Lora Temperature Sensor, A Crucial Constructional Device

Lora Temperature Sensor, A Crucial Constructional Device
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: July 9, 2022
  • Updated On: July 9, 2023

Temperature is the an environmental quantity that affects almost all chemical, physical, biological, electronic, mechanical and psychological systems.

The efficiency of all these systems increases or decreases with the temperature. If we talk specifically about electronic equipment, most of the equipment works best when run in an optimal temperature range.

Hence, the temperature is one of the most measured physical quantities. There are several ways to measure the temperature of the equipment and the environment surrounding it.

A baseline study of the physical conditions is critical when constructing a house, an industrial facility, or any other structure.

Temperature is one such factor that affects most of the processes during construction and even in the operational phases of engineering constructions. The temperature is monitored using temperature sensors to avoid any mishap or damage.

Lora Temperature Sensor decide is in a oicture

Many sensors are available in the market today, but the Lora temperature sensors are one of a kind because of their easy-to-handle design, protective gear and accurate measurements.

What is a temperature sensor?

Temperature sensors are electronic devices that detect and record the temperature of their environment and convert these measurements into electronic data, which can be recorded, monitored or changed accordingly.

There are several kinds of temperature sensors. Some require direct contact with the equipment being censored; these are called contact-object sensors, while the non-contact object sensors can measure a device’s temperature without direct contact.

Lora Temperature Sensors

The Lora temperature sensor has an extremely efficient high-precision temperature and humidity recording unit, which is built-in and highly sensitive in response.


The Lora temperature and humidity sensors are efficient, highly accurate and have the following built-in features.

  • Has a closed design appearance
  • Provides high-level protection with IP65 protection gear and can be used outdoors for more extended periods
  • Uses LORA spread spectrum communication technology to detect readings in 3000 miles distance
  • Measures both humidity and temperature
  • Has a replaceable battery, i.e. universal 3.6V lithium sub-battery
  • Requires low power
  • High signals penetration because of wireless communication protocol
  • Easy to install


Lora temperature sensors can be installed at several outdoor locations to measure the temperature and humidity. These measured values are collected from remote areas through the Lora gateway and uploaded to the cloud platform for data processing.

When installed, the Lora temperature sensors avoid many installation problems such as line laying and power supply line installation. Users can easily install the sensors according to on-site usage.

working of Lora Temperature Sensor is explain in diagram

Price range and delivery

The Lora temperature and humidity sensor cost a mere $54.5 and can be delivered within 24 hours to your doorstep.


The Lora temperature and humidity sensors can be used for the following applications

• In-home and building automation

• During industrial monitoring

• In irrigation systems and smart agriculture

• In wireless security alarm systems

• To record weather conditions in stations

Applications of Lora Temperature Sensor in diagram


Avoid installing the Lora temperature sensors in an environment beyond its measuring range. If installed in such an environment, sensors will not work correctly and can be permanently damaged.

Vital information such as the product ID is mentioned on the sensor’s label, avoid tearing it to ensure repairs, etc.

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