Smart Blinds – Are They Worth Getting?

Smart Blinds
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: November 16, 2023
  • Updated On: November 16, 2023

It seems like in todays age, everything and anything is full to the brim with high end technology and a connection to the internet, we’re in a new age where Smart Home Technology is the name of the game and traditional items and styles are being snubbed for newer, fancier smart options.

One area in particular that has had a massive smart technology revolution over the past few years is shading solutions. It used to be chain operated roller blinds were all you’d need in an average home, while more tech-oriented people would spring for a set of remote control blinds – But now in 2023 smart shading solutions are all the rage, with fancy blinds that can be controlled by apps or even automated entirely.

So, today we’re going to take a dive into the world of smart shading solutions and help you decide whether you should invest in some state of the art made to measure Smart Blinds!

What Makes a Smart Blind so “Smart”?

Taking a roller blind for example, you’d traditionally find them with a manually operated chain mechanism used to open and close the blind – Whereas a new smart roller blind would not have a chain at all, instead being controlled by a motor nestled in the roller tuber of the blind, which can be controlled via an app on your Smart Phone or even automated entirely.

While it may not seem a great inconvenience to operate your blind by hand, after living with a smart blind for a few weeks, you won’t want to give up on the convenience that a smart blind offers you!

What are the Benefits of Having a Smart Blind?

According to UK based retailer DotcomBlinds, who specialize in smart blinds there are four big factors that make smart blinds attractive to homeowners, those being: convenience, security, energy efficiency and comfort. The DotcomBlinds team helpfully explained each of those main selling points.


Smart Blinds are much more convenient than traditional hand operated blinds, as they can be operated in so many ways including app control, voice commands through smart home systems, programming and even automation linked to other smart devices.

If you set up your smart blinds to be entirely automated, you’ll never need to think about your blinds again as they work perfectly without you needing to lift a finger.


As these smart blinds can be operated from anywhere with a WiFi connection, or programmed to open and close at set times, they’re great for home security purposes.

A good example of this, would be having your blinds open and close throughout the day whilst your on holiday, to make it appear that someone is in the house to deter any would-be-thieves from trying to enter your home.

Energy Efficiency

If you connect your new smart blinds to a wider smart home ecosystem, you can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home, as the blinds open and close to maximise the efficiency of your lighting and heating.

For example, if you have your new blinds integrated with a smart heating system, your blinds will assist the heating, by opening the shades to let light and heat in whilst the Sun is out, then closing to help keep in once it gets cold and dark outside.


Finally, you also have the comfort benefits of smart shades, as your new shades will ensure that your home is ideal for your comfort at all times.

A good case for this is natural Sunlight, while getting natural light in your home is great, it’s not ideal if the sun is shining directly in your eyes or onto your television screen, with a set of smart blinds you can set them to let the Sun in, while closing when the Sun would be shining directly onto your screen or your usually seat in the living room.

Do Smart Blinds Cost More Than Normal Blinds?

If you’re cost conscious, you may want to check out the price of a smart blind before choosing to get one for your home. Due to the high-end technology used in a smart blind, they will cost more than a traditional blind – For example a made to measure chain operated roller blind at a size of 100cm x 100cm may cost around £70, but a made to measure Smart Blind at the same size may cost around £200, which means that these smart blinds are notably more expensive.

However, once you factor in the various benefits of having smart blinds and the savings related to their energy efficiency benefits it does not seem to be a big cost, once you consider how much money you could save on your heating and lighting costs each year.

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