How To Vent A Bathroom With No Outside Access

How To Vent A Bathroom With No Outside Access
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: September 4, 2021
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

No doubt, ventilation is the main thing to consider while modeling or building homes, especially bathrooms. But most of the contractors don’t consider this factor because of lack of knowledge or any other fact. However, if you think about remodeling your bathroom, you should add a ventilation source or space.

Not only for the better air crossing, but the proper ventilation is essential to save the place from several damages at the time of flood or heavy rain.

Unfortunately, all the bathrooms don’t have outside access. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot ventilate a bathroom without and outside access. If you are also searching for ventilation methods for your bathroom with no outside access, you are at the right spot! We will guide you to get out yourself of this issue.

Most commonly, the addition of a ceiling vent is the most effective option for a no vent bathroom. However, there are also other options. But you have to consider them after knowing your bathroom’s specifications and infrastructure. So, you can make a better decision accordingly.

Unfortunately, a bathroom with a proper ventilation system is more prone to mold, spores and mildew because of higher moisture. In that case, a bathroom requires more maintenance and cleaning time than a ventilated space.

So, you have to check out different methods to ventilate the bathroom with no outside access for better cleaning and maintenance results.

When Do your Bathroom Need Vent?

Modern houses and infrastructures have better ventilation systems as compared to old constructed homes. Appropriate ventilation is necessary to save the property from different negative impacts and risks, including damages because of moisture.

For sure, you can save a lot of electricity and fuel costs with a proper vent system. In this way, you don’t need to turn on the air-conditioning systems unnecessarily.

Moreover, the absence of vents will make the bathroom air highly polluted because of several factors. You can see the growth of mold and mildew with a foul odor in your bathroom in the case of no outside access or vents. This issue may lead you, especially kids, to too many health conditions, including respiratory issues.

On the other hand, the chances for damages and risks are higher for your building if there are no vents in your bathroom.

The stains or marks on the ceilings and walls may also occur because of a lack of ventilation. You will notice too much moisture and humidity in your bathroom air. Consequently, a foul odor in your bathroom is a clear sign of improper ventilation in your bathroom.

So, there are several reasons to install the vents for fresh air access to your bathroom. But saving the showering place from moisture and mold is the main reason to consider installing vents.

Method To Vent A Bathroom With No Outside Access

Well, nothing would be a better option than installing the ceiling vent into a bathroom with no outside access. However, you can also go for the other option mentioned below according to your building’s infrastructure.

1) Install The Bath Fan Through Flooring

The installation of a ceiling vent is impossible in the distance of your bathroom from an exterior wall. It doesn’t mean that you cannot add a vent to your bathroom. For sure, it would be a daunting task to add a vent through the flooring yourself.

Don’t worry; you can ask your HVAC contractor to do it for you. He will extend the bath fan through the flooring. Ideally, this vent will run efficiently between the floor joints and through the exterior wall.

2) Installation Of Ceiling Vent

If you want to get rid of moisture and mold from your bathroom, the addition of a ceiling vent would be a great option. Ideally, you can allow the entrance of fresh air to your bathroom with the help of this vent. Moreover, it will also help to eliminate the moisture effortlessly.

Moreover, you can make this installation a bit more worthy by adding bulbs and decorative LED lights. However, the addition of these lights is entirely your choice.

3) Add Extra Ducts

For sure, your bathroom will already have ducts. But still, if you are facing ventilation problems, it’s time to expand the ducts a little more. In this way, the fresh air can cross the bathroom effortlessly. Moreover, you can get rid of all the foul odors from your bathroom by expanding the ducts.

Ideally, you can also consider the installation of a recirculating fan for a bathroom with no shower. In this way, you can reduce the moisture level efficiently.

4) Commercial Ducts Are Suitable For Large Buildings

If you live in a commercial or large building with no ceiling ducts, you have to consider installing commercial ducts. However, it will not be easy for you to do it yourself. You can ask a professional contractor to do this installation on your behalf. In this way, you can get better airflow and ventilation in your bathroom.

On the other hand, installing commercial ducts will also improve the air quality in your bathroom by making it breathable and free of air pollution.

5) Add An Electric Fan Temporarily

Well, it’s not an excellent option to install a fan in your bathroom permanently. However, you can consider it for a small span to get rid of moisture and bad smell. The best thing is that you can do it yourself. You don’t need to hire a professional to add a fan.

Excitingly! You can also go for a pedestal fan as the best and most practical consideration. It’s your choice to either add the ceiling fan or pedestal fan temporarily.

Final Verdict

Above all, no one has a bathroom with poor ventilation by choice but by chance. Therefore, you can surely get rid of ventilation issues even in a bathroom without outside access by following the discussed points. Hopefully, these points will help eliminate all the issues, including moisture and mold, from your bathroom with no vents.

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