How To Replace Roof Tiles?

How To Replace Roof Tiles?
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: September 25, 2021
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Do you need to know how to replace roof tiles that have been broken? This article will teach you how to replace the roof tiles. It is critical to address any cracked or damaged tiles on your roof as soon as possible. You risk your roof leaking and worsening the damage if you don’t do so.

If water penetration happens in your property, it may cause damage to both the contents and the structure of the building if left untreated for an extended length of time.

If you only need to replace a single or a few tiles, you may be able to complete the job on your own. Regardless of how many tiles need to be replaced, you may want to consider hiring a professional roofer to do the job for you because of the potential risk and difficulties of working at a height.

If you want to do the job yourself, this article is the best spot to stop. So, let’s take a deep dive into further details:

How To Prepare The Roof For Removing The Tiles?

To replace your roof tiles, you must first remove the old, broken tiles from the roof to make room for the new ones. It’s easy to take off your roof tiles. Simply remove any overlapping tiles holding the broken tile in place, and then lift the broken tile from the roof once it is free.

If your tiles are nailed down, you may need to lift the overlapping sections and remove the nail with a pry bar before you can slide the shattered piece out of the way. You should now have a gap in your roof where you may install your new tile after you’ve removed the damaged tile.

1) Make Sure To Choose The Best Tiles

Because there are many roof tiles on the market, be sure you have the correct replacement tile. Concrete and terracotta are the most frequent tile types.

Even if you’ve tried to fix it, you must make sure it’s the same sort of tile. Otherwise, it may not function and cause harm. Take a tile to a roofing supplier if you don’t know what it is, and they should be able to match it for you.

Although it won’t affect the performance of your roof, it’s critical to find a tile that matches your existing roof as nearly as possible if you want to maintain it looking as seamless as possible. Roof tiles exist in various shapes, sizes, and colors, so choosing the perfect one is crucial.

2) Use A Ladder To Go On The Roof

Only attempt this if you are confident that it can be done securely, with a stable ladder and possibly climbing ropes to protect you in the event of a fall, especially if the roof has a high inclination or is slick. If you’re afraid of heights or aren’t sure if getting on the roof is safe for you, hire a pro. It is dangerous to fall off a roof.

When working on your roof, always use gloves, sturdy safety boots, and a ladder. For increased safety, utilize a ladder that hooks onto your roof ridge, and consider utilizing safety ropes if you fall. If at all feasible, ask your friend or family member to maintain the ladder stable from the bottom.

3) Fix The Unfixed Tiles

You can use a hand trowel or any other handy tool to move the damaged tile out of place for unfixed roof tiles, with timber wedges holding the subsequent tile up to prevent the nibs from coming into contact with the batten. This allows you to carefully slide the tile out of place without destroying the tiles around it.

If the damaged roof tile is nailed in place, you must first remove the tiles surrounding it to reveal the fasteners. Using a tool like a slate ripper, you can easily remove the roofing nails. Before you pull out the nails from cracked tiles held together with a clip, the clip must be removed. Then follow the steps outlined above to remove roof nails from a tile.

4) Place And Fix The New Tiles

Using your brick trowel, slide the replacement tile into place until it’s completely secure. If your roof tiles are secured with nails, you’ll need to lay the new tile in place and then secure it in the same way as the others. You can use the adhesive to the head lap to secure the new tiles.

If you’re replacing a nailed or clipped tile, you’ll need to figure out where the fixing holes should be in the course beneath it. Drill a hole through the bottom of the new tile once it’s in place.

5) Hire The Professionals To Replace The Inside Roofing Tiles

Unfortunately, a broken roof tile cannot be removed or replaced from underneath. However, you can hire experts or professionals for this operation. Otherwise, it’s not easy for an average and inexperienced person to remove the tiles from the inside of the roof.

The reason is that anyone can replace or install the tiles easily on the upper surface of the roof by following the discussed steps and guidelines. But removing the tiles from inside the roofing area is a daunting task.

Final Verdict

It can be challenging to replace a roof tile on your own, but it’s super easy even for ordinary individuals with the correct preparation. Furthermore, doing the project oneself is both satisfying and cost-effective. However, you can also hire professionals to replace the tiles on your behalf if you are high on budget. Otherwise, discussed above guidelines and are more than enough for all to replace the roof tiles themselves.

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