5 Aesthetically Perfect Kitchen Floor Ideas with White Cabinets

Best Kitchen Floor Ideas with White Cabinets
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: October 9, 2021
  • Updated On: December 11, 2023

White is such a timeless color. If used the right way in the kitchen it can enhance the lighting and the overall aura of the kitchen. Perhaps that is the reason why white combinations are commonly found almost in every other household. Even if it’s a small galley kitchen, they make it look larger. The rightfully color-coordinated accessories will pop up your kitchen the way you desire. There are tons of kitchen floor ideas with white cabinets that can be tried.

So when you are planning for a house or kitchen remodeling or renovation, you have a lot of room to explore options of flooring for white cabinets. Whether you choose to have white upper cabinets or cream-colored or darker base cabinets, it will create the perfect mood.

So keeping the most effective trends in mind, we have short-listed the best floor colors for white cabinets. 

Best Floor Colors for White Cabinets 

White Marble Tiles Kitchen Floor

A classic, bright, right-on-point choice for the best floor color for white cabinets is the use of white marble tiles floor!

It makes an excellent pair with the white kitchen cabinets, even for a small space. So whether you have a large-sized kitchen or small galley kitchen design, this combination will never go out of style. White marble tiles give a certain edge. They are timeless beautiful porcelain tiles and are extremely durable too. You can also buy laminate tiles that give a mirage effect – just like a real marble! 

But you ought to be careful as white marble tiles can be slippery. They also are not easy to clean so you need to buy adequate cleaning agents to keep the floor surface clean and stain-free. You can add a wooden butcher block to compliment the white marble floor with white cabinets. This will bring more warmth to the space.

Best suited for: modern kitchen style 

Sustainability score: 5/10

Natural Wood Kitchen Floor

As our favorite combination, the natural wood kitchen floor is another best flooring for white cabinets.

This combination is a hot intake for a lake house or a small cottage look. Rental renovations will turn out beautifully when white cabinets contrast with the light hardwood, adding a touch of warmth.

Additionally, choosing a medium-toned natural wood tone makes it fairly ageless and easy to maintain. Real hardwood flooring in this color is an option, or, you can choose a luxurious vinyl plank. The latter is incredibly sturdy and a fantastic option for houses with children and pets. Another perfect, and our favorite, is the natural-colored wood with white oak because it’s a little warm but still very neutral in tone.

Best suited for: lake house/farmhouse/cottage kitchen style 

Sustainability score: 10/10

Black and White Mosaic Kitchen Floor

A black and white mosaic tile floor is a wonderful choice to mix with white kitchen cabinets for an intriguing, vintage-inspired design.

Such intricate flooring gives a room a playful flash of design, and because it’s in black and white, it goes well with various colors (like this gorgeous blue island). Therefore one of the reasons that this floor looks best with white cabinets. This tile has some traction and is safer to walk on because of the texture created by all the grout lines.

When utilizing mosaic tile, maintain the other components of the kitchen minimalist and uncomplicated. Mosaic tiles can have a busy appearance. Although cleaning the grout lines can take some effort, this type of statement floor is really beautiful.

You can also add a mosaic tile kitchen floor with white porcelain tile backsplash for a better accent in the kitchen.

Best suited for: bohemian and mid-century kitchen style 

Sustainability score: 7/10

Dark Wood Kitchen Floor

Dark wood flooring is a great flooring color for white cabinets if you’re looking for a floor that adds some warmth and contrasts nicely.

A kitchen can seem grounded and elegant with a dark walnut-stained hardwood floor, or even with a deep cherry color. If you want a classic style, you can combine stainless steel equipment with marble and chrome accents with a dark floor that contrasts beautifully with white cabinetry.

The most conventional option is solid wood flooring, but warm, dark wood tones are also available in vinyl plank and laminate flooring. When deciding how dark to go, keep in mind that deep-colored flooring is more prone to dust and stains.

Best suited for: traditional and transitional kitchen style 

Sustainability score: 7/10

White Washed Wood Kitchen Floor

White-washed wood floors will help your kitchen feel larger and brighter if it’s small and/or gloomy and you truly want to lighten it up. You can select vinyl plank or laminate flooring that looks like real wood, or you can go with white-washed actual wood flooring.

While the wood grain will offer some depth, the light white color of these floors will keep your entire kitchen feeling airy and cheerful. Even original hardwood flooring that was too damaged to be refinished has been saved by homeowners using white paint, in my experience.

However, if you’re worried about stains and scratches on your white floor, go with vinyl flooring. If you have children and pets, be prepared to clean it frequently as white will reveal a lot of hair and filth. But because of its light tint, you’ll be able to see every bit of filth and have a spotless surface after every mop.

Best suited for: modern and farmhouse kitchen style 

Sustainability score: 7/10

Right Floor for White Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets have been quite popular due to their versatility and simplicity. To further enhance the kitchen outlook, you need to choose a flooring option for your white cabinets. This is because flooring can affect the overall look of your home. When it comes to choosing a flooring option, there are multiple options you can consider. The kitchen floor that complements white cabins can give your kitchen both a trendy and modern look.


  • What Color Tiles Go with a White Kitchen?
    You can consider using white, black, grey, beige, or even a neutral soft pink or beige shade. Using a neutral color palette is one of the best flooring for a white cabinet kitchen.
  • What Color Floors Go with White Cabinets in the Kitchen?
    The brown color is considered to be the perfect color accent flooring for white cabinets due to its earthy tone.
  • What Tiles Look Good with a White Cabinet?
    You can use classic grey marble or white marble tiles to go with a white kitchen cabinet. They complement the cabinets and add more texture.
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