Invest Wisely: Best States For Real Estate Investing

You Must Invest Very Wisely For Real Estate Investing Purpose
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  • Posted On: September 6, 2022
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It isn’t surprising that the number of people interested and ready to enter this world is increasing as the years go by. After all, real estate is one promising industry to invest in. And as part of the planning process, it is crucial to identify the best states for real estate investing.

Now, the thing is that considering one state as the best for real estate investing can be tricky. You must be knowledgeable of the factors considered before this is identified. This article will dive deeper into these to prepare you for your next investment!

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How is a State Considered Best For Real Estate?

Although not all investors may reach the same conclusion on which state is the greatest overall, investors use a few main variables to determine which states are the best to invest in. And if you will observe, these are the states with highest ROI real estate-wise.

Price Appreciation

The rising real estate costs and historical market value growth are primary factors in telling whether a state is a great state to buy investment property.

Employment Opportunity

Best states for real estate investing also involve employment opportunities. Gains in employment and a flourishing job market provide residents and businesses with a rationale for selecting one state over another.

Property Rental Rates

Long-term gains can be increased by investing in an affordable rental property that keeps your income stream high and your equity expanding.

Property Taxes

Best states for real estate investing also consider the tax requirements in that location. Aim to look for some with zero to minimal tax on real estate properties. It is because the cost of living is kept down, and the net cash flow from investment property is kept at a high level in states with minimal property taxes.

Best States For Real Estate Investment You Must Consider

A lucrative source of income, whether on a full-time or part-time basis, can be attained through the ownership of rental properties. However, some jurisdictions offer higher returns on these investments than others. So, what state has the highest ROI for real estate?

These differences may be seen across the country. But to make your life easier, we used the most recent data from Zillow, Census Reporter, and Data USA for rent trends to produce this list of the top states for rental property investment.

This post is only limited to the top 5 best states for real estate investment we have identified. Feel free to explore more states that could be the best for your investment at


The state of California, which makes up a significant portion of our Pacific coastline, is home to many spectacular beaches and a fantastic urban lifestyle.

Because tourists visit the state throughout the year, there are opportunities to make money through short-term rentals no matter the time of year. People have a lot of reasons to stay here, including its cutting-edge technology, dynamic food scene, and thriving cinema industry.

The median value of a property in California has soared well past $530,000, contributing to the state’s high cost of living. Even though the average income for a household is 78,600 dollars, more than 45 percent of residents rent rather than buy. It appears that the monthly rent will be over $1,600.

The rental market is the only area where the state cannot compete with Hawaii’s prices. California is almost leading the nation in job growth, even though its population isn’t growing.

At 0.76%, California’s property taxes aren’t quite as burdensome as one might imagine. On the other hand, depending on how much money a household makes, a resident’s income tax might fluctuate anywhere from 1% to 13.3%.


Because Florida receives an additional month of sunshine each year compared to the average for the United States, the state has rightfully earned the label “Sunshine State.” People of all ages looking for a job or the perfect lifestyle to retire to are drawn to the area because of its pleasant environment.

Because it is a popular tourist destination, even tourists enjoy staying in rented homes and apartments. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Florida is one of the few states that doesn’t charge its people any income tax.

The state’s population is expanding roughly equivalent to one percent per year. Currently, the median value of a home is $245,000, and it looks like it will continue to rise year after year.

It is consistent with the state’s median income of $59,227, which increased by around 6%. The current market rate for rent is approximately in the $1,200 area on average. The price of residences with one and two bedrooms has increased by 38% since 2021.

In Florida, roughly 34% of residents rent their homes or flats, a significantly more significant percentage than the rest of the nation. The number of jobs open for applicants has increased by 2.5%, which may make it simpler to locate someone to fill those roles. The most crucial disadvantage that Florida’s residents face is the state’s high property taxes, which average at $3,000.


