How To Remove Fixed Panel Of Sliding Glass Door

How To Remove Fixed Panel Of Sliding Glass Door
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: June 3, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Although removing sliding glass doors is not difficult, it takes some time. If you’re stumped and don’t know where to begin, it’s good to obtain some advice on going about it and preparing for the work.

One of the first things to do is remove the actual sliding panels to eliminate the weight and make the process easier. Replacing the complete panel is typically less difficult than replacing the individual glass panes. The replacement of the full sliding glass door unit is another common reason for removing the panel.

Removing the panel doesn’t require any prior construction experience; you’ll need a few tools and a helping hand to move the enormous piece of glass carefully.

Why Do You Need To Know To Remove Fixed Sliding Glass Door?

Even though removing a sliding glass door could appear difficult at first, if you understand the basic procedure, it might be simpler than you previously imagined. There are a variety of reasons why you might need to take out a sliding glass door, such as moving heavy furniture or fixing or replacing panes.

You don’t need any prior construction knowledge to remove the panel; you only need a few simple tools and a helper to move the big piece of glass safely.

A Few Considerations Before Removing A fix Panel Of Sliding Glass Door

You’ll want to see the metal frame clearly when working with the fixed panel. Remove any nails or screws holding the frame to the nearby walls or siding. When you can see all of the nails and fixing mechanisms holding the fixed frame in place, work your way around it and remove them.

Nails or screws will invariably be used to secure the frame in place. You could note that the wall siding overlaps the frame in certain places, making it tough to remove. Using a central punch will allow you to prevent prying and causing damage to the frame.

Steps To Remove Fixed Panel Of Sliding Glass Door

Needed Materials And supplies

  • Screwdriver
  • Pry bar
  • Foam sheet
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Flat-head screwdriver

Prepare The Area

Cover your floors with padded material

Cover your floors with padded material, such as foam sheets, to protect your floors and glass doors. This padding will keep the glass from shattering when you remove the panel. It will also prevent scratches and chipping on your floor.

Remove Screen Door

Remove the screen door from your patio doors first. Open the entrance and enlist the assistance of a friend to lift the screen door. Lift the bottom of the screen door with the flathead screwdriver, releasing the rollers from the track.

 Remove Screen Door

Rep on the top of the screen door to completely remove it from the tracks, and lay it aside in a secure location.

Use Screwdriver To Remove Trim Casing

Use Screwdriver To Remove Trim Casing

The Interior casing or trim can be removed with a screwdriver. On the inside of the door, you’ll discover this. Make sure not to harm the material while you’re working. Any dirt should be removed first. Remove the ornate trim at the top of the door frame and the head stop.

Lift The Sliding Door

To make the door come out smoothly, slide it to the indented position in the track. The roller adjustment screws should be found in the sliding panel, either on the bottom of the door or on the side panel on either end.

These screws may be hidden with plugs in some circumstances. Rotate the screws in a counter-clockwise manner with a screwdriver. The rollers will be raised as a result of this. Raise the sliding door to the top of the track.

Lift The Sliding Door

Request that your assistant gently pushes the door’s bottom towards you. Lower the panel slowly until it is free of the track, then tilt it to remove it from the frame completely. Place the panel in a secure location.

Using a soft rag and denatured alcohol, vacuum the tracks and clean the rollers. To prevent dirt build-up, vacuum the tracks regularly. Continue with the next steps if you intend to remove the stationary door and the patio door frame.

Remove All Types Of Trim From The Door Panel

Remove any screws, brackets, or trim pieces securing the stationary door in place. The metal strip that links the door to the jamb must be removed. To remove the panel from the track, use a flat pry bar at its bottom.

Assist you in lifting, pushing, and tilting the panel out of the door frame by standing outside the door.

Lift The Tracks With Pry Bar

Lift The Tracks With Pry Bar

Use a pry bar to lift the tracks and door jamb if replacing the patio doors and tracks. Use a reciprocating saw to cut through the screws if you can’t lift the bottom track up. Then, using the saw, cut the bottom track in half and pull it out. Remove any caulk, paint, or nails securing the door jamb to the frame.

Remove The Door Frame To Install New One

Remove The Door Frame To Install New One

Using a pry bar and a hammer, pry up the door frame’s sill. To get the frame out, you’ll need to use force. Before replacing the patio door, remove any nails or shims. Follow these instructions for an effortless patio door removal, whether you want to clean the rollers and tracks or completely remove your patio doors.

Additional Maintenance Tips For Sliding Glass Doors

Don’t Slide The Door Forcefully

A door may be particularly challenging to separate if it is sealed. Increased chances of the glass pane breaking or the door frame and surrounding skirting being damaged due to excessive pushing and pinning result in higher repair expenses.

To disassemble the door with the least amount of harm, try to remove all bolts and use the proper instruments, such as a reciprocating saw, to cut through sealing material.

Measure Glass Door Rightly

If you want to buy a new glass door to replace your old one, get the proper measurements so you can get a door that fits the space the old one left. After the frame has been taken off, it is advisable to measure.

When measuring the width, place the tape from one side of the door jamb to the other. Place the tape measure from the beam to the floor when measuring the length.

Beginning at the floor where the doorsill is installed and working your way up to the door’s beam, measure the length. Doing this ensures that the door you buy is the proper height for the opening.

Clean Sliding Glass Door Regularly

Maintaining your doors in good condition will help you avoid making expensive repairs or replacements. Clean out any rubbish that has become stuck in the tracks. Alternatively, you can complete the task more quickly by using a small handheld vacuum.

Clean Sliding Glass Door Regularly

Whenever you vacuum the room, it would also be nice to vacuum the door tracks. If you notice that the door is moving more slowly, lubricate it. In other cases, lubricating might not solve the issue since worn-out rollers may need to be replaced.


It’s time to call the experts if you’re having problems with any of the processes above. If any portion of the door is stuck, this is especially crucial. The track or door frame may get cracked or harmed if a difficult door is forced open. Your home has an unprotected aperture because of a partially removed door or an unfinished project.

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