How To Remove Fireplace Doors

How To Remove Fireplace Doors
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: April 11, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

It’s easy to take out ancient fireplace doors. Whether you have a prefabricated or masonry fireplace, we can help. Whether you want to clean the inside of your fireplace, wipe the unattractive soot off the glass doors that surround it, or simply replace the old doors with a fireplace screen to give your area a refresh.

Having a fireplace near you in one corner of your home might transport you back to your youth and allow you to unwind while remembering wonderful memories.

It could be for maintenance, an update, or simply because you prefer an open hearth. But whatever the case may be, there’s no cause to be afraid. It’s easy to take off fireplace doors.

Know About The Type Of Fireplace Doors Before Removing

You need to do a few things before entering into this process, depending on why you want to remove your fireplace doors. First, prepare the fireplace for the work by turning off all heat sources and leaving enough time for the area to cool down before starting.

Turn off the gas supply to your fireplace if it’s a gas unit. Prepare a safe area to place glass doors once they’ve been removed if you’re dealing with them. Gather any cleaning products and any equipment you might need for your specific doors if you’re removing them to clean them.

Way To Remove Fireplace Doors

It isn’t difficult to remove glass doors from a fireplace, but it is a delicate job. After all, you’re using glass to cover stone. Even though the doors are clamped together at the top, they may fall off if the clamp is relaxed.

Safety Is The First Consideration

Glass and aluminum are frequently used for fireplace doors. Both of these materials can be hazardous if they aren’t handled properly. Wear gloves when dealing with sheet metal to minimize wounds, and gently handle glass to avoid breaking it.

Turn off the gas supply to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and a fire hazard. After extinguishing the flames in a typical wood-burning fireplace, remove any hot embers and allow the fireplace surround and doors to cool completely before handling.

Keep the door firmly closed when removing the screws from a glass fireplace. Push the top-notch spring clip up if the bifold glass fireplace doors are bifold. Likewise, remove the pin from the door’s bottom. Keep the door and screws in a secure location.

On the market, there are many different types of fireplaces. And the methods for removing the doors from the various varieties may differ slightly.

Locate L-Shaped Brackets

To begin, look for the L-shaped brackets at the bottom of your fireplace. After that, remove the screws from the bracket with a Philips screwdriver. You’ll need to remove four screws. When the screws are opened, just the lintel clamps hold the frame in place. Remove the screws from the lintel clamp using pliers now.

Make sure you keep a firm grip on the doors when you open them, as they can fall and break. You can now remove the doors from the clamp by tilting their doors a little. Hold the doors tightly and tilt them slightly to release them from the clamp. Place the doors, together with the screws, in a safe place.

Push Up Top-Notch Spring Clip Of Bifold Door

It’s incredibly simple to take off the bifold glass fireplace doors. You must remember that the fireplace should not be hot or lit while working on it. You can now begin your job after ensuring that the fireplace is no longer on fire. One bifold door should be opened.

Then press up against the top-spring notch’s clip. Then, slide the top outwards from the door’s bottom and remove the pin. Remove the pin gently as it may be lodged in the pivot hole. To keep them safe, remove the door with both hands. Replace the other bifold door set on the fireplace and repeat the process to entirely remove the doors.

Use A Screwdriver To Remove Masonry Fireplace Door

Many individuals enjoy having a masonry fireplace installed in their homes. Open the doors and remove the screws from the frame and the doors to remove the brick fireplace doors.

To get the doors out of the fireplace without damaging them, use a Philips screwdriver to remove the screws properly. This is one option. There are tension clips available for masonry fireplace doors. To remove those doors, push it upwards to release the top pin, then pull it outwards to remove the bottom pins.

You can now remove the doors from the fireplace and enjoy the warmth of the fire after removing all the pins.


The various types of fireplaces available on the market are as follows. So, depending on the fireplace you have, follow these steps to remove the doors without causing any damage. Hopefully, this article will help you safely remove different types of fireplace doors. You have to choose a method according to the type of your fireplace door.

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