Waterproof Led Strip Lights For Shower Niche

Waterproof Led Strip Lights For Shower Niche
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: August 11, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

You may elevate the experience of taking a shower from a merely hygienic activity to a resort-level luxury one by installing LED lights in your shower niche. Nevertheless, you should add LED lighting to your shower niche for more than just aesthetic reasons.

With LED lights, The Niche Man can assist you in creating a unique shower niche that will enhance and complete your bathroom. No matter the shower niche finish, LED lighting may be installed in a regular tile-over, glass, or metal shower niche.

Shower niches with lovely, gentle lighting may have shown in the pictures. The LED lighting strips that have been put in the niche provide this. In addition to being more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional halogen globes, LED lighting is suitable for damp environments.

How To Install LED Strip Lights In Shower Niche?

LED lighting is offered with all of our shower niches for an extra fee. The following are the best recommendations for installing LED lighting in your shower niche: The tiler typically attaches the LED strip to recesses with tile over them. At the time of tiling, LED lights should be placed.

Installing LED Strip Lights

The driver should ideally be positioned in a convenient location, such as on the roof, for simple access in the event of potential future issues or behind a power outlet or light switch. A licensed electrician must install the LED lighting and securely attach the electrical to ensure that it is done securely and by industry standards.

Why Should You Install LED Strip Lights In Your Shower?

The bathroom and shower can benefit from a more calming, ambient ambiance thanks to LED lighting strips. In addition, it makes a terrific night light choice for those late-night bathroom trips – ideal for young children or people who hate to shower in the dark.

An electrical dimmer can accommodate people with sharp vision or create a softer lighting effect. Furthermore, a sensor can be included to ensure that the light comes on as soon as you walk into the room.

This is especially helpful at night to avoid fumbling around in the dark looking for the light switch.

Waterproof LED Strip Lights For The Bathroom

Given that these lights use a lower voltage, one of the key benefits of LED strip lighting or LED bathroom lighting, in general, is their safety. Silicon waterproof LED strip lights are suitable for wet or outdoor use since they can withstand rain and water splashes.

Waterproof LED Strip Lights

Unlike halogen and incandescent bulbs, these lights don’t emit dangerous heat. LEDs are an even safer option because they emit very little carbon.

Bathroom LED Strip Lights: A Reliable Option

Strong and long-lasting LED lights are available. The equivalent would be to leave a light on for years continuously. The lights will eventually start to fade after extensive use.

As the lights near the end of their useful lives, this process becomes apparent but only happens overnight.

An Energy Saving Option

LED light strips are inexpensive to maintain because they consume little energy and have a long lifespan. This saves you money because you don’t have to continue buying new lights, in addition to the green benefit of using less energy.

LED strip lights consume more energy, making them energy-efficient, like LED downlights and LED panels.

An Eco-Friendly Option

Because they don’t contain any hazardous chemicals, LED lights are also environmentally friendly. With no lead or mercury, LED lighting is safe for the environment. The invention improves environmental conditions by lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

LED lights are recyclable, and unlike compact fluorescent lamp bulbs, they don’t need to be disposed of with special care.

LED Strip Lights: An Indirect Lighting Source For Your Bathroom

Indirect lighting benefits greatly from LED strips since they may be installed with greater flexibility. The backs of bathroom mirrors have a variety of locations where they can be mounted. As a result, lighting has the potential to be decorative.

Bathroom LED Strip Lights

Another popular application is placing the LED strips along the bathroom’s edge or around the lower edge of the furniture used in bathrooms. So, when the tasks you need to complete do not require a strong light source, you have an indirect light source that we may employ.

Give Your Shower Niche An Aesthetic Look

LED fixtures are a novel concept that will give our bathroom’s lighting and design a distinctive look, fusing the two most crucial aspects, aesthetics and illumination. Regarding the first, the fixtures typically installed in bathrooms are compact and match the furniture already there.

Numerous patterns and hues are available that go well with the preliminary design of our bathroom. Possibly the most significant is the second. Typically, this wall lamp is positioned in locations that need an additional light source and are occasionally utilized when we need to perform more accurate work.

Submersible LED Strip Lights Are Best For Shower Niche

With the advent of LED technology, many items have been created that allow us to play with lights. It would sound perilous to combine electricity and light, yet that couldn’t be further from the truth.

While taking a shower, the combination of IP68-protected LED strips and the water pressure from the shower might enable us to relax even more. LED strips must meet two requirements to be installed in the shower: they must operate at 12 VDC and be IP68-rated. The first is common sense, given the poor compatibility of electricity and water.

Submersible LED Strip Lights

The second is connected to the first and concerns the recommended tension in work environments containing humidity, such as a bathroom. To reduce accidents, working in low-voltage electrical installations is always advised.


LEDs need a lower voltage. They are, therefore, more resilient to water and steam damage—better safety results from this. Additionally, because these lights operate at a significantly lower temperature than conventional lighting technologies, bathrooms should use them instead.

You can reduce your monthly energy costs by using LED lighting, which uses little electricity. You’ll save even more money by not having to replace these fixtures frequently because they are substantially more robust than conventional lights.

You can assist create the ideal atmosphere you need to spend some relaxing time in your bathroom by using LED lights, which can be lowered or adjusted to change colors.

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