How To Remove Metal Door Frame

How To Remove Metal Door Frame
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: June 3, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Metal door frames provide more strength and longevity for commercial and residential applications than wooden frames. It’s easier to uncover fasteners and remove metal frames when you know what was utilized in the hole.

Knockdown and welded hollow metal frame doors are the two most common forms. The frame will have been assembled in pieces when working with a knockdown. It’s most likely a knockdown frame if there are screws on the face of the frame.

The frame, on the other hand, is difficult to remove. In the next section, you’ll learn how to remove a metal door frame. Continue reading.

Things To Consider Before Removing Metal Door Frame

Before Removing Metal Door Frame

A welded door frame may not come off easily with a pry or a pull. The door could be secured in an inconspicuous location near the ground. Run a reciprocating saw between the jamb and the stud, removing any fasteners. Carry out the same procedure for both jams.

The jambs must then be cut horizontally to be divided into parts. A cut through the center of each jamb is usually sufficient to remove the entire jamb. Try removing the head by hand once the jambs are gone. If it doesn’t work, try prying it out with a pry bar and cutting it into sections.

Steps To Remove Metal Door Frame

You must first identify the type of door frame you are working with before beginning the operation, and after that, removing the frame to fix it will be simple. As a result, we’ve broken down the procedure per door type. We’ll see what happens.

Needed Supplies And Materials

  • Pry bar
  • Drill bit
  • Hammer
  • Hacksaw
  • Reciprocating saw

1) Remove the Door’s Screws And Hinges

 Remove the Door's Screws And Hinges

If you’re working with a knockdown metal door frame, you’ll need to mount it first. To identify a knockdown frame, you must also be able to view any screws on the frame’s face. You can start dismantling the door frame by removing the screws from the door hinges.

Because electric drills are easy to use, you can also use a manual drill to loosen the screws. After removing all the screws, pull the jams away from the wall by hand. If you can’t pull the jams out, use a pry bar or crowbar if necessary.

2) Examine the Door Frame


Look closely at the frame’s horizontal header. The frame is a three-piece or knockdown frame if visible lines can be seen between each jamb’s header. Follow the welded frame removal instructions if the frame has been welded along these lines or if no lines are present.

The welded metal door frame is difficult to remove since it will not come off with a pry bar or a crowbar. Examine the door for starters. You’ll have to use a reciprocating saw up between the jamb and the stud if the door is secured somewhere else that can’t be seen or is anchored near the base.

After sawing through a few bolts on both jams, you’ll need to cut the jambs horizontally. Make sure you cut the jambs in the middle to get them out quickly.

3) Remove Sealant And Old Nails

– Remove Sealant And Old Nails

Clean up the area where the architrave was attached by scraping off any caulk or glue. The surface you have to reapply any frames or trims is smoother. Additionally, you ought to remove any potential leftover nails.

4) Use A Reciprocating Saw To Remove the Door Frame From the Masonry wall

If you’re working with a stone wall, you won’t be able to remove a metal door frame easily. A broken concrete wall will be difficult to repair, and the door frame will take time. You’ll need a powerful reciprocating saw to split the jams into pieces.

First, check that the jambs are cut vertically at the point where the exterior of the jamb meets the wall. After that, use a crowbar or pry bar to remove the jamb. Grab one of the frame’s legs towards the bottom and slide it along the door sill until it rests on the studs.

 Use A Reciprocating Saw To Remove the Door Frame

By disengaging the tabs that hold the jamb and header together near the frame’s top, you can separate them. Remove the jamb from the frame and place it aside. Remove any remaining screws or nails, or if they are stuck, cut them off. You can lightly sand the surface smooth after scraping the area around the frame to eliminate any caulk or other sealant.

The aperture should be clear and rough now that the old frame or door set has been removed.

Frequently Asked Question

How long will it take to remove a door frame?

You’ll undoubtedly want to know how much time you’ll need to spare once you’ve acquired all the necessary tools and are prepared to begin the process. The solution depends on your level of DIY experience, as it does with similar undertakings.

An interior door frame replacement could take a skilled DIYer two to three hours. However, a beginner would be advised to allot up to a whole day for this activity. It often takes more than four to five hours—to replace an external door frame.

Is it easy to replace a door frame?

The task of replacing a door frame is moderately difficult. Your level of DIY experience will determine everything. If it’s an internal door frame, an experienced DIYer can complete it in a couple of hours; if it’s an external door frame, it will take them roughly twice as long. On the other hand, a novice might need to put in a full day of effort.

What is the cost of replacing a door frame?

If you engage a skilled tradesperson, replacing a door frame typically costs £50 for an inside door and £180 for an outdoor door. Remember that the price to repair a door frame might vary greatly depending on where you live. To avoid disappointment, if you want to go that route, seek a price from a local tradesperson.

If you try altering a door frame yourself, only the frame cost will need to be considered. It’s time to get started now that the introduction has been completed.


You are prepared to take on the work now that you know how to replace a door frame. Any flaws or faults won’t be noticed because the architrave will cover them up. Prepare in advance, give yourself lots of time, and work hard. You can handle this if you follow our advice.

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