Top tips to help reduce worker’s fatigue at construction sites

reduce worker's fatigue at construction

When overworked, people end up experiencing the afternoon slump whenever tiredness takes over, affecting their ability to work at peak performance levels. However, needing a recharge after being exhausted is different than experiencing fatigue.

Fatigue is an indicator of mental and physical exhaustion, while tiredness is a symptom of fatigue. Unfortunately, construction worker fatigue is often overlooked. But, it is a construction hazard that leads to various other harmful on-site issues.

In fact, such is the case for individuals working across every sector or industry—fatigue results in overall reduced productivity levels and alertness. As a result, this can lead to the construction worker being prone to work-related accidents and mishaps.

With that in mind, construction company owners and managers must look after their workforce to ensure that work gets done on time and with high accuracy.

 reduce worker's fatigue at construction

Unfished electrical and mechanical systems, power tools and scaffolding, heavy machinery and equipment combined with a construction worker’s inability to focus on the task at hand can cause accidents or life-threatening injuries.

So, if you’re a contractor or construction business owner, you need to follow the tips mentioned below to ensure employee safety and protection.

Provide your construction workers with on-site accommodation.

Housing workers near the construction site has a lot of benefits. So, eliminating the need to travel to and from the construction site drastically limits travel time. Not to mention, when your workers remain on-site 24/7, they can actively tackle work-related issues that might arise during a construction project.

One of the most significant benefits of minimizing fatigue is not traveling to the workplace far away from the accommodation. Better, if your employees are ever-present on the construction site, they will remain fresh and ready to get to work!

That said, finding housing services like man camp housing is the best way to offer your workers the essential amenities they need to remain as comfortable as possible on the construction site.

Once your workers are settled in and comfortable, you’ll see a boost in productivity and a decrease in your employees’ fatigue levels.

Manage your construction workers’ workload.

Construction workers and contractors must realize they need to be mindful of the expectations and workload they place on their workers’ shoulders. Accidents and worker’s compensation claims will become more common at construction sites where owners ask their employees to work long hours according to unrealistic work schedules.

However, these employers should consider the disadvantages of doing such a thing and closely monitor the extra work and overtime they assign to their construction workers.

Moreover, they should also encourage their employees to take regular breaks or rest periods to recuperate and refuel their bodies.

Provide wearable technology to construction workers.

Technological advancements have allowed us to ensure that technology works in our favor. Such is the case for the construction industry as well. As a result, numerous technological solutions, such as mobile apps and wearable devices, are tailor-made for the construction worker.

Biometric trackers like the CAT smart bands allow construction workers to determine their fatigue levels while notifying them before they become tired. In the end, even a few simple time tracking apps or wearable health monitoring devices can help remind employees when it is time to take a break.

Provide your workers with a wellness program.

Creating a corporate wellness and health program is another way of promoting healthy behavior in the workplace and help tackle worker’s fatigue. That said, wellness programs usually include health programs and assessments to support the participating individuals adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness programs that enable workers to develop better exercise and diet routines can effectively offer healthy alternatives for snacks, funding gym memberships, and community support.

So, In the end, the healthier the construction workers, the harder they will work to complete the construction project on time and without any hiccups.

Promote a positive workplace culture.

Promoting or creating a workplace culture where your employees can openly and freely communicate their professionals and personal problems to their employers undoubtedly goes a long way. After all, giving the employees the ability to speak their minds will inform their employer when they or someone else is experiencing fatigue on the construction site.

Therefore, if someone is allowed to share information without any reprimand or judgment, it shows commitment to safety from the employer and demonstrates a supportive work environment.


While a jolt of caffeine or a quick nap might do the trick for most construction workers, however, these are only temporary fixes and will bring your body crashing down If you abuse them. So, employers should give their workers ample time to rest or sleep, especially those who live on the construction site.

In addition, physical activity is perfect for battling fatigue as it boosts your energy levels. Moreover, eating healthy meals instead of junk food will make you feel less sluggish at work when you get a break. In the end, the only cure for fatigue is a good night’s sleep.

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