Knauf Fire Plasterboard: Is it the Best?

Guide About Knauf Fire Plasterboard
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: August 18, 2022
  • Updated On: July 10, 2023

Plasterboard play a significant role in every construction of a buildings to make it sustainable and beautiful view of the whole environment. It gives the inner beauty by adding a design as per our choices.

It is the most affordable and durable material which is useful in a easy way to fixed the damage area or a quick renovation of the walls.

Plasterboard is made of plaster set between two sheets of a good quality paper and it is used especially to form inner wall lining, wall partition, roof, floor or ceiling of the house to maintain the quality and look of the house.

Plasterboard is available in many ways like ready-made with different designs and shapes with a lots of beautiful patterns like plain, floral print, etc. Also, you can always ask the store keeper for alterations of the shapes and sizes as per your requirement if the ready-made are not satisfying your taste.

There are many types of plasterboard available in the market which can be used according to the requirements and are moisture-resistant plasterboard, acoustics plasterboard, fire resistant plasterboard, insulated plasterboard.

Plasterboard are easy to repairs if there’s a small scratch, decay, moist, dots etc. it depends on what sort of product are you using at where as every types of plasterboard have its own quality and techniques to repair it.

Among all the different plasterboard, let’s talk briefly about fire-resistant plasterboard as it is one of the main plasterboard helping to save most of the life during fire incidents.

A knauf fire plasterboad panel is one of the most trust worthy product which is reliable. The board’s excellent fire resistance rating makes it ideal for lining walls and ceilings in commercial spaces like offices and shopping centres, as well as in low rise housing and new build garages.

A knauf fire plasterboard is made with the highest quality of gypsum which consists of hydrated calcium and sulphate which chemical are also used to preserve things to slow down the fast decaying process.

It is important things to note that even fire resistant plasterboard can only withstand fire for a relatively short time period between 30 minutes to 2 hours not more than that.

However, it is hope that with the help of fire plasterboard installed in the building alongwith the fire and smoke alarm technology, it will buy you enough time to evacuate the area and reached the safer area to avoid during fire incidents.

Most of the time, nobody knows or can predict about anything related to accidents, therefore, we must include every safety instrument while we can instead of regretting later on.

Every construction of the sites must have opted for fire resistant plasterboard as it has a specially manufactured fire resistant core making it an ideal solution for lightweight fire rated applications. Also, due to high technology and innovation, people prefer to stay safe at any cost without worrying much due to their hectic schedule.

Therefore, people used the advance and trending things in their construction in order to keep the environment healthy and safe. If you do not like to opted for the fire resistant plasterboard, you must have the best alternative option or maybe better to avoid any fire incidents.

The chances of such incidents are high in the tall standing building with a lots of people working inside to earn their daily bread.

At last we all need is a safety environment to dwell in with a beautiful view of every corner along with all the safety measurements.

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Author: Mohsin Khan

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