How To Replace An Asbestos Garage Roof

How To Replace An Asbestos Garage Roof
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: July 7, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Several favorable qualities of asbestos make it a popular roofing material. Asbestos cement works best since it has excellent weatherproofing, fireproof, and insulating qualities. As a result, there is a good chance that your garage roof contains asbestos if it was built before that time.

This article will be useful to you if you think an asbestos-containing shed or garage exists and are unsure whether to remove it.

Why Does Having An Asbestos Garage Roof Dangerous?

Even more harm results from breathing in asbestos fibers repeatedly or over an extended period; the fibers won’t be able to be released or breathed, so they’ll stay inside the body over time, causing significant harm and a variety of health issues.

Chest pain, lungs that crackle when you try to breathe in, and shortness of breath are common issues due to asbestos inhaling.

Inspect Your Garage Roof For Asbestos

Your garage or shed might include asbestos roof sheets if constructed before the 1990s. Unfortunately, because its fibers are so small, asbestos cannot be seen with the human eye. You would need to do an asbestos survey to determine whether there is or is not asbestos present. With asbestos management software you can inspect your garage roof very efficiently.

After that, samples that were gathered on-site will undergo laboratory testing. Asbestos is most likely present if the roof is built of corrugated grey material. Cement sheets that are flat or corrugated and have small craters or dimples on their surface are likely to contain asbestos.

When Do You Need To Remove Asbestos Roof?

You are not advised to make any repairs if your garage roof appears worn or is compromised. It could be dangerous if there is asbestos present, in addition to being troublesome. Additionally, you should think about removing and replacing your garage roof with a new, safer roof if it has begun to leak.

When removing an asbestos garage roof is not an option, it may be preferable to encapsulate it. The appropriate course of action must be chosen individually for each situation, and a qualified asbestos contractor can advise on what to do.

A penetrating encapsulant will permeate the substance instead of a bridging encapsulant, which will only build a membrane on the surface. Asbestos encapsulation is advised when the materials containing asbestos are thought to be more dangerous to remove.

Considerations For Safe Replacement Of An Asbestos Garage Roof

Identify The Condition Of Asbestos In Your Garage

First, you might be unsure if the shed or garage has asbestos. Check to determine if the roof is constructed of corrugated metal that is a grey color. It almost certainly contains asbestos if it is.

It won’t include asbestos if it’s composed of another material, such as corrugated iron or reinforced plastic. Asbestos cement is resistant to extreme weather. Thus any panels built with it will be. The second question you’ll want to ask yourself is whether you should remove the asbestos from your garage or shed.

It is, therefore, completely secure if you leave it alone. If the substance is disrupted and breathable dust and fibers are released into the air, it only becomes hazardous. If you are a serious DIY enthusiast, you can remove the asbestos from the garage on your own, possibly with the assistance of a friend, if there is a lot of it because it will be heavy.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself, any qualified building contractor should be able to perform it for you.

Collect Right Tools And Materials To Remove Asbestos

Before you even begin to consider its removal, you must prepare in advance how you will dispose of the panels or roofing sheets that are made of asbestos cement if you are certain that they are on the garage or shed.

When it comes time to remove the asbestos panels from the garage, ensure the proper tools are on hand. Ladders, a screwdriver, a hammer, and a hacksaw should be among them. Have something handy, such as a hosepipe or a handheld water spray pistol, to keep the asbestos cement moist.

Safety Is The First Priority

You must ensure the space is secure and that anyone not wearing protective clothing is there before you begin the asbestos removal job in your garage. This includes checking to ensure no children, pets, or other people are present.

Since most of the work can be done from within, there shouldn’t be any need to climb onto the roof. In any case, there shouldn’t be a need to climb onto the roof because most of the job may be done from within.

Once the asbestos cement is packaged, it is essential to keep it extremely damp inside and out. Use a yard hose to do this task, or postpone your completion until after it has rained. However, be sure only to use hosed-down water with low pressure. It can be possible to disseminate asbestos dust or fibers.

Use Plastic Sheet To Wrap Removed Asbestos

Once you have successfully removed the asbestos cement sheets from the garage in one piece, prepare your plastic sheeting and wrap each sheet as you remove it. Everything that is bagged must have a distinct label. If there are any breaks, ensure they are dampened down, then wrap the smaller pieces and put them in the heavy-duty bags for later disposal.

Finally, after removing the asbestos from the shed or garage, thoroughly wash. Even wearing gloves, wash your hands to get rid of dust or dirt.

Bottom Line

Removing an asbestos garage roof is a specialized procedure that requires extreme attention and numerous safety measures. Therefore, it is essential to get in touch with a professional asbestos team to conduct an asbestos inspection and handle the removal if you think your garage roof might contain asbestos.

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