How To Keep LED Strip Lights From Falling Off

How To Keep LED Strip Lights From Falling Off
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: August 11, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

LED strip lights are incredibly adaptable, effective, and simple for all lighting applications, whether commercial or domestic, which has led to increased use. They come in various colors and design possibilities and may be a great accent light for a space.

Unfortunately, if not put properly, LED strip lights can occasionally collapse. The possibility of the falling LED strip lights breaking or causing electrical issues can be annoying and even dangerous.

Several actions can be taken to stop your strip lights from dropping. This post will demonstrate how to prevent led strips from slipping off, ensuring that your strip is always on.

What Are The Basic Reasons For Falling Off LED Strip Lights?

LED strip lighting is adaptable, practical, and effective. They are the simplest approach to obtaining the lighting you require for your home or property. They aren’t always simple to use, however. Regarding their adhesive backing, LED strips aren’t always the best because they deteriorate with time, aren’t very strong, and don’t stay firmly.

Let’s first try to understand why the LED strips are coming off so that none of us feel too irritated. Here are a few typical causes of your LED strips coming off that wall.


The heat produced by the operating LED light strip is noticeable. The heat will not rapidly dissipate through the air if the LED strip is positioned in a cramped, tight space.

The double-sided 3M tape will become less sticky when it gets too hot, making the LED strip come off.

Low-Quality Adhesive

Given the size of the LED strip business, there are now lots of knockoffs and inferior goods available—unfortunately, the poor adhesion results from the product’s low quality. When purchasing inexpensive LED strips, this is one of the typical trade-offs.

Additionally, the adhesives in some goods have expired. The glue frequently deteriorates when lights are stored for an extended period. When the tape is subjected to excessive heat or moisture, the adhesive loses its sticking power, which is another sign of low quality.

Dust And Dirt

The fact that dust has accumulated on the strip’s bottom side is one of the main causes of LED lights falling continuously. If there are many, it may result in a malfunction or possibly a short in your lights.

Wiring Issues

The LED strips’ ends will be equipped with cables. Overly lengthy wires will weigh more than shorter wires. If the cable is not attached properly, it will fall and pull the LED strip, causing it to fall.

The cables can be tugged or pulled out if they are not positioned to be rapidly removed. In this instance, it will result in the strip coming off.

Water Encounter

The 3M double-sided tape will lose its stickiness when exposed to water, making the LED strip fall if you install it in a location where it might come into contact with water. The LED strip will fall even in some moist areas.

Ways To Keep LED Strip Lights From Falling Off

Use LED Lights With 3MM Backing

The LEDs will face upward if you stick the strip on its back in this case. The LED strips will fall off if you hang them from the ceiling or arrange them sideways.

So, they face down; instead, consider another method of securing them. Before applying the 3M self-adhesive backing to attach the LED tape to a surface, ensure it is always clean and flat.

Fixing The Clips

Fixing clips is a great way to keep the strip in place, but the drawback is that you need to take the time to screw them in and leave extra room around the LED strips. Unless you decide to remove the clips, they are a durable installation that won’t come down.

The strips can be facing up, down, to the side, or in any other direction, and fixing clips are ideal in all of these situations. When backing tapes are ineffective, these are a good option for external strips.

Use Foam Backing Tape

Use foam backing tape that is adhesive. Due to its little weight premium over the standard tape, the LED tape is ideal for this. As the foam tape will be stickier than the typical 3M backing, it is also excellent for areas that are slightly uneven or unclean.

The LED strip and the 3M standard tape can also adhere to the foam tape once placed. This is so that it will adhere to the foam tape, which is a good surface.

Use Hot Glue

Strong glue contains harsh chemicals, but hot glue does not, making it safer and less likely to harm your LED strips. The hot glue’s temperature is the only thing you need to be cautious of. Your LED strip risked melting if it got too hot. However, it is improbable that this will occur.

Install LED Strips On Aluminum Profiles

Installing LED strips is made easy using LED aluminum profiles. The 3M double-sided tape adheres well to the flat surface of the LED aluminum profile. The LED aluminum profile also has a cover that can hold an LED light strip.

Last but not least, the LED aluminum profile can assist the LED strip in dissipating heat and ensuring that it operates at a normal temperature, extending the life of the LED strip.


Due to the strength of the adhesive, LED light strips can potentially harm your wall by removing paint. The adhesive that is behind your strip is not the only choice. Congratulations to those who could prevent their LED strip lights from coming undone.

Imagine returning to your lights at this point. All glimmering and shining. With your dazzling LED lights, you can finally get a good night’s sleep and live in your fantasy bedroom/hideout. Make sure to maintain your lights.

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