Sliding Wardrobes Are Becoming Popular Nowadays

Popularity of Sliding Wardrobes
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: September 29, 2021
  • Updated On: July 6, 2023

If you are looking for a wardrobe that can accommodate all your belongings while preserving the modern style that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, no doubt a sliding wardrobe is the best for you! This kind of wardrobe is becoming popular in the market because of its efficiency and quality.

Now, let us take a look at the types of sliding wardrobes that will suit your taste!

1) Mirrored

A mirrored sliding wardrobe can make your room look bigger. It reflects the light that creates a massive space illusion. This type allows you to check your look in the mirror that makes it more convenient.

Aside from that, you can choose different variations which will accommodate your taste. For example, there are decorative mirrors, coloured or shaded glasses, and a frosted one made from aluminium frames. It is the best option for people who want a unified design in their rooms.

2) Multi-panelled

If the mirrored sliding wardrobe is composed of aluminium frames, the multi-panel is made of silver frames and tracks. One of its edge from other sliding wardrobes is it allows you to mix a combination of colours based on your style.

Moreover, it has multiple panels in a row that only lets you open a particular section instead of exposing everything inside your wardrobe. Therefore, it is suitable for people who want to cover specific areas of their closets for various reasons.

3) Vinyl-covered

This type of wardrobe is made of aluminium frames and tracks like the mirrored style. It is composed of lightweight materials that help you to slide the wardrobe doors smoothly.

In addition, it is also popular because of its shiny look that may pair your dream setup. Clients who have this at home testifies to its convenience and aesthetics.

4) Opti-panel

Opti-panel wardrobes have a crisp white glossy finish that makes them more classy and deluxe. These are also easy to slide like the Vinyl style because of the lightweight components.

This kind of wardrobe often comes in a green or white colour which might suit you if you are into contemporary styles. The opti-panel is frosted glass covering the entire clothing. It is the best option you can take if you don’t want to show what is inside.

5) Paintable surface

Popularity of Sliding Wardrobes

Paintable sliding wardrobes are also made of aluminium tracks and frames. These are for people who want to anchor the colours of their wardrobe to the interior of their room.

Clients who desire to avail of this sliding wardrobe door can buy raw gyprock panels that will serve as their base when painting. It helps to enhance the look of your area and make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Final words

Sliding wardrobes are becoming a trend in the market for being handy and elegant. It allows the client to maximise their clothing space and still preserve a modern and classic style. They are not just suitable for bedrooms but in other parts of your house as well.

These are made of high-quality materials that can assure the durability of your wardrobe. You may look for various types that will accommodate your taste for a reasonable price. So don’t hesitate to grab yours and transform your home!

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Author: Fazal Umer

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