure the appliance’s efficiency.

You should know which appliance in your house is using how much propane gas. It allows you to control the appliances used and know the amount of propane.

The water heater utilizes about 40,000 BTU per hour. The central furnace utilizes about 2,00,000 BTU per hour, the clothes dryer uses 35,000 BTU and the gas range stove uses about 65,000 BTU per hour. You will know when to get the propane refill in Pekin. IL. through accurate measure of usage as per the appliances use.

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