Does A Bathroom Need A Window?

Does A Bathroom Need A Window?
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: September 4, 2021
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

There are many things in our home infrastructure that we don’t consider until they lead us to some issues and tiresomeness. The window in the bathroom is one of those things we primarily don’t consider at the time of building the home. If you are wondering, does your bathroom need a window? We will explain it to you in this post.

If you have a tiled bathroom, you will surely see the mold and moisture on them at some points. It is all because of no window in your room. The lack of windows will undoubtedly lead to a lack of ventilation in your bathroom.

Unfortunately, the excess humidity in your bathroom will cause severe damages to your property, including the growth of mold and spores.

However, adding a window in the bathroom is not possible for all, especially in an old building. Don’t worry; you can eliminate the moisture even in a no window bathroom with other productive ways.

Indeed, you don’t need to invest more in the ventilation systems or methods if you have a proper window in your bathroom. Of course, yes. Your bathroom surely needs a window for better airflow or crossing.

Why Should You Consider Bathroom Window?

The primary reason to consider at least one window for the bathroom is the better ventilation and airflow. In the case of the window in your bathroom, air can cross through it efficiently and most effectively. In this way, you can get rid of all the moisture in the air. However, it’s impossible to go for proper ventilation without a window.

Without a window in the bathroom, the mold and mildew can grow on the floor effortlessly because of excess moisture. Unfortunately, this issue may also lead you to several health conditions such as breathing disorders, allergies, flu and throat swelling.

If you want to minimize or prevent the growth of mold, mildew and different allergens in your bathroom, the addition of a window is essential. Ideally, you can allow the natural light to bring inside with a window. So, it would be a great option to consider even for the small bathrooms.

Not only for better ventilation, but you can also consider the window in your bathroom for more light and better vision.

For sure, a window will bring a lot of Sunlight inside when you open it. However, privacy is an issue. You can also add the tinted mirror in front of your window. In this way, you can also get a super adorable hanging curtain for your bathroom.

How To Reduce The Moisture In A Bathroom With No Window?

Don’t you have a window in your bathroom? Don’t worry; you can still ventilate your space even without a window by following the mentioned-below points:

Install Exhaust Fans

The primary purpose of these fans is to pull the fresh air from outside and enter it inside. Exhaust fans also pull the polluted air from the inside to through it outside. So, with the addition of this fan, you can surely get rid of moisture. The best thing is that you can install these fans yourself with the primary electric supplies and tools.

Excitingly! you can also reduce the chances of mold and mildew growth on your bathroom floor by adding the exhaust fan to the walls. On the other hand, these fans will also filter the air for you, and you can get rid of odor in your bathroom.

Heated Floors

Well, heated floors only work effectively in combination with the exhaust fans. If you think heating the floor is enough to get rid of moisture and mold, you are wrong. The reason is that the heat will only help to evaporate the water.

However, eliminating water vapors and moisture without an exhaust fan in a non-window bathroom is not possible. So, try both methods in combinations for the high-end results.

Electrical Dehumidifiers

If you don’t have any suitable and appropriate ventilation method for a non-window bathroom, consider adding electric dehumidifiers to this area. Ideally, these appliances will extract the moisture from the air and trap it inside it. In this way, you can surely overcome and minimize the growth of mold, mildew and spores.

Moreover, it will also help to eliminate the odor from your bathroom. In this way, you can make your bathroom area breathable.

So, you cannot install the ducts, fans and windows to your bathroom; go for the electric dehumidifiers as the most viable options.

How To Light Up A Bathroom With No Window?

Even if you don’t consider this fact, a window in any area helps the better lighting. Now, the question is how to light up a non-window bathroom. Unfortunately, it is a big problem, especially if you live in an old and large building. It would be a daunting thing to keep the non-window bathroom full of light.

However, you can eliminate this issue by adding brighter light bulbs to the ceiling or wall fixtures. Moreover, the addition of an illuminating mirror would be a great idea to use in such bathrooms. Ideally, you can also handle the humidity at some level with the help of these lighting methods.

Additionally, you can also consider installing glazed paneling all around the bathroom area. It will help to redirect the light by reflecting in the bathroom for better vision.

Final Thoughts

In short, having a window in your bathroom can save you from many issues such as excess mold, mildew and moisture. Moreover, you can also get better light exposure and vision with the help of a window.

Indeed, a bathroom with a window is all you need to avoid investing much money in professional ventilation systems and ducts. If there is no window in your bathroom, you can also get help from the discussed points to add more light and better ventilation options.

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