The state of Idaho, sometimes known as the Gem State, is a beautiful place to call home. Even if eating potatoes does not appeal to you, there are many other reasons why Idaho is an excellent place to live.

There are state parks everywhere, and the population never exceeds two million people no matter where you go. Even in more prominent locations such as Boise, the country’s violent and property crime rate is among the lowest.

When we look at the figures, we see that the median household income in Idaho is quite close to passing the $59,000 mark. The yearly increase in this figure is more significant than eight percent. The state’s economy is thriving and holds one of the highest employment rankings in the country.

The value of the real estate has been steadily increasing, going from $230,000 to more than $250,000 in just one year. Renters make up 28.4% of the overall population and pay an average of $900 per month for their living accommodations.

The population is consistently growing by 2% yearly, demonstrating that residences are being rented out and sold. In addition, it is widely regarded as the nation’s leading state regarding property values.


Indiana is the only state in the Midwest that made it onto the list, and there is a good reason for it. It offers employment possibilities in various industries, from agriculture to healthcare and all in between.

Indiana is ideally situated in the center of the United States, making it possible for its citizens to experience everything that the rest of the country has to offer.

Because of its meager cost of living, Indiana is consistently ranked as one of the states in which it is least expensive to reside. Even the state capital of Indianapolis does not make an exception to this rule.

Property taxes in the state are competitive with those in other regions of the country, while the state’s income tax rate of 3.23% remains stable, which helps the state’s economy. The annual growth rate of median property values is approximately 6%. However, they are still relatively modest at $148,900.

The median income for a household in Indiana is $58,200, which is not too far off from the average income for all families in the United States. Rent is typically paid at a rate of $920 per month by the 30.7% of the population that is considered to be renters.

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The competitions that take place in sports at all levels in the State of the Lone Star, from high school to professional, bring the state’s various communities closer together. It is well-known for its schools’ quality and the fantastic weather that can be enjoyed when attending events.

Due to the state’s colossal size, Texas is home to a culturally diversified population and plenty of one-of-a-kind attractions and activities. To add sugar to the wound, citizens of Texas are exempt from paying any income tax whatsoever.

The state of Texas is home to a remarkable economy, which currently ranks tenth on a global scale, placing it higher than both Canada and South Korea. Every year, there is a 3% increase in the number of persons who actively participate in the job market.

The annual income of households is comparable to that of the rest of the country, coming in at a mean of $63,800. Simply considering the past year, this total has increased by 5.6%. This is related to the fact that the population increased by 300,000 from January.

Property taxes are the most significant problem facing the state. These are some of the highest rates in the country, coming in at 1.8%.

However, close to forty percent of inhabitants live in rented homes, and their monthly rent costs an average of $1,340. The expected average value of a property was far higher than the actual worth of a home, which was just $200,400.

What’s Next After Knowing The Best State?

After determining which states offer the best investment opportunities, the next step is to start researching and looking into rental properties on a more local level.

This is because, while a particular state may benefit investors on a larger scale, towns and cities within each state may overachieve (or fail) the averages of their respective states.

For instance, due to the prohibitively high cost of living in major metropolitan regions, many individuals in today’s society are moving to the suburbs and other secondary cities within the same state.

The truth is that practically every state has some parts of the state in which purchasing real estate is advantageous and other parts of the state in which it is not advantageous.

However, you can dramatically enhance your chances of succeeding as a property investor by first identifying the states with the finest real estate investment opportunities and then targeting certain cities inside those states.

The Bottomline on The Best States for Investing

The states that are the finest places to acquire investment property offer a wide variety of opportunities for both job and recreation. It is necessary to have many employment opportunities to attract people, and both the cost of living and the quality of life must be satisfactory enough to prevent them from leaving.

So the next time you ask yourself where to buy real estate in 2022, take note of this information. However, just a disclaimer, the states that made our list not only check all these boxes but are also establishing the groundwork to ensure that they will continue for many years. Good luck with your decision-making!

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