Some Different Types of Commercial Carpet Tiles

Some Different Types of Commercial Carpet Tiles

Some Different Types of Commercial Carpet Tiles

The carpet tiles have become very popular in recent days. They are durable, hygienic, slip-resistant and easy to maintain. The main features which make them popular are durability, slip resistance, color and design versatility. If you are looking for an ideal rug for your premises then try out the carpet tiles.

The commercial carpet tiles are designed in such a way so as to offer a longer-lasting life span. In addition, you also have lots of style flexibility. This would match up perfectly with your interior decoration.

You can install the industrial carpet tiles over concrete floors, linoleum or tile floors. They are stain proof and hygienic. You can find numerous kinds of designs and colors. This would surely fit in your existing interior decorations. You get a wide range of designs and styles in all possible color shades.

You can choose from natural, patterned, printed or plain patterned tiles. These carpet tiles are also available in various thicknesses. You can opt for the carpet that is as per your requirements. You can either install it over the concrete floor, linoleum or tile floors.

If you want to spill-resistant commercial carpet tiles then you should go for the self-cleaning carpet tiles. The self-cleaning carpet is non-abrasive and does not harm the floor. This is very helpful if there is water leakage or spills are going to happen frequently. In addition to this, you can also choose a carpet with small holes. It is very helpful in case of spills and stains.

Another type of carpet tile is made up of the carpet-tiles with the backing material and a frame made of nylon, terylene or polypropylene. It is available in different thicknesses. If you are looking for a carpet that is easy to maintain then choose the carpet tiles with the rubber backing. This type of carpet is very easy to clean and handle. However, this type of carpet is not suitable for use in areas with heavy traffic.

If you want to use carpet tiles for countertops in your kitchen, choose the laminate carpet tiles. They come in various colors and sizes. The laminate tiles are easy to handle and clean. If you have the budget then you can opt for the vinyl-coated commercial carpet tiles. The commercial carpet tiles made of vinyl-coated material are stain-resistant and hygienic. It can be easily cleaned and it has a glossy finish that makes the room look bright.

You can even go for the roll carpet. They come in different colors and sizes. It is a better choice than other types of commercial carpet tiles as they do not get stained easily. Moreover, the carpet rolls can be cut to fit any space. So, if you want to give a new look to your office then make sure that you install the carpet tiles on the floors.

Another type of commercial carpet is the pile carpet. It can be used if you want to cover an area in a small manner. The carpet will not look difficult to handle. However, the installation of the carpet is very difficult as it requires a lot of work.

You can also go for the floating carpet. It is a type of commercial carpet tile that floats over a layer of soil. This type of carpet is suitable for smaller areas. However, this type of carpet is very difficult to install and is usually installed by professionals.

In case if you are considering installing carpet tiles for your office then you can consider the laminate tiles. These carpet tiles have a beautiful design and are very affordable. You can place a large piece of carpet over the laminate tiles and get great results. This type of tile is good for smaller areas.

No matter what type of commercial carpet you choose, you should know about their proper maintenance. The good thing is that they do not need much maintenance. The bad part is that sometimes they stain due to improper cleaning. You should take special care while handling these tiles. If they are used in a heavy traffic area then you should wash them properly and air dries them.

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