How To Clear Snow From Driveway Without A Shovel

How To Clear Snow From Driveway Without A Shovel
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: September 6, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

It is laborious; therefore, shoveling snow is bad. Many homeowners use many methods to clear the white stuff out of the way, but this is one that many use to clear their driveway of snow.

While some of these suggestions make it simple to melt the snow while you’re gone for the day, others are simply shrewd methods to deal with the winter storm. Continue reading to learn all our shortcuts and pointers for clearing snow from your driveway without a shovel.

Whatever your circumstances, you will find something here to assist you when the impending snowfall occurs.

Ways To Clear Snow From Driveway Without A Shovel

Place A Tarp On The Driveway

At a camping supply store, purchase a sizable piece of tarp. To cover your driveway, make sure it is big enough. Be sure to follow weather updates as the temperature drops. Place the tarp on the driveway the night before it is predicted to snow, and weigh it down with pebbles.

The boulders must be both light and heavy enough to move easily while still being heavy enough to prevent the tarp from blowing away in the wind. The tarp can be spread over your car and driveway if you leave it there rather than in a garage.

Consequently, a bigger tarp will be needed. You can remove the tarp along with the snow when it snows. It’s crucial to remember that the tarp could be heavy and that you might require help. For this method of clearing snow, it’s also advised to wear a pair of boots with a high grip.

Spread De-Icer

Regular upkeep is carried out to prepare the driveway a night before snow falling. Many de-icing chemicals are designed to remove ice build-up and ease the burden of winter living by eliminating the need to shovel your driveway.

Instead of areas where more snow falls on average each day, this approach performs best in regions that only see a few inches of snow at a time. One of the newest de-icing salts is magnesium chloride. Snow and ice continue to melt as a result.

Compared to calcium chloride or rock salt, the salt releases far less chloride into the environment. Before applying de-icer to the driveway or sidewalks, and can be used to increase traction.

Use Hot Water

Connecting a sprayer hose to an interior hot water spigot works best when the weather is warmer. You may avoid using a shovel and control the amount of snow accumulating on your driveway by sprinkling the snow as it falls.

To enhance traction against any potential ice, top with sand. If you don’t have hot water access, add rubbing alcohol, a spoonful of dish detergent, and hot tap water to a garden watering can for added melting power.

Over your driveway, you are sprinkling it with a watering bucket. The mixture of the components will start to melt the snow while also treating the underlying ice build-up.

Place Heated Mats On Driveway

Heating mats are ideal if you don’t want to remove snow from your driveway manually. These snow-melting mats are installed on top of the driveway surface, as opposed to heated driveway systems installed before the pavement is laid.

To stop snow accumulation, you can either decide to turn on the heated mats before the white stuff shows up. If you’re not in a hurry, you may save money by simply using them to melt snow for a half-hour before you need to depart.

Use A Leaf Blower

You might want to rethink using a strong leaf blower if you believe you could store it after the fall. A leaf blower can easily clear the snow from your driveway when it is light and fluffy. Repeat the procedure as long as the snow is still falling.

Therefore, use your leaf blower to your advantage rather than storing it for the year. For removing light snow, leaf blowers are fantastic. Use extreme caution and the user handbook at all times. A leaf blower’s motor can be harmed if used in extremely cold temperatures for an extended period.

Use Salt And Sand Mixture

To prevent lighter snowfalls from settling, spread a thin, even layer of salt and sand before it starts to snow. Additionally, by including sand in the mixture, you can use less harmful salt while gaining significantly more traction, reducing the risk of accidents on walkways and driveways.

Use A Vacuum

Even though it sounds weird, you can use your wet or dry vacuum to remove snow from your driveway. You may try sucking up the snow with your shop vacuum and dumping it elsewhere.

However, we advise making your vacuum into a blower by connecting it to the exhaust in your home. Point at the snow to blow it away.


Your day can be ruined by heavy snow. You might be unable to leave the house to go to the supermarket or arrive at work on time. Don’t let these unfavorable weather circumstances cause you more problems than necessary. Try one of these strategies; it might greatly simplify your life.

Although a snow shovel may still be beneficial, one of the techniques mentioned above will allow you to clear your driveway with little to no work and without needing a shovel. One of the best options is utilizing a snow blower, but it does need some purchasing and planning.

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