6 Ways To Make Your Laundry Smell Better

  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: September 20, 2023
  • Updated On: September 20, 2023

Few people find doing the laundry to be an enjoyable activity. For some, however, this task is vitally important as they may have allergic reactions to specific chemicals found in detergents and softeners.

Using a laundry enhancer as part of the wash could help alleviate many such problems, as the product will neutralize and remove fragrances and odors from the fabrics without the need for any harsh chemicals. All that is left is that fresh and clean feeling that often evokes memories from our childhood.  

What Is A Laundry Enhancer And Does It Help?

Laundry enhancer products work in tandem with the typical detergent you might use in order to boost its effects, such as removing tough or resilient stains and odors. Indeed, a quality laundry enhancer can effectively remove a wide range of stubborn odors that could destroy any enjoyment you might have from getting your fresh laundry.

Musty or mildew smells, lingering perfume scents, unpleasant thrift store odors left from previous owners of the item, and other smells that could normally be nearly impossible to remove would be easily dealt with without the need for any masking agents or other fragrances. The final result is laundry with natural and clean odors.

Using the proper laundry enhancer could be of huge help to people with MCS/ES, allergies to various chemicals, or environmental illnesses. In these cases, many frequently encountered chemical odors (formaldehyde, arylamines, etc.) could lead to serious health problems. By adding a laundry enhancer, however, such chemical odors would be removed, leaving the clothes safe to wear. 

How To Make Your Laundry Smell Good: 6 Ways 

While it is easier to just put the laundry in the washer, pick your usual wash program or cycle, and wait for it to end, you can achieve even better results by taking just a few extra steps. After all, who would refuse for their clothes to remain fresh or smell amazing that much longer? 

Take Care Of Your Washing Machine

Many forget that their clothes are not the only items that need regular cleaning and care. After prolonged use without maintenance, the washing machine may start to accumulate various undesired smells from dirt or detergent buildup. For front-loaded models, it is paramount to also pay attention to the rubber gasket around the door. Its main purpose is to stop water from leaking, but it can also be a place where dirt, soap, or stagnant water could get stuck and start forming unpleasant odors. 

Smaller Loads May Be Better

While it may be tempting to load the washing machine to the maximum in order to save money on water costs, the results could be far from ideal as the effectiveness of the wash could suffer, leaving behind various odors. The same also applies to using too much detergent, as doing so could have the opposite effect by making rinsing more difficult. 

Don’t Leave The Wet Laundry To Sit Around

After the washing machine has completed its program, make sure to take out the laundry as soon as possible. Leaving wet clothes and linens to stay for too long could easily lead to musty smells or other odors. Also, make sure that all items are completely dry before putting them back into the closet or dressers.   

Hang The Laundry Outdoors

It may be surprising what a little fresh air, a gentle breeze, and some sunshine could do in getting rid of unpleasant smells and giving the laundry that unmistakable fresh feel. In case a proper clothesline is nowhere to be found, putting the most odor-affected items on the back of a chair could also do the trick. However, make sure not to leave any colorful clothes or linen in direct sunlight for too long, as it can damage the fabrics or cause the colors to fade.

Store Clothes Properly

Items that you intend to wear a couple of times before throwing them in the washing machine should not be simply thrown on a chair or in a pile on the floor. To keep the clothes from accumulating odors, hang them to air for a bit before putting them away in a separate drawer. As for any delicate clothes, set a special closet, chest, or a dedicated drawer that will isolate and protect them from any smells that may enter the home. 

Use Scented Sachets And Bars

One of the easiest ways to keep your laundry fresh is to introduce nice-smelling sachets or bars. The longer the items stay inside the drawer, the more intense the fragrance will get, which could be a nice surprise when you finally decide it is time to get out the winter jackets and coats. 


Few things can compare with the feeling of putting on freshly washed clothes or lying in bed with fresh sheets. Using a laundry enhancer can ensure that each laundry is pristine and odorless. Picking the right product that uses natural and sustainable ingredients and technologies could still deliver impeccable results without any compromise.

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