Impressive Rustic Bathroom Vanity Ideas That Will Add Character to Any Bathroom

Impressive Rustic Bathroom Vanity Ideas That Will Add Character to Any Bathroom
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: March 8, 2022
  • Updated On: July 8, 2023

When remodeling a bathroom, pay close attention to the vanity. This feature serves as a focal point of the room because of its size, so homeowners need to ensure they make the right choice. This choice depends on the overall style of the bathroom.

For example, a person may want a rustic feel to this room. A small barnwood vanity goes a long way in achieving this goal. What should a person consider when choosing a rustic vanity for their space?


When choosing a vanity for a rustic bathroom, look for one that lacks smooth textures and clean lines. Many vanities of this type feature slightly distressed materials, as they provide an authentic look without appearing tacky.

Natural materials and textures, such as bark and pebbles, blend well with other elements in the space while providing an organic look.

A person should enter the bathroom and feel relaxed rather than overwhelmed. By keeping things simple, the homeowner can ensure everyone who enters the room is soothed.


Select natural colors for the rustic bathroom and vanity. Options to consider include hunter green, stony gray, and berry red. Furthermore, stick with matte finishes when possible. Layer these colors throughout the bathroom to create a soothing space, and opt for a light color for the walls.

It makes the space appear larger than it is. Add a few accessories in dark colors to add depth to the room, while bright colors help to bring life to the space. Avoid busy patterns because they don’t fit with the rustic theme.

The Vanity

Purchase a vanity made using natural wood and choose one with an old-fashioned appeal. If you desire painted cabinets, distress them. Doing so allows the natural grain of the wood to shine through while softening the color. The finished product should look used.

When purchasing this vanity, buy one that will hold up to the heat and humidity present in this room in the home. After searching for the perfect vanity, you don’t want to find it is damaged due to environmental conditions in the bathroom.

Finish the Look

The vanity serves as only part of the equation. To complete the look, purchase a sink that blends well with the cabinet. People might assume they have limited choices in a sink if they are going for a rustic feel. Fortunately, that isn’t the case.

Choose a stone sink, as this natural material fits the theme of the bathroom. Another option involves using a reclaimed sink. Worn fixtures complete the look and may save the homeowner money in the process. Avoid brass and other shiny fixtures, as they will look out of place with the other items.

Finally, choose a mirror with a naturalistic look to hang over the vanity. As with the vanity, consider a mirror made from reclaimed barn wood.

If you cannot find one you love, consider a mirror made from wrought iron or a subdued brass. Both materials blend well with other rustic items in the room. A mirror constructed from twigs serves as another excellent option.

Many people love a rustic look in the home. Creating this look in the bathroom can be challenging, as the space is so small. However, by making the vanity a focal point of the room, it becomes easier to achieve this goal. Using the above tips, shop for a vanity. You are certain to find one you love that fits the space perfectly.

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