How To Repair Concrete Driveway Curb

How To Repair Concrete Driveway Curb
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: October 4, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Without thinking, curbs are frequently mistreated. We frequently use the curb when parking on the side of the road to enter our vehicles. We place planters on curbs, sit on them, and never give them any thought about weather protection.

So, it is no surprise that a curb is frequently the first part of the exterior of your property to appear worn down and damaged. Making good on the harm can greatly improve your first impression. When their property’s concrete curbs need repair, most people won’t spend the time doing it.

The curb in your driveway can significantly distract from the appeal of your property. Nevertheless, if you do, make an effort to keep it fresh and tidy. Mending a concrete curb is not too difficult and doesn’t require much experience.

Most people don’t overthink their driveway or sidewalks in front of their homes or business. You may occasionally drive or walk on them and notice cracks. While this may not seem like a big issue, driveway or sidewalk cracks can be a significant tripping hazard that can cause injury. Uneven concrete can be leveled in just a few hours via polyurethane foam injection.

Steps To Repair Concrete Driveway Curb

Clean Curb Area

Start by removing any extra debris and other objects from the curb. In the area where you intend to patch the concrete, remove any plants, dirt, or other objects that may have become embedded in the surface.

Protect yourself by donning a mask and safety eyewear before you start. Additionally, you should wear clothing that protects as much of your body as possible because the remaining concrete patching process could send flying concrete chips.

Remove Cracked Or Break Off Concrete

Then, remove loose concrete from the area you’ll be working by using the chisel to break it free. You should remove any portions with cracks while leaving the solid piece of concrete below. In the proper location, dispose of the concrete pieces.

Cleaning the concrete you’ve left on the curb with heavy-duty steel wool is a good idea. Concrete dust and other debris that may have accumulated while you worked will be helped to clear away by doing this.

Use A Trowel To Shape Concrete

Using the flat side of the trowel, shape the concrete to match the curb. Any rough or uneven parts should be leveled and smoothed. Scrape off any extra concrete patch while holding the trowel lengthwise—a plastic tarp over the repaired curb. If required, secure the tarp’s edges with rocks or yard posts.

Power Wash The Driveway

The concrete should be thoroughly cleaned with a garden hose before being let too dry for two days. By doing this, you not only aid in cleaning the concrete but also make it more receptive to the concrete bond adhesive you’ll use to repair the curb.

Let The Concrete Area Dry

Wait five to seven days for the concrete repair to dry fully. A little mist of water from a spray bottle should be applied to the patched area once daily after lifting the tarp. When you’re finished, replace the tarp. Five days later, check the patch. Once it has hardened, take off the tarps.

Apply Super-Adhesive

Use the paintbrush to apply the bond glue to cover the concrete’s surface evenly. Concrete patch mix should be mixed on the container before the adhesive dries. The first layer of the concrete repair should be applied using the trowel.

Make sure the fix is pressed into the concrete curb that is already there. When the patch material resembles the contour of the original curb, wait another half hour before repeating the process and layering on more concrete repair material.

Before the patch material has a chance to cure, be careful to scrape out any extra.

Cover Curb Area With Plastic

Cover the curb area where you worked with a plastic tarp to speed up the drying process. Before removing the tarp, let it sit for five days using weights or ties to hold it down.

Benefits Of Repairing Driveway Curb

Increases Driveway Lifespan

Concrete is a strong substance. However, due to weathering or poor sealing techniques, it may fracture and crack with time. By adding fillers like gravel and sand that are manually or mechanically compacted into place, concrete driveway repair will strengthen the portions of your driveway that have been damaged.

Future driveway deterioration can be avoided by doing this.

Improve Visual Appeal Of Your Property

You can employ concrete driveway repair to restore your driveway to new condition. Fillers are manually or mechanically tamped into place and mixed with the concrete. If you seal your driveway regularly, it will have a clean, new appearance that will last for years.

Because water would induce cracks in any patches installed during installation, it is advisable to do repairs when there is no water on the driveway surface.

Increases Driveway Safety

One of the most often used areas of a house is the driveway. It allows access to and from your garage, parking lot, or driveway. A driveway with cracks that pose a tripping danger or uneven surfaces can be repaired to prevent accidents.

Making sure concrete is maintained before it sustains too much damage will ensure that the area is safe for vehicles and foot traffic. Because they won’t risk slipping on cracked sidewalks owing to incorrect restoration techniques, physically challenged folks will find it easier when damaged concrete is repaired.


A professionally fixed driveway will increase the curb appeal of your home and assist in restoring its value. Driveway replacement might be considered if your driveway has sustained significant damage, and rehabilitation would not be cost-effective.

Repairs should be started as soon as harm has been done because this will stop future problems from developing because of degradation. Repairing a concrete driveway properly is well worth the investment because it is also substantially less expensive than completely replacing it with new material.

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